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Dec. 1, 2020

#19 Glenny Balls- Barstool Sports

Glenny and I have been friends for a while, he took me out for his burger review series, a nice concert at The Garden. He's a true gentleman. He got his dream job at Barstool sports in a very hilarious way and we talk about how that all transpired. I was excited to catch up with him and share a fun and light episode to shake things up! Give Glenny a follow https://twitter.com/Glenny_balls?s=20 

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Speaker 0 (0s): Hello, everybody at your listening and Chatting with Candice. I'm your host. Candice score back before we get started on this week's episode, if you want to support the podcast, you can go to Chatting with candice.com. You can either sign up for a patriotic out there where you get early access to episodes, or you can click the little link that says, buy me coffee. Both things helped me to continue podcasting to improve the content and eventually start getting some guests. And this week we have one of my good friends. Glenny Balls joining the podcast. Glenny works at Barstool Sports. We met through a mutual friend. 

He took me out on a very romantic date in New York city. And we've been friends ever since. I hope you enjoy the conversation 

Speaker 1 (49s): Is that we need some, get your shit together. But just some spam thing. I got to unsubscribe from emails, and I thought I'd put in the email, but I've probably forgot it. I'm trying to navigate all of this. I knew. Okay. I know you're new in the game, but I don't have a podcast. I don't know how to think about podcasts themselves. A bit of a I'm around podcasts, podcasts. Glenny Balls joining the podcast. Thank you for giving me some of your time today. 

Our we live right now. It's just the podcast. You've got to be like, Oh, we are starting now. And I don't know if this is natural. I figured like, if you just start recording, it has like the best intro. Otherwise it's like a really awkward to like introduce people, especially if you already know that person. So I'm officially on the record right now. The Garden podcast has begun. Okay, good. How are you? Okay though, for your day, like nowadays, like, are you still, do you go to the office or with a logo? Like a one or two day we're supposed to go? 

If you have someone to do condo, I've been doing the show with a few of the guys at work, Caleb and Rowan have their names called like a Sunday conversation. Not going to lie. Pretty great gig. I'd be like go to a different people out in the country or whatever, like celebrities or they interviewed them. They will have some like funny questions and a summit conversation. It's all on a pro football show. Why? Let me just sit there and eat a Sunday. So it's that bad. I saw I've been traveling a lot for that. Like during the week, getting some traveling in, which is nice. It's got a weird during coronavirus, but yeah. Then a day to day that you were seeing that you were going to Chicago when we were texting. 

And I was like, for a second, I thought you meant like you were getting, having an interview for another job. And I'm like, there's no way, like Glenny Balls is Barstool you guys are like the Saint Lake symbions I got nowhere to be. I could get, I could get it to you right out. Anyone listen to this, unless I get fired, I'll be at Barstool to ask like first, where did you, where'd your nickname come from? So I think my nickname subconsciously came from entourage. I've never really realized. I realized that a lot, like a few years ago, actually. 

So even before I got hired at Barstool like mine, like me and my friends, like joked around, we were just like show up and like gambling, joking around stuff. And we were like, Oh, Glenny Balls is a funny gambling nickname. But I think we realized, I realized eventually after I got hired at Barstool my first watch through entourage, or you don't have to rush person at all. 

Speaker 0 (3m 15s): I mean, I watched it and I was always super excited for Sunday's. But if you were to give me a trivia, I'd probably fail miserably, but I enjoyed it. 

Speaker 1 (3m 23s): So I'm watching all the time. And I remember my first watch after I got hired, I'm watching it. And the guy that really was a crazy director He after that Midian movie, they made it horrible. He directs port and his porn director. Her name is Wally balls. And I was like, okay, subconsciously, I guess that's where I got it. And also in Goodfellas is like a scene where they're walking through the bamboo lounge, a Goodfellas. There's a guy named Sally balls. So I guess subconsciously that's where I got it for me. 

Speaker 0 (3m 48s): Okay. Yeah. You're a bit like a pop culture, like genius. 

Speaker 1 (3m 53s): I do like pop culture. I just want also when everyone listen to this know and you just call it a pop culture, genius. I appreciate that. I'm proud of my pop culture knowledge. 

Speaker 0 (4m 1s): It is. It's really impressive. It's a vast, especially for someone of your age, like, you know, like, you know, everything like everything you were saying, friends trivia is like, you're right. 

Speaker 1 (4m 11s): Yeah. You should be on the best. I'm the best. Ask me any questions, Google, but yeah, no, I mean, I don't know shit about like right now, I guess I'm an old soul. When we looked at my Spotify playlist, there's not many new, there's not much new music on there. 

Speaker 0 (4m 25s): Are you one of those people that like plugs you a Spotify playlist? Like what's up with that? 

Speaker 1 (4m 29s): Not in my Spotify, but I think my main playlist only has like 26 likes. I mean, technically you just made me plug my Spotify playlist. 

Speaker 0 (4m 35s): There you go. I mean, I haven't done any either. I don't know what the point is. Can you monetize it or is it just to get, 

Speaker 1 (4m 41s): I think it's just to have people pick up your vibe. Like, I feel like a Spotify playlist is a vibe. Does that makes sense? And I have a chair saying Vive a lot more recently. Like I used to hate on people that say the word vibe. Now I'm a, I like saying vibe and I think my Spotify is just a good vibe. It's a very summery like American pie kind of stuff. I want to check that out, but it's Skinner, but it's actually called summer comma bro, summer, bro. 

Speaker 0 (5m 7s): There you go. Check out Glenny is a Spotify playlist that he was doing. He likes we can get, how does your interview process go for a Barstool? Cause I would imagine it's like, unlike anything else. 

Speaker 1 (5m 19s): I was so, so, so, so scary. So, so I've been like the biggest Barstool fan for a while now. Like I remember I was in my frigging dorm and like Albany, are you to the UAlbany 

Speaker 0 (5m 28s): My brother. I wonder if he went there in my brother, his brother went to you all the time. 

Speaker 1 (5m 31s): I started in 2014. So I remember like I was in new Albany at Hayden U Albany aided, upstate. And I'm just like sitting at my dorm, like to watch a Barstool this is fucking sucks. I hate all. But have you used Barstool fan and I've had the flags on the sweat shirts or whatever. And then I hear that they're moving to New York and I live. And so I want to transfer from Albany at the time I was going to the roof, which is a business school box for us was not doing any of the business. He didn't even have a major, I don't think, cause I was going to Baruch, which is 23rd and Lexington. And I saw like someone posted, like Barstool his address that I was gonna be? 

And it was seventh and fifth. And it was like, that's a ride between Penn station and Berube. Like that's perfect stuff. We're going to try get in there. So I'm at now. And then I saw Ericka, our CTO tweet out, Hey, we needed a New York interns. It was like, perfect. I replied. And then I'm going back and forth with Ericka that I think is Erica found that it wasn't even Erica. It was like are office manager. But at the time I was like, horrifying. Try to be timid to my responses while, like I said, I'm He I think I am the CEO. So I was like, okay, this is a pro. I think he was just like a business interview. I don't think it's very content at all. 

