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June 25, 2020

#2 Numerology with Andrew Gabelic

#2 Numerology with Andrew Gabelic

I was so excited to meet Andrew Gabelic, founder of Teledipity.com a really incredible Numerology website. He gave incredible perspective to life, the universe, and relationships that we have with ourselves and one another. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! If you enjoyed the podcast please rate and review!

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0 (1s): Hello, everybody. You're listening to Chatting with Candice. I'm your host. Candice Horbacz back before we get started. If you want to support the podcast, you can go to Chatting with candice.com in the upper right hand corner. There's the little heart icon that will take you to our Patrion account. And from there, you can sign up with different tiers of memberships and you get different perks, like early episodes, AMH, exclusive merge, and more. We really appreciate it. So today we have founder of <inaudible> dot com Andrew Gabelic. I'm so excited. I've been a member of his sight for a very long time. He has 75,000 members and growing. 0 (44s): If you don't know what, tell a deputy is its a Numerology website where you get a custom forecast, which is kind of like a horoscope. I can't tell you how accurate the stuff is. It's so accurate that I actually use this as I'm a party trick when I'm like out with friends and everyone is always blown away. I have signed up my husband. I highly encourage you to go to <inaudible> dot com and create your free profile. I really think that you're going to love it. You're gonna be blown away. Your friends are going to love it. It's kinda like a little cheat sheet or for your future for your month. And it's just fun. Even if it's something that you're just getting into. So let's get started with Andrew. 0 (1m 25s): I truly believe that He is one of the best people in the field. I couldn't recommend him enough and I really hope you enjoy this conversation. Also a quick side note, this audio is not the best. So I do apologize in advance. We were filming live for my Twitch strength. So bear with us. Future episodes we'll have better audio. I hope that it doesn't take away from the Austin conversation. Enjoy. So I guess like if you wanted to give our viewers like a quick snapshot, how did you come up with like your company? What drove you to Numerology it's not something like a lot of people are aware of yet. 1 (2m 12s): Sure. First of all, thank you for the awesome intro to both of you. I loved, I love, I love hearing what happens with, with a website because it's, it's weird how I'm just like writing and pressing publish. And I don't know what happens after and hearing those stories. It's always like a very important for me and be like super awesome. It's it's what is what makes me the happiest of anything? A so thank you. And yeah, I, I started telling a deputy in 2015 and I was thinking about that I there for about four or five years before I actually did anything about it. 1 (2m 54s): I discovered Numerology right after graduating college, it was the like epicenter of the great recession and nobody was getting jobs. I was, I had no money. I was running out of like just ways to even pay rent or pay my bills and I could not get a job. And it was a hard time. And you know how, when you're going through hard times, you just want some system. It doesn't matter where it comes from or what civilization day. You just want something to, to tell you, this is the date when it is over, this is one, you get your job. This is when like the skies opened up and everything becomes Grady. 1 (3m 34s): So I was just Googling a lot and I found a Numerology website. It was the, I mean I had seen astrology and other systems before, but I, I never got described so accurately by another system. I'm not to not to say that other systems are in good are better or worse, but like the way that Numerology talked about me and what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I needed to work on and what my life was about, it just resonated. So I just became obsessed and I bought a bunch of books a day. I got the job, but I just like focused on Numerology and nothing else for years. 1 (4m 17s): So after about four years and probably 70 plus books, some old, some new I was, I was basically self-taught. And then I, I thought about doing my own website and starting to present. Numerology the way I would have loved to see it and adding things that were not in other websites before. And that journey began almost five years ago now. And it's just grown from there. 0 (4m 45s): Pretty amazing. So when you look at your own, your own information, did it kind of like laying it out? Like in retrospect, like you can look back and like, Oh my gosh, this is all predicted if I knew it sooner. Okay. 1 (4m 60s): Yeah. Yeah. I, I mean, it, it, it's part of what Numerology says about me. That kind of convinced me that this was my path. So yeah, there's M there's a combination there between what I can do well, which is right. And the spiritual aspect and just the technology. So definitely what Numerology does is about me inspired a lot of what, what I've known my work to be since then. 0 (5m 30s): Okay. So I guess when it comes to things like B and destiny and freewill and you know, like that's like such an, a, those are all like a super loaded philosophical topics. Like how would you describe something that kind of is like laying out your future and laying out your groundwork or say things maybe for example, like, like there are no coincidences I've read, I've read a lot. Numerology that's why they accepted or not M but things down to like your, your name at birth. It was like kind of written the stars if you will. So how do you feel like fate destiny and free will kind of tie in when it comes to things like Numerology and astrology? 