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Very Cool Podcast

Really good podcast. Knowledgeable topics & nvery entertaining as well

Best Podcast Ever

Just finished listening to them all and I absolutely loved it and highly recommend.


Great podcast.

Subverted my expectations in the best way

I had certain expectations of Adult movie performers and I came in with preconceived notions. I was incredibly impressed and so glad to be proven wrong. Many people say it's ok to disagree with my views, we can still be friends. Candide actually makes me believe it! Look forward to additional interesting topics.

New listener

I stumbled onto Chatting with Candice. 10 Podcasts in. Great stuff. Diverse guests and topics. Worth investing time in.

Really like it!

Very cool change of pace coming from a guy that only listens to political/business pods. Love your perspective & growth that you’ve accomplished. Of course I have a major crush on you too!

Big fan

Your interviews help me a lot. Going through a rough time, and your words of encouragement help. The interview with Mama was great. Keep up the good work. Also your hair and smile are always on point. I hope to be happy again one day.

Just a well rounded interesting podcast!

She’s a natural at this. Great research, insightful on point questions. Her voice is just made for podcasting. Don’t change a thing Candice. Literally nothing needs fixing. Keep up the good work.

Candace, the sexy intellect

This podcast is enlightening, entertaining, interesting, and in a lot of ways, educational. If there’s a podcast to support and spend your time with, this is it.

The new Joe Rogan

First heard her on Dr. Saad’s podcast. Interesting, intelligent, and honest. My favorite new podcast since I no longer spend 9 hours week on Rogan. Sorry Dr. Saad.

Interesting and thought provoking

I found Candice’s podcast and gave it a try. Needless to say, I’ve listened to nearly every episode now and I’m eagerly looking forward to new ones. She’s a great host and is prepared for every guest with thoughtful commentary and insightful questions. Some of my episodes have been with Kevin Seldon, Dr. Debra Soh, Buck Angel and Gad Saad. I also personally loved the very short, but apropos episode titled « Importance of Discomfort ». She had guests that flaked on her but she still went on to do a short talk about discomfort in life and still showing up and opening up about her own struggles and fears. Give her a listen- I guarantee you’ll learn something!


I am glad I stumbled upon this intelligent and iconoclastic show. The Gad Saad episode was tremendous. Candace is an articulate and entertaining host.

Gad Saad brought me here

Surprisingly interesting podcast. I had no idea who Candice was and I appreciate her genuine effort to expand her and her audience’s thinking.

Listening to Chatting

Candace brings wisdom, love and insightfulness to a variety of subjects that everyone can relate to. Check her out.👍👍👍👍👍

Fresh look

I learned about Candace when she was on the Chrissy May podcast and immediately subscribed to her podcast. She gives an unapologetic take on today’s issues based on logic and understanding the issues. I look forward to hearing her podcasts in the future.


This show is very interesting I’m usually a dick and fart joke podcast kinda guy but Candice make a very interesting podcast well worth the download

Best of Both Worlds

Candice presents really interesting questions. I noticed the conversations are smooth and fluid. It’s so much fun to listen to. Educational and fun. Best of both worlds just like her. I can’t wait to hear what else Candice does and how she grows with her podcast. I think she has a knack for this. Keep up the good work.

Definitely a great one in the making!

Always looking for a rad new podcast to listen to! Check our this one! ❤️

Awesome and Unapologetic!

This girl knows who she is and isn’t afraid to work for it. She’s confident and has a fierce style of interviewing that allows here to ask her guests insightful questions, as well as speak relevant truths about herself, her lifestyle and her family. She’s fun to listen to, as she keeps it fresh and does so with a natural ease. I love that I came upon this podcast. Both the show and the host are stand-outs :)

John Mcaffee

Fascinating. Great job. Engaging. Right up there with Joe Rogan. She has amazing potential.

Really Entertaining

Honestly I didn’t think she would be this natural at this, Interesting topics,Got really into debt with detail. Can’t wait for the next episodes to come out. Great gob 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Great listen

Wide ranging topics delivered in a laid back style. Great listen.


Good topics coming and cant wait to hear more. Open space no judgements.

Quality content

I appreciate the solid interviewing style and the caliber of the guests. Easy to listen to and thought provoking.