So I at the time I was doing Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday classes at Baruch was like one for Friday class would be like 11 to 1130. And it was like stupid. Like I forgot what the fuck it was. It was, it was horrible class. As we go from long Island through the city for a half, our class is fucking miserable. Meanwhile, it was like at the interview and I'm horrified. I'm like, this is like my dream job, whatever my mom, nice lady drives me in to the city that day, while it's outside for as like to go to class, that drives me to the Barstool office. So as I'm driving there, I'm looking at the Barstool Snapchat. 

And I see my guy, Kayla, who actually hired me like coolest guy in the world. He is like interviewing everybody on Snapchat. So I'm thinking, okay, this is a content thing. And I have no idea how I'm like, this is horrifying. And the scariest part was our old dog fish. So I got there, our old office, you tell, you got off the elevator. Everyone is sitting right there. So like all these people have followers sitting right in front of you was horrified, very starstruck. Like everyone is sitting right there. Like I was actually there yesterday to do a video. We still have like control the office. 

Kind of, I was there yesterday and I'm just staring on. That is elevated. I'm like, this was the scariest elevator. So I get up the elevator. Do you mind interviewing? Kayla was interviewing us and Caleb's desk and I was like fun, dumb questions. And he says, are you fast? And I'm like, you know what, for my size, I actually am pretty fast. So he was like, all right, let's go check it out. We go to the street, my mom is still parked out front. I'm horrified. I bring me outside with my cameras to do a 40 yard dash. I'm on the sidewalk on the 27th and a half. And my mom is still sitting there. I was literally in the video. 

You can look at my mom's car. Is there? Yeah. So he was like, all right, you're hired. And he really didn't have the authority to harm me, but he hired me. So then they bring me into Dave though. And this is the scariest thing in the world there's walking in today is you're sitting there and obviously, you know how to go to the date, but at some point, and they'd just send you in. And I work in camps like he was already hired. So I guess they had that whatever. And then I'm like, all right, I'm hired. I guess I walked out of the room and I'm like popped back into Dave, which is like, is the craziest thing to think about this to be like, Hey, can I go home now? 

Or am I like for you? Like what should I do? Like, which is crazy to go to a state that, that thankfully it should give guys and more credit. And then we should give gas in my life, out this guy Barstool sales guy. He is one of the original guys, OGs. He's in there with Dave. And as I'm walking out of the room, he goes his way. Do you have any nicknames? And I want to go Glenny Balls. And I was like, thank God he did that. Because if not, I feel like there's nothing at the lower without the name. That's the hiring story 

Speaker 0 (9m 6s): That wasn't going to be anything typical. Just like by following you guys on social media, like, it's not like you sit down and be like a suit and tie and you give them a resume. Really? I never would have imagined that. 

Speaker 1 (9m 17s): That's what I thought. Because like I said, I thought I was emailing the CEO and I thought I was thinking of, and I have nothing but fucking nothing. Like business-wise at all. And I don't even have a major, 

Speaker 0 (9m 26s): Oh my God. I've seen that video. And it was fucking hysterical. Oh, it's so good. Where you like always outgoing and like being, I guess, willing to take like those like big social risks. Cause like that's really a nerving, right? Like you're getting filmed for the first time. A lot of people freeze up when they see a camera, you're having to run down a block in New York city being watched by a bunch of people where you are you in the zone because he wanted it so bad on that. A zone got his own guy. 

Speaker 1 (9m 52s): Is that his own guy? I don't know. Like there are people I'll talk to like interns or people that work with us. That, for example, one of my best friends at work, his name is <inaudible>. I dunno if you've seen him. He is still, he's an African, a little person, but a guy that came to visit and he like wasn't hired yet. And he ran into radio and like jumped on the table and like screamed that Dave should fire in my friend, Smitty, each should fire me. I'm like, that's so nods off. But he was like, Oh, I've got to like do something to get noticed. And me, I was just like, I want to know what to do right now that we shouldn't be myself. And I guess he worked out like, that's the thing. 

Like I don't have a character by any means. I'm literally just for myself. 

Speaker 0 (10m 25s): So it wasn't like anything out of the ordinary for you. You're like, Oh, okay. 

Speaker 1 (10m 28s): And then I call, I think I caught on pretty well that wasn't, I wasn't, that scared me. There was really scared about being on camera. 

Speaker 0 (10m 33s): Have you spent a lot of time that you do? I mean, I see you on all of our social platforms, but you have that burger. Are you still doing the burger show or 

Speaker 1 (10m 39s): Occasionally, sometimes, but I have had my camera guy. He lived in Boston. He'll come down to the long Island. I'd be like a few weeks and I'll go shoot a bunch. I've been doing that a little bit. We'd have like a sports team and what, not a lot of stuff. And then a lot of gambling stuff we have in Philadelphia, you've been to Philadelphia a lot. 

Speaker 0 (10m 55s): I want to ask. So are you like relocating there? Or are you still have to stay at home? 

Speaker 1 (10m 59s): And what it is is you have to, so we, so Penn, we got invested with Penn national Penn national invest in Barstool and Penn national gaming is a company that has a bunch of casinos. So they've seen it was in Pennsylvania. And that is currently Pennsylvania is the only state where the Barstool Sports the gap is legal that we can legally gamble. We go to Philly. So we have like a nice department in Philadelphia that we go to. Usually during the weekends, watching the games, it's a fun time. I like to Philadelphia. It's a great city. 

Speaker 0 (11m 24s): My mom used to live here for a while. She was a very big gambler. So she loved the casinos there. She's like spend every free minute. 

Speaker 1 (11m 31s): Illegal gambling, no gamble. Legally not legal gambling. 

Speaker 0 (11m 37s): Yeah, no, you'll, you'll lose all your money. I'm a terrible look at the casinos. I think like, I just, I'm not like a big risk taker. I'm a very risk averse. So like, I get very nervous and that energy just goes everywhere. 

Speaker 1 (11m 49s): I've got a picture of you to join like a casino game. I can picture you playing craps. I don't know why. Let see. That's the one game 

Speaker 0 (11m 54s): That I actually don't mind. I think it's cause it's like a group thing, right? Like everyone's participating. And if you have like a good vibe, they're a really easy vibe. If you have a good vibe at the table that everyone's doing well, 

Speaker 1 (12m 4s): That's where I want to play. Perhaps I don't know how to play craps, but I want to learn. And then I got to learn how to play craps because I played blackjack. Blackjack is okay, but I get a 10 step if I'm not with all my friends. And there's a table of seven of us have a little fun. It's fun when you're playing with all your friends. And then if there's the random people, they get angry at you. I'm like, I don't want to have it. 