1 (6m 18s): Definitely. It's a common question. And it's a, I don't know If debate, it's the right word, but it's a, it's a debate that people usually see in terms of black and white, either everything's predestined or nothing is either everything means something or nothing means anything. And I think that the answer is somewhere in the middle. It's not a hundred percent, one or a hundred percent. The other, I think all human beings are wired to think spiritually, even when they're not practicing any religion. Cause religions, petroleum are not necessarily the same thing. 1 (6m 58s): Sometimes they go together, but not necessarily the same thing. But when you think about it, every time somebody faces a crisis in their lives or an obstacle, they start thinking spiritually, whether they notice it or not, they'll be like, Oh, this is all for a reason. Or this is happening for a purpose or you'll find why this has happened. And they start thinking in terms of order and some sort of intelligence in life that is bringing us our experiences with a very specific purpose. That's spiritual thinking, and it may not be tied to any spiritual system, religion or anything else. Numerology astrology, whatever. It's just our kind of core as human beings to believe that that, that, that life is not random. 1 (7m 40s): And I think everybody believes that in some way, people want to say no, we'll display some examples of spiritual thinking, especially when it comes to a crisis. There are people who will swear off the spiritual systems, their entire lives, and then start praying when somebody gets to cancer or when there's some sort of natural disaster. So I think it's just our natural state as human beings in terms of whether things are predestined or not. Then the example I always use is a bowling lane. So when you have a bowling lane, there's a limit to what the ball can do. But inside that limit, there's a million options. Still, you can go crooked, you can go bouncing back and forth. 1 (8m 21s): You can go straight into the targets, there's still a million options, but they're is kind of like a lines, deciding the limits of all those possible options that the ball can take. And even then with limits, somebody can throw the ball very harshly and it can bounce off and go somewhere else completely. So I think that that's what life is when we come, there's a path set out, but we still have the choice whether to align with it or not. And if we decide not to, we can go somewhere else and not be living our path. So the path, the, the, the, the, the fact that their is the best life I kind of described, or that the, the, the reason that you came or that the, the, the impact that you're supposed to have with your talents in the lessons you're supposed to learn, it doesn't mean you're going to do it. 1 (9m 15s): It doesn't mean you're gonna align with it. And it doesn't mean that that's the only option, but it's there. So freewill is still the fundamental thing. I never, I don't know if you've noticed, but I never write in terms of like, this is going to happen because it's not how it works. It's just that the theme of the month or the types of situations you might have, you might encounter and the best ways to deal with that. But you still have the it's like, it's like a weather forecast. I can tell you it's going to rain, but I'm not telling you go to a restaurant or not, or take an umbrella or not. Those are still choices you get to make. 0 (9m 51s): That's a really good analogy. I've never had broken down that. So would you say, so what I always say, at least like my theory, when it comes to like freewill and fate and destiny, is that in, at least in my experience is that there is a path and that path is like, almost like a flow state. Like everything is just happening. You're manifesting, like, life is good when you're on the path. And then I feel like anytime I've veered off of my path, or maybe made decisions that were in my best interest or in the interest of like my true self, then that's when things would start to maybe go wrong in my life. 0 (10m 39s): And I would feel, it was almost like the university giving me, are you sure that this is that these are the decisions you want to be be made? Or are you sure, like, this is the direction you want to go? And it would keep like, almost amplifying, like the further I started to stray from my true self or what my true path was. And it's almost like the university is louder and louder and louder. So for me, I would say like someone who's not on their path, like that, get a good explanation as to maybe why you don't have the life that you feel like you should like, maybe like, there's something that kind of feels wrong. So what would you say to like listeners or one of your subscribers? 0 (11m 23s): Like, what are the telltale signs that may not be on your path? 1 (11m 28s): The telltale signs are, I'm just thinking about the best to answer. I think the way that you explained it is true. And I think everybody can pin connect with that. It's such a common thing that every human being has experienced. You know, you want to do something, but you're stopping yourself from a B or Z reason. And then you see all these signs, like somebody mentioned it and they didn't even know, or you see like some billboard on the street and it talks about that. And that you happen to look at it. And it's there. There's like, there is this external intelligence telling you like, this is that you should be doing. 1 (12m 10s): And it's not like, I mean, you can tell how those can not be accidents, but this is still random situations that could be explained away of some other way. So I think, I think the biggest thing for the biggest sign for not being in aligned is if you have really clear dreams that make you very excited, that are completely different from what you're the reality that you're living in today, because people always have dreams and people always know what they should be doing. Some people it's common to say, I don't know what I want, but it is my very strong belief that everybody knows what they want. 1 (12m 57s): It's just that sometimes they don't want to admit it, or sometimes they think it's not realistic, so they don't even want to say it. Or sometimes they think they don't deserve it. So even when they have those clear fantasies and that can be clear knowledge, so this is what they wanted to do with their lives. Dale. They won't even talk about it or sometimes not even allow themselves to think about it in silence and their own internal monologue. So I believe that if you have very clear visions of what your best life is, and that's not, and you're not either living it or doing something to get yourself there, that's the sign that you're not aligned. 