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Good Podcast

Very interesting list of guests. I thoroughly enjoy Candice’s honest and sincere questions.

Chatting with Candice

Good interviewer. This woman pulls so much out of the guest and does it so naturally in conversation. I‘ve only started listening since this season ended but every episode has been interesting whether I thought it was going to be a good topic or not.

Natural interviewer

I have not found many podcasts I am a fan of but this one is a gem. Candice keeps the conversation going and clearly has her homework done for each subject. Love the varying topics too! Interesting each time I tune in. This is a quality production!

Best out there

I found Candice through her interview with Gad Saad! This is my best and most favourite podcast. She is so smart. Amazing guests and I hope that this podcast will continue on for a long time!!!

Love the Podcast!

I’ve been a fan of yours for years and really admire what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! Your show, and everything else, is extremely valuable.

Thank you for changing my boyfriend way of thinking

For the last year my Boyfriend and I have had so much turmoil in our lives. He was angry all of the time, had the victim mentality, I could go on but I’m sure you get it. He listened to your first podcast and has been hooked. Not only is he hooked, he is a different person. The anger is gone, the victims mentality gone. He has been working on himself so hard and is truly a different person. Words don’t do it justice how much you have changed not only his life but mine as well. I have my soulmate back. Thank you, thank you, Jessica ❤️❤️❤️

Down to earth

The show covers a broad range of interesting topics. The guests come from a variety of backgrounds, knowledge and experience bases. In a day and age where it feels like everyone is losing their minds its nice to hear conversations about topics that can polarize people discussed so openly and thoughtfully. Candice is eloquent in her speech and approach and isn't afraid to share her thoughts and viewpoints during the discussion 10/10

Amazing Podcast!

Seriously AMAZING podcast! Candice does a great job with the content, and interviews; she is extremely intelligent. Her guest are knowledgeable, intriguing, and really make me think, and validate my own beliefs, and have helped open my own mind to a new way of thinking that Is definitely much more positive. I listened to my first episode, and was hooked. Just wish there more episodes lol. I’ve shared this podcast with my close friends and family, and everyone I’ve introduced this to agrees this podcast is wonderful. Keep up the great work Candice! This podcast is really helpful, and really something special. I hope more people check it out, and can grow from it. You’re really doing a public service with your passion in this endeavor. Kudos!! You’re definitely hitting the mark with this.


I love your honesty and how you and your guests can make these complex topics seem so simple to understand. Your energy is very cool.. keep it up!

Down to earth

The show covers a broad range of interesting topics. The guests come from a variety of backgrounds, knowledge and experience bases. In a day and age where it feels like everyone is losing their minds its nice to hear conversations about topics that can polarize people discussed so openly and thoughtfully.

Great show

Candice does a great job at asking the right questions. It is very Interesting show with all different types of guest. Really a show you can learn something From. Furm.

i have always enjoyed Candice's podcasts. very well thought out and insightful. she studies her material and knows her clients. i don't always agree with some of the discussion, but like Candice says I'm willing to listen and agree to disagree and even learn. i do think more people could take a lesson from her in this area. we are all human beings. we don't always have to be right, and we don't always have to agree on everything. but we do need to learn to listen better and love more.

Unique and Insightful Guests

Candice does a great job asking the right questions from her brilliant and eclectic guests. I must listen!

Good Podcast

Very interesting list of guests.

Candace is outstanding

Not even sure how I found this podcast, but nearly every guest she’s had on has been in my wheelhouse. From metaphysical stuff to numerology to quantum physics, Candace has many of the same interests as me. She’s a great interviewer and gets better and more seasoned with each episode. I’m really impressed and proud to support her in this endeavor. Five stars!

Love the interview with Brian Keating!

Candice asked such amazing questions and the back and forth was a delight. More like this, please !

5 Stars

Candice is the virtual mom friend I didn’t know I needed. Intellectual, articulate, engaging - she can hold conversations on diverse topics, she’s personable with all of her guests, and she’s well-prepared and researched for her interviews. Excellent production and I’m so glad I found her podcast through her interview on Dr. Debra Soh’s podcast.

Candice is so down to earth and open in all the heartfelt ways

Hearing Candice share her feelings makes me root for her. I hope she succeeds in more than just financial ways. Hearing her talk about her son and his initial struggles is heartbreaking and SO uplifting! We should all love someone that much.

A great combination of Beauty and Brains.

Great interviews!!!

This is a great podcast and Candice gets some really great guests!

Always worth the time

Candice takes time to be well prepared for each interview. The topics are interesting and often relevant to current events. Her voice and demeanor are pleasant and easy to listen to.

Curious mind

Great interviewer, she has a genuinely curious mind that can take you anywhere. She asks great questions and she’s full of them!

Amazing variety!

This podcast series always keeps me guessing on the next topic, and Candice is a perfect host that showcases her guests versus just herself. Kudos!

Great podcast!

This podcast is an amazing way to get to know the real Candace. She dives deep into her thoughts and beliefs about the diversity of life. Forever grateful that Candace decided to start a show.

Amazing Podcast

I just found your pod a few weeks ago! I love Eva and her amazing body, but Candice has an even more amazing mind! I am trying to get through all of them as quickly as I can. I have loved both of Dr. Soh’s, Dr. Hardt, Chris Williamson, Keisha, Aella, Tera, but so far my favorite has to be Wayne Dupree! Can't wait to listen to the rest, keep up the good work!

Very Cool Podcast

Really good podcast. Knowledgeable topics & nvery entertaining as well

Best Podcast Ever

Just finished listening to them all and I absolutely loved it and highly recommend.


Great podcast.

Subverted my expectations in the best way

I had certain expectations of Adult movie performers and I came in with preconceived notions. I was incredibly impressed and so glad to be proven wrong. Many people say it's ok to disagree with my views, we can still be friends. Candide actually makes me believe it! Look forward to additional interesting topics.

New listener

I stumbled onto Chatting with Candice. 10 Podcasts in. Great stuff. Diverse guests and topics. Worth investing time in.