Speaker 0 (12m 24s): That's a good thing though, with craps people. So if you don't know what you're doing used to live there, they go to a, a good table where I was like shouting, having a good time to put your money on in the past. Let me just ask, like what's happening and everyone will kind of teach you as you go along. 

Speaker 1 (12m 36s): I like a good like trunk roulette. I love walking out of a club. Like I'm sure we've been to DC in a few times. I AC walk out of the club. I've got my favorites. Premier in Borgata. You just walk out smashed, like you're I have. And just rule went away. Favorite things. I'm shocked. You're at a casino person. I pictured you like in a Vegas casino to show up in the night. 

Speaker 0 (12m 54s): It's because I've spent so much time at Vegas casinos because of all the awards shows is not really. Now I know what a, what gives off the Vegas vibe. 

Speaker 1 (13m 5s): I could picture you enjoying Vegas, but like not enjoying Vegas. If that makes sense. I could see you like that. No offense to you. I could see you like in like places. I would like, like the more fun, the less like fancy vibes or like, I dunno, like more bars. 

Speaker 0 (13m 19s): No, totally. Actually I was going to say, I've done. Like I've done both. So I've done like all the fancy restaurants and like, I feel like you spend way too much money and it's, I don't know. It was just not enjoyable for me, but I have been to one of the first steak houses, I think. Have you been there? It's like a week. 

Speaker 1 (13m 35s): Can we see? I've only I went to Vegas. I went to Vegas when I was 11 and 13. I love that. I remember ever read a book report about it. And like the fourth grade, my teacher must've been like, what the fuck is this kid doing a course about Vegas? And I have only been one more time when I was 21, but I didn't really do it fully. I went when I had just turned 21 and me and my dad, my uncle, my best friend that his dad was. And so it wasn't like I went to Vegas, I've got to get back to Vegas. I'd have to go out with my friends. Really. 

Speaker 0 (14m 1s): It has to have like the one big Vegas blow out before you can decide that, okay, 

Speaker 1 (14m 5s): I want to go on a Wednesday, Thursday night, get a table at a club, maybe Friday. But eventually once this is over, 

Speaker 0 (14m 12s): You have to document the entire 

Speaker 1 (14m 14s): Thing. Oh, I don't know if we can document all the babies and stuff. I don't know. 

Speaker 0 (14m 18s): It's all on the Snapchat or it didn't happen. I guess it's different now because of everything with COVID. But what was a typical day for you at work? Like what's Garden 

Speaker 1 (14m 27s): So a typical day for me before COVID I had a, so we, we still have it. We have a serious XM radio show called the cousins, which is Dave's dad, 73 year old Jewish man, wonderful guy, his cousin, Mary, also a 73 year old Jewish man, wonderful guy. And then our host and then me. So it was great. It was like, we have that at 9:00 AM everyday. So I was glad to be in the city by 9:00 AM. And it was awesome. It was the only like being in an episode of Seinfeld, but yeah, I do that. And then I've made to go to a bar, go shoots and burger videos. We have like a, like I'm on like an e-sports team. 

So we have our e-sports room, like our gaming room go in there a little bit. And then whatever else would just happened to come up throughout the day. Like I'm not really a blogger. I don't, I don't block much in a more video con. So like, whenever it comes up is what all do. And that's pretty much it. But yeah. I don't know. Like, I don't know what, when the day to day, like that's when he come back, we will say, 

Speaker 0 (15m 16s): Are you like heavily involved with, at the e-sports division? Because obviously that's growing up. 

Speaker 1 (15m 20s): I honestly don't know much about it, but like we have any sports team and I'm on it. Is that what you do in Twitch? Yeah. Like I'll, I'll stream like call of duty, fall guys, whatever, et cetera in there. So I'm on our e-sports team. I just personally don't know much about e-sports myself. Like I like playing video games. I just don't know about the whole e-sports. 

Speaker 0 (15m 39s): Oh my gosh. When I've like seen some of the stadium videos and like how much money these guys are making. Well, you should watch it's like the NFL on steroids. Okay. 

Speaker 1 (15m 50s): I kind of feel like, I don't know. I feel like I've noticed this a lot. Like meaning the athletes, when I live in, like my cousin played baseball in college, nothing crazy, but he played baseball in college, loved baseball and he was never really a baseball fan. If that makes sense. Like never loved the mats. Never loved the Yankees. There's a lot of baseball. It's like, I like playing video games. I don't know anything about the community and probably get more into it. But yeah, 

Speaker 0 (16m 11s): You probably should. I mean, you could be a multimillionaire. We'd have 

Speaker 1 (16m 15s): A role that I know about it. I just personally, 

Speaker 0 (16m 17s): Have you met any of the really famous, like digital athletes? The sports athletes? 

Speaker 1 (16m 23s): I think actually one time they were, there was someone that was very famous. It was in the opposite for me. 

Speaker 0 (16m 27s): So do you still get starstruck when you like meet people? Because you have like a big actors come on. I've saw that you did a couple of videos with Adam Richmond. I love that. 

Speaker 1 (16m 36s): Yeah. I was, I was star struck by him. I mean, I used to have like a memory as a scoop shirt. I have his book. I was a huge man. Where's his food. And we got to do a video with him and to do a burger thing with him. I met him, I think twice now. And he's, he's a sweetheart. He is a very cool guy like him. There's a lot of cool people. There's not many people that I will say are assholes. And we did our video at lure fish bar. And then there's on the street on the corner afterwards. We talk about an hour a week. 

Speaker 0 (17m 0s): Ah, I love to hear that. It's, it's so disappointing when you have like such a crush on a celebrity and then you find out that they were a Dick from someone, you know, 

Speaker 1 (17m 7s): That I, I would say when have I been starched, but I get starstruck to people that I tell them, I'm a star Trek. I'm like, what the fuck were you talking about? A lot of people that I loved. So like people that have been star struck by, but like, I play games with him now on Twitch, but I've still actually never met him with Jerry Ferrara, a turtle from entourage. I have seen him in the office and I'm like, Holy shit. And I just don't go near him. I'm terrified. Obviously like in our old office, probably three years ago, now two years ago, the Jersey shore cats came, everybody came and it was legitimately like a Beatles at Shea stadium off a shut down. 

No one realized is like, how fucking like Jersey shore, when it came out, it was the biggest thing in the world. And I love Jersey shore. So then like I just kept my head down and I was like, I am horrified. I love them all so much. I couldn't even like I was terrified. But then I was star struck by, and then my, like one of my main guys is already laying. I love all of the line. And he used to host Howard stern that he has movies. He was a comedian, but he, when he came one day, like head down, didn't say a word people. I am starstruck, by the way, I don't even go up to one of the, actually one of the saddest things recently was, so I was telling you about the summit conversation thing that I'm doing. 