1 (13m 40s): I feel like I got the answer. So we were talking about what happens when you're not in terms of Numerology, you know, the way that you explained it, it seems like the bumpers can be signs of the universe painful or whatever right now, can you go backwards? Can you go backwards? There's a full word. Is there a backwards there, depending on your definition of going backwards, my answers going to be, it's not possible to go backwards, but it doesn't matter because you can always fix it forward. 1 (14m 28s): You could be 85 and still manifest your path. So there's, it's the it's never linked. And I don't think you can go back and do things differently, but the future is always a limitless and even beyond death, there's something else, another, another path, another life to get it right. So it doesn't matter that we can't do it backwards even, but I don't think it's possible. 2 (14m 56s): Okay. And then how does, like genetics, does the epigenetics, like the path of your ancestors? How does that match with you on the mat? Or does it even matter your bad where you kind of like a fresh start with your board? 1 (15m 14s): I think that M okay, if you look at life just completely spiritually, and we are all more than this physical reality that we experience everyday and have a P that our souls have a past that we don't remember as we're living this life, but it's it exists. And that is there. Then I'm the, the trajectory of like, what am I trying to say? All the answers through the questions that you have. I don't know that it's possible to answer specifically, because I believe that Numerology is just like one of many examples of how perfect the universe it is. 1 (16m 7s): So whatever, whatever answers about what our lives are, our they're just hidden inside these numbers. And we know as much as we need to know. So through the nine and the sakes in the one I can learn about what the purpose of this life is and what I'm supposed to do and what I'm supposed to work on. And the, the other answers where I came from, where I go after what I've been through our not supposed to be known to me at this time. So I just think when people ask me, why, why does a six mean this? 1 (16m 46s): And why did this seven mean this? I stopped there because I honestly don't know. I don't know what it is about the numbers or the vibrations that, that explain how accurate the system is. And I think that that answer is impossible to find, and maybe not necessary for me to know. So in terms of genetics and your ancestry, I know two things. I know that every time I look at at like the Numerology of the entire family, the mom, the dad, the siblings, there's always very strong links. Families have, like you, you will see for, for example, my family, one thing we all have in common is we all have a three somewhere in the charts and you can see it reflected in different parts. 1 (17m 35s): And some people have it as a talent numbers that people have it, is it the thing that you need to learn, but that's what combines this song. And when I understand what the three is, and I see my family, I'm like, Oh, like, this is however different. We all are. Our, this is something we all have in common and have to work on and reflected in our lives. So I can see why we kind of came together in family form a, to this experience because its it's a part of life that we're all working on. So when you look at your grandparents and, and things, things before I think like there's, it's just very curious how, I don't know, like if you look beyond biology, it's just a soul thing. 1 (18m 18s): So these souls chose to work together on these issues and the role of family for this period of history. But its like the genetics part of it is as much a reflector of something deeper than the Numerology part of it. It's just something that helps us Reid what the link is. But the real reason for that link is more probably metaphysical in a way that is likely not able to be understood or, or explained by a human being. I dunno if that makes sense. 0 (18m 49s): No, totally. It is. It almost, I can't think of, I mean with a book that talks about like transgenerational trauma, it to start with you and to me that sounded like really similar too, to the tags that are placed on different parts of the DNA, right? Like maybe someone has a three in one area and then three just keeps moving around to different areas throughout like the generations. It's almost like this thing that needs to be addressed that maybe wasn't fixed in the line up. You know what I mean? Like a cook, like a code, the epigenetics as we talk about code and DNA and how code in DNA is passed off. 0 (19m 31s): So it's almost, is that accurate to say that there? 1 (19m 36s): Yeah, I guess, yeah, I guess cause I found my answer as I was talking, I guess the simpler way to explain it is you chose your dad because you, your soul had something similar to work on as your dad, as your dad's soul has, or there's something you can learn about this issue from your dad's life story and the way your dad handled things. And that repeats from that, the dots to the data and the mom to the mom all the way back to whenever. So the fact that you can see that in genetics and those links of like in term to genetics, it was a trauma that was passed on scientifically in terms of Numerology is just this number repeated over generations with the souls, working on the same thing. 1 (20m 17s): It's it's more, both of those things are reflective of the fact that spiritually you chose your dad for a reason because you knew you had something to learn from him. And you knew that placing him in that role in your life was going to give you those lessons. So it's kind of like two systems that measure a link that's more spiritual than like scientific or mystic. 