Chatting with Candice

Amazing Podcast!

Seriously AMAZING podcast! Candice does a great job with the content, and interviews; she is extremely intelligent. Her guest are knowledgeable, intriguing, and really make me think, and validate my own beliefs, and have helped open my own mind to a new way of thinking that Is definitely much more positive. I listened to my first episode, and was hooked. Just wish there more episodes lol. I’ve shared this podcast with my close friends and family, and everyone I’ve introduced this to agrees this podcast is wonderful. Keep up the great work Candice!
This podcast is really helpful, and really something special. I hope more people check it out, and can grow from it. You’re really doing a public service with your passion in this endeavor. Kudos!!
You’re definitely hitting the mark with this.

March 8, 2022 by Vinnyb78 on Apple Podcasts

Chatting with Candice