And I had to go to Florida to do you want to with Doug Flutie? And at the same time, our other guy, Caleb had Morgan wall and in Nashville and Morgan Wallen was doing a, they were doing a golf match, a celebrity golf match against our golf guys. So it was Morgan wall in the sky. Hardy, I don't really know him Jayco and it was arranged by Jayco and, and diaries, Chicago and Dallas Rutgers. Like, he's like my guy, I got a fucking wall. We've got it right now, actually diaries, rocker. 

So I then saw who I told you he was from Africa. He doesn't like no American culture really stuck in like Bumble fuck Florida, like in Melbourne, Florida. And I see the golf course with fucking hoodie and he's like to be at the time he was like, I'm. So I feel so bad. Cause I don't know shit about any of these people. And I'm like, you're with a fucking Judy that's my guy was so sad. I've been starstruck. If I have met him, I had a very star struck, but outside of that, but that's the thing it's like, it's a weird, weird people that are struck is a very famous, but it's the more brand of people that are star struck by light. 

If I was in the room with Brad Pitt, I don't know what to think. That would be starstruck. But yeah, like if I'm in a room with Daniel Day Lewis, he could care less. 

Speaker 0 (19m 31s): Great. So it just depends. I think I'm the same way too. It's like people that, I mean, I'm sure you're about to ask people. Yeah. Yeah. And some people like I do the same thing. Like I freeze and like, Oh my God, I don't know what to do. And I'm gonna stumble fumble all over my words. So it's better to just like avoid the person. And there's other people that I think I would be just whatever with, 

Speaker 1 (19m 51s): Ooh, 

Speaker 0 (19m 52s): Actually can't think of anyone off the top of my head. I can tell you one of the Kardashians, whatever is like one of the brothers who is the one that DJs now 

Speaker 1 (20m 1s): I think it was only one is Rob hard-ass. You have the DJ, 

Speaker 0 (20m 4s): The production is a gender actually. Yeah. Yeah. I just lump everyone in together. So I met that guy and I wasn't really impressed talk to him. He was a very good looking man, for sure. But the problem is, is he knows it. Right. 

Speaker 1 (20m 19s): But 

Speaker 0 (20m 21s): I think we lose points if you act like you're like, 

Speaker 1 (20m 25s): Yeah, I don't, I don't know the hot guy rail. I have to have a good personality. So I don't really know. I have no idea by the way, another example of being star struck. So my dad's like a favorite person ever is George Brett third base for the Royals back of the day, like one of the best or a base whenever he randomly came to the office few years ago and he brought his buddy who like runs a barbecue company. And he came in with BBQ when he was just the fucking coolest guy in the world, like <inaudible> in the world that just came in. He bought his own in like 12, of course, like we were just hanging out to talk with everybody. 

And I was going to do a burger video later that day. And he was just like, Oh, what do you do? I said, Oh, I do is burger service, blah, blah, blah. Go to show you one a little bit. He was like, Oh, we have time before you leave him. I'll call him. All right. We're going to have to rush around here. <inaudible> and he's the man. Like I have his number now rather than he called me randomly. I'm like the fuck is happening weird. Well, like one day I was at my cousin's for Sunday dinner and I couldn't be a phone rang and it was George Brett. And I'm like, I might be coming to the city and next we have to do you want to hang out at like, what the fuck is that? It's George. Brett's like, it's fun when they're really cool. And you were to say the word, right? 

It's like the coolest guy in the world. Oh, Adam Richard is extremely cool. So yeah, 

Speaker 0 (21m 31s): Actually the one that I was a little bit starstruck with was actually Jason Ellis. Oh really? So he's yeah. Use your technology 

Speaker 1 (21m 41s): 2020. I could do it. I wonder how Australian satellite hosts. 

Speaker 0 (21m 45s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he had it at a really popular show. I wonder how it does now. Cause like obviously everything changes with time 

Speaker 1 (21m 52s): Australia and satellite hosts, skateboarder mixed martial arts fighter, truck racer, boxer rockstar. After an author. That's some, I've never heard of it. And this is, 

Speaker 0 (21m 60s): It is a wild man. Like absolutely wild man. And one of my really good friends is and was obsessed with him. So he followed me on Twitter and this was back when I was like, not really a name yet. And I was still kind of finding my way. 

Speaker 1 (22m 17s): Yeah, I got ya. Okay. 

Speaker 0 (22m 19s): So he followed me on Twitter was like, Holy shit. She is an L L is following me. I'm going to call it, like see if I can get, get him on the phone, whatever, call it in to the radio show. So I call in and I talk some shit and he invites me to come to the studio and I'm like, no fucking way. So at this point, like he's like, you know, top whatever radio shows. Yeah. This was at his height. I'm not going to say, I don't know if he declined or not. I mean, I haven't been keeping, but we'll say like, you know, in his, in his prime. And so I go to the studio, Benji's there from good Charlotte. 

And I was like such an emo chick side of the fucking, it is a lot of Tim. And I was like, Oh my God, like, what is this? This is so cool. And so he brought me into the studio and I was like, I don't know. I was probably shaking. I was so nervous, but I got him to autograph, a book for my friends, with blood, which is something he did. And I was so I was like, he said that you're a bitch. If you don't do that. And he just did it on air. And I was like, Holy shit, this is a rhythm. While this moment of my life, his hands, he could have solved right there on his way. He cut his hand, but they just signed the book with his blood. 

And my bet, my friend has this book like fucking framed. He's intense wild man. Wild man. 

Speaker 1 (23m 29s): When did you like get into the game? How old were you? 

Speaker 0 (23m 33s): Well, I think, well, it depends on when you, when you start, when you start counting. So I started the webcamming. I don't know it was like 19 or 20. 

Speaker 1 (23m 41s): So like when you went to like quote unquote famous, we still are. But when, like what were you like? My kids are 23. 24. Yeah. 

Speaker 0 (23m 47s): Yeah. I would say like my, like I started to pick up some steam around that for sure. 

Speaker 1 (23m 51s): Okay. That's the, that's such an interesting thing to think about it. Cause I was even a few weeks up a few months ago, probably I was talking with Jerry for our on Twitch and he was telling me that she's the one in Monterey. She was 23. And you're like, imagine fucking like me being on entourage is crazy. Thinking about it. That is nuts. 

Speaker 0 (24m 11s): Do you consider yourself like famous? I know that's a weird question to ask when people like asked me all the time and you don't know how to answer it, but like you, you definitely fit the criteria. 

Speaker 1 (24m 20s): I guess. Theoretically, I could fit the criteria with like a specific group of people, but I thought I'm rolling around then if I'm in Topeka, Kansas, I don't expect to be swapped, but I'm also a bit like a normal person. I'm not, I'm a, I'm a large person. So I feel like I got to stop more than others, but I don't, I don't consider myself famous by any means. So thank you. Appreciate it. But I don't think so. 

Speaker 0 (24m 44s): Your dating life was like, are you allowed to share that with me? I mean, are you single? 

Speaker 1 (24m 50s): No, no, no, no, no. I have no idea. This is going to ask for that. 

Speaker 0 (24m 55s): Oh, okay. Okay. Well let's say Glenny, you know, a single mingling, like how do you date when you have such a, like you have a big presence on social media? Is it weird? Like, is it weird for the other person? Do you tell them like, Hey, 

Speaker 1 (25m 10s): Well, I mean, I, I will say a good move has always to not say a thing. I have had people and it'll be like, Oh, what's your Instagram and a farm and my dad. And that, it's not that weird. Shockingly average. 

Speaker 0 (25m 24s): Okay. Do you have people come up to you when you're on dates? 

Speaker 1 (25m 27s): Yes. Which is pretty PIP. That's a good feeling as well. Definitely scores points for sure. Yeah. No, that, that, that's definitely a pin feeling like actually one of the most PIM feelings of my, of my day was I was at a rage, a game. One time I was sitting right behind the goalie, like two rows behind and I was on a date and like the ice people like stopped him and he said, what's up? Like, as it was in there, I was like, all right, back up pretty fast. Not gonna lie. 

Speaker 0 (25m 50s): You definitely fit the criteria. You're like a little bit famous. You just got to, you got to lean into it. Glenny Oh, with 

Speaker 1 (25m 57s): Celebrity, 

Speaker 0 (25m 59s): Hey, it's all relative. There's like certain parts of the world that you said your buddy didn't even know who he was. Right. 

Speaker 1 (26m 5s): Yeah, exactly. But I mean like around here, like long Island, you're like, no, I'm not the man in long. Island's obviously a huge Barstool place. Like Philly is a huge Barstool place. So Wilmington, North Carolina. I don't know if it's the biggest Barstool place 

Speaker 0 (26m 19s): Or is it Wilmington and Barstool place. So you're asking. I don't think so. I feel like we're going to be, I went to school in Myrtle beach, huge Barstool place. That's actually, when I first learned about Barstool, people are obsessed with it there, but it's a university that was in the coastal Carolina. 

Speaker 1 (26m 35s): I've heard of it. I know people that go there, the football team, 

Speaker 0 (26m 40s): It's a good football team. I think I'm not supposed to say that though, because my whole team is actually a really good 

Speaker 1 (26m 44s): They're ranked and like the top 25. Yeah. I never went to a single game. Well, I think they like just became, make a, like a top division one for you. 

Speaker 0 (26m 53s): Where would you like, as soon as I graduated almost, which is like, you know, eons ago, but yeah. I don't know. I never have a lot of social anxiety, so I never like really went to like any sporting events or anything. None of like my few friends that I had were into sports and I'm very bad at like meeting new people. I'm just very shy. 

Speaker 1 (27m 11s): Keep asking you questions. You're supposed to be a no, 

Speaker 0 (27m 13s): No, take the reigns. So the conversation 

Speaker 1 (27m 16s): When you were in a sorority. Oh my God. 

Speaker 0 (27m 17s): No, I wish I would've been in the girl. The sorority make 

Speaker 1 (27m 19s): Fun of me being in a sorority. 

Speaker 0 (27m 22s): No, I like, I moved around a ton, so I didn't, I never got cliquey, I guess. Like, I don't know. I was always like the victim of mean girls and I feel like a lot of mean girls too and sororities. Right. Except for one of my best friends was in a sorority. So I shouldn't like talk too much shit, but I feel like she's the exception. 

Speaker 1 (27m 40s): I mean, I feel kind of the same way about frats. I'm not the biggest fan of frats. I don't know. No, no, I've never been pledge. No, I like that on the outside. I like the idea that it's like fall in love with like grow up, like watching like American pie movies and I'd be like, Oh, that's awesome. And you're hanging out with all the boys and drink, obviously it's fun. But like, I feel like it gives people a false sense of entitlement that shouldn't have a false sense of entitlement. Like no offense to my little cousin. And hopefully he doesn't watch this, but my little cousin he's a little he's a little or whatever. And he went off to school and joined a frat and now he like, he was roaming around, like to be mean to everybody. 

I'd be like, fuck you. 

Speaker 0 (28m 15s): Yeah. I feel like it's part of like that whole, like a herd mentality too. Right. So if you have the queen bee at the top, that's making you be mean to all of the incoming sorority sisters and everyone kind of just gets in the same mentality and they're like, this is acceptable behavior. 

Speaker 1 (28m 30s): One of the, one of the story I always tell me, I always tell people when we talk about frats is so my best friend was in a frat at a school in Queens. And he lived in Queens out like a frat house and Queen's, but he also lives here on long Island. His house is here. So we all went to Belmont one day, which is a race track right near here for that to be the Belmont stakes. And we all came back to his house here. So it was one, I own the house, not the frat house and some kid. And I went to high school with, it was also in that frat and I was drinking a beer or whatever and I'll have to go and do another beer. And they were either to go out to get another way to go with the pledge. 

We'll get it. So the pledge brings me back to the beer and the one, one of the kids tell the pledge, you've got to flip that a hundred times and I'm like, you're not in the frat house right now. You're in like his family house. I like, I fucking grew up in and you're not fucking that thing about your job. And then the kid is like, yelling. You have to deal with, this is about fucking respect. I'm like, what the fuck are you morons talking about the book that is a quick look in the fucking can a hundred times. It's not just the facts are the worst. That's what he eats. 

Speaker 0 (29m 28s): Yeah. It's not a healthy mentality to get stuck in because you carry that over until the real world after you're out of university. 

Speaker 1 (29m 34s): Know what the fuck is your chance and what someone who is that he says, put the cat a a hundred times makes me so angry. It's one of the two things I get mad over. Yeah. So you don't, I 

Speaker 0 (29m 42s): Never see you mad. You're always, you're always a very fun profile for me to like watch, especially in these times, because it's just always positive and its fun and yeah. 

Speaker 1 (29m 52s): How much to complain about it. But that I could play in about a complaint about in softball. When people try to throw out fat people at first base, that's fucked up. And yet there's not many other things that are, 

Speaker 0 (29m 60s): Yeah. I don't know what it was about frats. Maybe it's just like the testosterone because the hazing process is totally different from, you know, the frats versus like the sororities and the sororities they'll fuck you up mentally. Like I have heard some crazy stuff. It was a long Island school and my girlfriends went out to me. I think maybe it was a long Island. It starts with an a that's all I can remember. Yes. Oh really? Yeah. I spent like weekends there, like all the time visiting her and they had crazy sorority stories. 

Like, so the men like bill physically, his, you write like they might like beach with a broom or like whack you in the head. I don't know. Like I've heard, you know, a physical torture stories with that with the girls they would have, and this is all, you know, second hand hearsay, whatever on campus, they would have a girl's come into the frat house naked and we hear about a marker. Yes. That's still fucked up. It's true. There's got to be some truth to it all. I've heard it for other people. 

Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh my it's psychological warfare. You kidding me. Especially at that 

Speaker 1 (31m 7s): Age, a lot about that life, the Greek life. 

Speaker 0 (31m 10s): No. So mean, so, so mean. Yeah. I feel like some of that, like I said, it carries over, there was this one guy, like my husband and I, like, we were trying to kind of like be friends with this one, couple, and we were friends have another friend. Then we just had like mutual interest and he like, acted like the beer thing. It was the same thing. Like he was like, Hey Eric, go grab me a beer. And I was like, are you fucking kidding me to go get your own beer? And as soon as he said that, it was like, the friendship was over. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (31m 36s): It's, it's, it's, it's an odd thing. Like I, one thing I always say to him when I was at Albany was one of the frat guys that wear the frat shirts, like out to the bar. But then when I got hired at Barstool, I have it with my Barstool at around a lot. Admittedly did. And now I'm like, you know what? I don't wear it out anymore because I feel like it's kind of the same thing. So I won't set up a little bit of a hypocrite on that forefront. 

Speaker 0 (31m 55s): Yeah. But I don't like to see anything negative with Barstool you guys seem to be having a pretty good time 

Speaker 1 (32m 1s): A negative. I'm just saying, I feel like the frat thing is to like show up that tree at a frat. And then if I'm on a boat, go out and I feel like that's kind of a trash bag move worked in there, but I don't do that anymore. I retired from wearing the Barstool hat out, keep doing it. I smell like I'll wear like on like I'll wear it like going to work, but like at a bar or something, 

Speaker 0 (32m 17s): I don't want you to wear it and take it off 

Speaker 1 (32m 20s): Straight Hawaiian shirt, maybe who to get a boat for a shot. 

Speaker 0 (32m 24s): Are you still making your Hawaiian line? What's up with that? When, when does the drop happen? 

Speaker 1 (32m 30s): I'm going to give you the official scoop right now. Cause I don't really know. I don't really know much about it, honestly. So we have in black Friday, we have a Christmas shirt coming out, which is a very excited about it's a Christmas theme, Hawaiian shirt. We have like Santa's elves on there, whatever it's cream. It's Ryan, which is the material that I love Ryan. And I think it's a bit material. So that was my first one. And then I think me and Dave pres El pres, we're going to have our camera out a spring line and it's going to be fucking nice. 

Like we have a potential, like a logo that looks fucking sick. The logo is awesome. If it all comes into fruition, this spring line is going to fucking bang. Like it's going to be nice. 

Speaker 0 (33m 11s): Oh, I'm stoked. Are you doing, are you doing like the winter Hawaiian shirts that you said you wanted to do? 

Speaker 1 (33m 16s): So I was like I said, were doing the Christmas one. And then I think we made you laugh like a national pizza day. One may be a Saint Patrick's day won. But as of now, I think we're focusing on the old spring line and the spring line should be nice. Cause things are going to be a legit Hawaiian shirts, really nice for our church. And that's a thing like I genuinely want this to like rival Hi Bahamas. The amazing like I want to, even if you're not a Barstool person, if you have no idea, what the fuck Barstool is, I want you to be like, that's a nice shirt and buy the shirt. We will say that the goal, I want you to be like talking about Hama falls beach, where we bought a speech was a great night. 

That's the name of that? We have high hopes. I'll text you the possible logo I have later. It's fucking. 

Speaker 0 (33m 57s): I want to, yeah, I'm stoked. I want to say I was watching some of your clip on Instagram and you're talking about the cheeseburger in paradise. I fucking loved that I will buy. 

Speaker 1 (34m 6s): So it was for me. I officially can get you to model one of the Hawaiian shirts. Okay. That's okay. You're officially a modeling. One of the sheriffs a hundred percent. I'm gonna have to get my few celebrity friends to model the shirt's for me. So 

Speaker 0 (34m 22s): Lisa Ann, 

Speaker 1 (34m 26s): I think that'll look good. That's my big three. Keep up with ASA. Occasionally. Occasionally I love also though, I'd talk to her. She flaked on me to do a frigging Instagram live video thing. I was looking forward to that, but also fuck you. I was actually traveling. I got to the airport early that day to be there, to do it from the airport and that she canceled on me and was like, dammit shit. But we got, we got to reschedule. I'll do that. Okay. 

Speaker 0 (34m 52s): Yeah. I want to see, I went to check out your guys' podcast cause you guys were 

Speaker 1 (34m 56s): And do a podcast like a while ago, but I love that line also is like my best credit for like four bucks. 

Speaker 0 (34m 60s): I know that. That's how I actually discovered you. I was like, who is this guy? That was by the way. Oh yeah, yeah. One the first time. Yeah. No that was like, 

Speaker 1 (35m 12s): He wouldn't be on stage at a strip club. Wasn't that fun? I 

Speaker 0 (35m 14s): Did. And we were like, can you make sure that that wasn't recorded? 

Speaker 1 (35m 17s): Yeah, that was a little scared. That was the, I was a little scared that I was going to like go viral would be good. He whipped at a strip club would be a pretty funny if he did. 

Speaker 0 (35m 24s): No, I really wish that there was a video of that even just like for us to relive it. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (35m 29s): Yeah. Like a fricking now like four years later, if it was a video on begin with, at a strip club for them. 

Speaker 0 (35m 33s): Yeah. Whatever, you know, just to make a press release. It's fine. No pressure is, I don't know how to do a press release. 

Speaker 1 (35m 39s): I'm sure you got the guy. No idea. And there's got to be guy in the office. I legitimately like go into the kid, not like go into that type of stuff. And he left behind the scenes drama. I don't know. 

Speaker 0 (35m 50s): But that's the, one of my favorite things about Barstool is your guys, his press releases. They're fucking amazing. Whoever is 

Speaker 1 (35m 58s): At least it's like that day that we have for days. Oh, that's like one of our guys and team port I makes those, those are fucking hilarious. 

Speaker 0 (36m 5s): Like if everyone handled like a social mishap that happened, 

Speaker 1 (36m 9s): That's the fun though. That's like not like a real press release. 

Speaker 0 (36m 12s): Okay. Everyone should handle them like that way. Instead of being like so apologetic sometimes or embarrassed, like when his sex tape came out and if you read that, that press release, it's fucking brilliant. We cannot say whether it was or wasn't that, you know, Dave, but we can say that the specimen and the video was in the top athletic shape. And I was like, this is the best thing I've ever read. 

Speaker 1 (36m 37s): That's why he's the King. I mean, he is the funniest person in the world and that's exactly why, like he knows how to handle everything even a few weeks ago when the Patriots like that, I forgot what they had. The patient's got embarrassed that he was just coming home from Miami on a private plane is like posting videos. Like I have no internet. I can't, I don't know what happened to him and felt today, but he is perfect. I mean, he is the funniest person. He is the case. No arguments there. 

Speaker 0 (36m 57s): You like what's in the future for Glenny Balls are you going to do podcasts? Look, you only did the two episodes with, with AASA for the super curious. So 

Speaker 1 (37m 6s): A few, but I mean, I mean, I personally, I like the idea of podcasting. I just don't have like an idea of podcasting. You know what I'm saying? I just start. Yeah. But I feel like everyone, I don't want to just have a podcast about like nothing. No, it's definitely a hard for sure. In the first I was like a podcast. The podcast is fun, but I think it's a great way to showcase personality. You want to have a good voice? I don't think I don't have a good voice. I've been told by. I mumble a lot and I talk fast, which I do. You want to talk fast? 

Northerner thing. Aren't you from the North 

Speaker 0 (37m 39s): Down South so long that I've kind of 

Speaker 1 (37m 43s): Caroline is considered the South below the Mason was a Maryland blue Mason-Dixon line. 

Speaker 0 (37m 50s): So I guess that argument doesn't really hold 

Speaker 1 (37m 52s): Me and what's next for evil opiate. Oh, okay. Can I, do I call you a little bit anymore? Chatting with Candice to call you Candice and you're officially Candice I'm going to text you. Hey, Candice here's the logo 

Speaker 0 (38m 6s): I went to the next level. Yes it did. And now it's more personal. I don't know, just seeing where the podcast goes. I've had some pretty stellar guests lineup. So it was kind of see what happens is that it's like, it was probably the scariest thing. I've done a scarier, the important for sure, because obviously that is going to get critiqued. But when you put like you're thoughts out there, like just so much more personal and that if someone's like, you're fucking stupid, that stinks. 

Speaker 1 (38m 33s): And also with Paul and like our, we fully we're on the yeah. 

Speaker 0 (38m 39s): Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (38m 40s): I love it. I feel like only fans, like kind of just Kilborne they were just like gone. You're gone porn fucking only fans go to the place. 

Speaker 0 (38m 47s): And it just, it shows you from a performance standpoint, it shows you where your value is and like how undervalued you were in mainstream. I'm like, this is the best thing I've ever done. I remember when I first switched, it was like, what am I doing? My career is over. No, one's going to know who I am. And it was awesome. 

Speaker 1 (39m 2s): Do you know how many off the bat off the top of your head, you know, how many subscribers you have 

Speaker 0 (39m 6s): On my paid account? It's just under 9,000 book and my, yeah, it's pretty solid. And then my free account is almost to 20. Yeah. Yeah. All right. That's amazing. But yeah. And then I would say like long-term goals is I would like Candice to surpass either financially. Like that's when I'm like, Oh yeah. And that's, and I'll be like, I did something. 

You have to have some goals. 

Speaker 1 (39m 43s): Well, I have no goals. I don't know if that's a bad to say or not. I'll see where the road takes me. 

Speaker 0 (39m 47s): You're young. You know what I mean? I feel like that's part of being, 

Speaker 1 (39m 50s): That's what I'm saying. And that's what I'm saying that I just turned 24. Like I'm one of the youngest people at our company. So like whatever happens, happens. 

Speaker 0 (39m 57s): Well, I mean, you're going to crush it. Yeah. Yolo. 

Speaker 1 (40m 0s): Well, I mean, there's not many, there's like, I don't know. I, I don't have, I don't have goals. 

Speaker 0 (40m 7s): That's a goal. 

Speaker 1 (40m 8s): That's definitely a goal. But like that was never a light pole. Like it was all a dream. Like if someone said like, what's like one thing you could do, but like make Hawaiian shirts and now I'm hopefully going to get to do that. We need to get to do with that. So, but that, that, I mean that's falls beach wear for them, but yeah. 

Speaker 0 (40m 23s): Yeah. Keep an eye out folks. No, but that's all at your, your dreams are at your, or your goals are, it's like a dream, but with a little bit of a roadmap. 

Speaker 1 (40m 30s): Yeah. I mean, I don't want to sound too, like broey here, but like, I just like to have a little fun. I like the hangout on the weekends and whatever happens, happens 

Speaker 0 (40m 39s): The yellow, I don't know. I dig it. I think more people need to adopt just a live and let live. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (40m 46s): Yeah. We definitely are currently the biggest worried in my life. I have a big scab on my knee and it's really annoying 

Speaker 0 (40m 53s): That that's, that's the worse thing happening involves life. Right? 

Speaker 1 (40m 56s): What are the most annoying thing? When I woke up, I just felt this scab, like in my cupboard. So you don't have to have a bad scab. And like, you're like, like you feel your short to in it or something. I thought that as soon as I woke up and I was like, this is a fucking scam bait of my existence and a band-aid on it. Now I know that whatever is coming up soon, though, right? At the end of this weekend, it'll be off. 

Speaker 0 (41m 15s): What about key West? Isn't that a goal to like, aren't you supposed to be having like you're obviously traveling is a little bit weird right now. 

Speaker 1 (41m 21s): You want it to go to key West before the sets a goal was to go, is the road trip to key West and stomachs? That sounds, I loved to go to key West, but we'll see. Cause I feel like key West, like you're in the, you're in the minority if you're not wearing a Hawaiian shirt. And like, you're like, you're in a weird person if you're not wearing a Hawaiian shirt. So that's why I want to go to key West. But yeah. And another goal I would love to, I would love to see the Northern lights. 

Speaker 0 (41m 45s): Amazing. Highly recommended. Yes. We went to Iceland and it was the coolest experience. So we went in December, so it was fucking cold, but they pick you up and it was like 10 o'clock at night. And these super Jeeps that are just lifted, you know, like four or five feet off the ground. And then you go off-roading until the snow and the eyes. And you're trying to like chase the lights essentially. And then when you find them, you kind of like camp out and they bring you in like a flask of vodka and then a flask of hot chocolate. 

And you just like drink vodka and hot chocolate and watch these crazy lights above you. 

Speaker 1 (42m 23s): That's amazing. That's like the bad thing about me is like, anytime I think of something like, is there a drinking involved with it? And the vodka thing sounds good. Okay. 

Speaker 0 (42m 31s): The vodka thing definitely was like, it elevated the whole experience. 

Speaker 1 (42m 35s): That's for sure. And you've done a, all the lights. I mean, that's the dream. 

Speaker 0 (42m 38s): How to do it. Highly recommended Iceland, I suppose is like a really cool fucking place to you because I don't know. I think it's the ancestry like Vikings were there. They said it was the land of the gods and it was just like this energy there. This could be another planet when you're exploring around the world. 

Speaker 1 (42m 53s): One of the few times I've watched shows about like Antarctica and shit. I'm like, how was it on the same planet as ours? It doesn't seem like it. So I'm going to get a few times in my life that I had to do my thought that thought that when I went to this planet, are we, this is a very boring one, I guess in the realm of your life is if like you have been there a lot. And she was at a place you've been there for like Arizona. And it was crazy. He was like, I went to a Scottsdale or few weeks ago and you just like, you went out and you're in an Uber, we're going to go and meet with like at the hotel. And it was a a hundred foot rocks everywhere. Yeah. It's like Mars on Mars. Yeah. That's what I mean. 

I'm not the most traveled verse. And I've been to Europe. I would like to go to Europe. I want to go to Germany on to that in October for me. 

Speaker 0 (43m 29s): Oh, that would be fun. If you go, you have to go with the full garb though. 

Speaker 1 (43m 33s): Oh, I love my leader. I am a leader and I wear it for Halloween every year. It's my favorite thing in the world. And they talk about a vibe. Like you have a good vibe when you're in a leader housing, like that's, that's the vibe. 

Speaker 0 (43m 44s): You can't even be angry in one. No. 

Speaker 1 (43m 47s): So it was in is the Halloween version, have a Hawaiian shirt. I love my leader. He is. And it's amazing. So I want to go there and I'm not going to lie. I'll like a girl and a drink. A gender is a nice look. What's a journal. That's like what the girl was wearing in October Fest. Like if I only have like the big things, a beer, I like a dribble. I think I have a gentle fetish. I love a gimbal. That's a joke. It's not really an actual fetish, but I do love with Trimble. It's 

Speaker 0 (44m 13s): Got to be one. Now. I wouldn't say it's definitely 

Speaker 1 (44m 17s): Love a journal. I want to go to Germany and Denmark. Okay. People in Europe, everyone is like Italy and France. Honestly, he could care less about a year later. 

Speaker 0 (44m 26s): I'm always disappointed at a friend's. I went to the South of France for actually in Cannes and it was worst place I've ever fucking been. So we rented a boat and we pulled up to the, you know, the Mo one of the marinas there, we went to get off to get some food. And it was so hot there and like the peak of summer. So I'm wearing Jean shorts and a bikini top, like, you know, standard for a beach town. Right. Especially in France where like you have nude beaches. So I'm walking around and we're trying to find this restaurant. 

I see men running, jogging, not wearing the shirt. I see women jogging and like a sports bra, like typical stuff. Right? Like, so I'm not by any means, like being inappropriate by my bikini top and Jean shorts. I have the cops pull over and they tell me that I need to immediately get a shirt, which I don't have one its on the boat. So what the fuck? I swear to God, she, and it was a check a cop too. So I mean starting there. But she, she was like, if you don't immediately get a shirt, we're going to arrest you. 

And I was like, Eric, get your phone out. Because if I get arrested, I'm gonna at least go viral. If I got arrested for wearing a fucking bikini top in cans. So after that I will never go to France again. 

Speaker 1 (45m 40s): That's crazy. Yeah. I mean I only really know Ken from the one episode of entourage, but they did it in Canada and it seemed like a great time. I'm shocked. That happened. 

Speaker 0 (45m 47s): I don't know. And when I told people at that happened, but like, they were just messing with you because that's not a lot. 

Speaker 1 (45m 52s): Yeah. I have some, but yeah. France and Italy, I've got my Italian to you. I just don't really care about it. I don't, it doesn't have to learn me Germany. It looks fun. Like I said, I do have a family and Denmark actually. I would like to have Denmark. I feel like it was like other countries like Austria. I think it'd be fun. I want to like Yodel and the mountains. Like that looks like a good time. 

Speaker 0 (46m 12s): Very attainable goals. Glenny 

Speaker 1 (46m 14s): I want to go to Europe, let me go to Vegas. Really? I would just like coronavirus down and I want to go to a bar. 

Speaker 0 (46m 20s): No, I don't know what we're going to do because obviously we have to like bar restaurants and it's just like a weird for a long time for that. As far as the other States go, I feel like we're pretty relaxed. I think it's a 50% capacity, which kind of sucks for restaurants because it's not really doable. We have like a really solid outdoor space so we can kind of pack that out. And then you're supposed to wear a mask going in to any, any building or business, but whether or not people do, it's kind of a coin toss 

Speaker 1 (46m 51s): Tonight started at 10:00 PM. Everything's got to close at 10:00 PM 

Speaker 0 (46m 54s): And it's been 11 for like a month. I want to say. 

Speaker 1 (46m 59s): I don't know. I mean, I feel like with the, hopefully the vaccine comes out soon, but I just wanted to celebrate. That's all I want to talk to stop. Give me the summer. That's all I want. I think I'm going to move this summer. I'm going to move to the beach and I just want the summer. That's all 

Speaker 0 (47m 13s): I think, I think that's probably doable, I guess is June. 

Speaker 1 (47m 16s): I remember it was just so funny for again the AZ, like when this started, like I remember texting them, all my friends were like texting each other. We were like, all right, let's just shut the country down for two weeks. And when we find that we would, we would talk and be like, all right. I think like June will be good. Maybe August the latest that hour in like November. And I had the same idea too. I think everyone was like, okay, two weeks we got this. Like, it's gonna be really weird. And the apocalyptic for two weeks we could do two weeks. And it was so weird when we first started, like, it was like a treat to like go on your porch. 

But it was kind of fun. But not that it was fun of course, but like just not being able to leave your house, it was caught up. And I felt like I was in like grade school again, like I just played call of duty with my friends every night and it was a kid and just got drunk with myself. Like it was, it was fun and it was nice. Like I love going out. I love going to bars, but it was kind of fun. Like knowing like everybody wasn't, no one else could go out at home to kind of like a snow day. It was like a permanent Snowden. It was like, it was like a permanent snow days. And then it was like lost. 

It, lost that whole fun. And he would say after like two weeks and you're like, Oh my God, I miss people. Yeah, it was definitely, definitely OD, but hopefully it'll be done soon. Okay. I just wanted to do a bar. And like I said, hopefully in the summer I told him I just want a simple asks. I mean, it's not as simple as it's a matter of months, but just to give me a good summary. So I'll tell him a need and then we'll be happy, boy. Glenny thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I appreciate it. My pleasure had a fantastic 54 minutes. 

Do you want to tell everyone where they can follow? You keep up to date with all the things you want to get. You want to follow how many you're welcome to I. I think I'm Glenny Balls on Instagram and Porter. Glenny Balls I got to get that. I've got to get that on shore. I've got to get that underscore out there. And also my Twitter is twitched out TV slash Glenny Balls Barstool who was a burgers on Instagram. If you want to follow that. That's my burger. Instagram's on a burger Instagram. Oh I did. And I'm trying to grow with it and we're only like 2000 followers right now, but I'm trying to grow it a little bit. We've grown organically it. 

All right. Well talk to you soon. You Glenny. All right. Thank you. This is a fun. See you later. I'm going to text you those logos by the way, please, please do. Okay. 

Speaker 0 (49m 29s): Later, that's it for this week's episode, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have the time please rate and review and you can always hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest episodes. I hope to have you back.