0 (20m 42s): Okay. Numerology suggested that you as a consciousness 2 (20m 48s): Choose your, your life or your a reality, but is that okay? 1 (20m 53s): That that part is, is getting into the weeds of, of the system. And I know how to explain it and it's not something I normally put on the site, but basically just without trying to explain everything that life is, cause I, I can't the core of Numerology is this idea that there's multiple lives because each live has a very specific focus. You came to do this and accomplish this and learn this. And if you're only focused on that for one life, that means there's many, many of you for and many, many after. And that not that you come with a, that can be read when you're born is just a reflection of the things you chose for yourself. 1 (21m 35s): How did you choose and with who and in what room and how that conversation would have no idea, but it is, it is so they're they're individual decisions. So you, the things that you came to live in this life they're pre chosen by you and whatever will happen before. And I don't know what that is 2 (21m 59s): Interesting. Yeah. So the thing that always fascinates me the most when it comes in, but mysticism, esoteric world, that everything is that now that we've been exponentially hitting different milestones in technology and science and the understanding of these things, they are being demystified, a lot of, of the energy healing and all that is becoming more and more deep. It's a positive way that they're actually, we can control a computer to the reins. We can communicate with other human beings. There's, there's some sort of energetic connection between humans that they are actually saying this stuff, we got to stop ignoring the 100%. Right. So is there a way that I haven't seen is anything from the scientific community talking about Numerology and numbers? 2 (22m 46s): I think that, could you enlighten us? Is there anything out there, any studies or anything that you've come across? 1 (22m 52s): No, I'm not, not no scientific studies about Numerology that I have found. I feel like personally, just in my work, I don't do you know job's Spencer, have you read his books? So, 2 (23m 12s): Okay. 1 (23m 12s): Okay. So he, he talks a lot about the law of attraction in very biological and scientific terms. And I was very aware of law of attraction concepts before I read him. And when I was, I learned a lot from him, but when I was reading his work, I noticed how he grounds everything in science in a way that I don't need, because I believe in the concepts and I don't need really the scientific evidence there's this is depending on the person there's people who are very like, just open to spiritual explanations where you don't need the scientific evidence and there's people who need scientific evidence before they believe. So for those people who really just need the, the same Stanford scientists' to say, yes, this Numerology thing is something you should pay attention to. 1 (24m 2s): I feel like I'm not the person that wants that is going to spearhead that project or, or really convince people like that. I feel like a I the evidence, all of the evidence I need. It is just in how it describes me and the things I'm living. So I don't really need the science, but I understand that some people do. So I don't know. I guess my answer is I don't really care about the sentence and not that I don't think science is important, but in terms of Numerology it's not, not something that I think about. There was somebody who offered to invest in my company and said, we need to wait to prove this with like, you get a research done in prove this. 1 (24m 47s): And I said, no, because I don't, I don't feel like my mission is to convince a skeptic person. I feel like my mission is to talk to the people who feel like this system is speaking to them. And that's just a very that's spiritual faith and yeah. 2 (25m 5s): That are pleasant that way to do then people of anything you can get stuck in your ways. 1 (25m 15s): Yeah. And I think in many ways, 2 (25m 20s): Joe Dispenza he's and he spent his entire career trying to build the scientific evidence, tried to convince people that this stuff is real for years and years of painful research is finally getting to a point where people are paying attention the same way lifted. What's his name? I'm the guy that started, we were selected. Yeah. 1 (25m 43s): Oh yeah. Yeah. I've heard of him. But even then the curious thing is that even with all the, the, the evidence that Joe puts forth so brilliantly in his book, there's people question it and criticize it and say that it's suicide. So will you ever come to a place where everybody says this spiritual belief is the truth? I don't know if that's possible, but I when something speaks to you, you note like every time I read a Joe's principle, I'm like, yes, yes. I want to do this like this. And it's just this excitement that comes in, that's your compass saying, this is true. 1 (26m 25s): And I don't need some expert to tell it, to confirm that for me, because my soul says, listen to this guy and just do what he says. And I trust that 2 (26m 35s): A love that. Yeah. So what I'm super interested in when to quit the Numerology side of it is I feel like a lot of software developers, coders, they're people have an ideology in their head whenever they connect with most is where they be. Like you said, people are always searching for some sort of spiritual, especially when they're in crisis. Right. And I find that a lot of the people in the technology world, or more leaning with Elon Musk for his, like the I'm, the whole of the call, I just started this afternoon, the simulation period matrix. And I've always thought that that seemed purely close to something like that Numerology would be a part of the simulation. 2 (27m 20s): Right. Cause it's all gets killed. There's numbers to be right. Have you, is that anything you've ever explored and or you have any insight? Okay. 0 (27m 27s): Yeah. Is that like popular of the community? Like to debate this? Like I could just see a bunch of numerologists with some like lines. 1 (27m 39s): I think, I think my answer would be similar in terms of like, and I feel really philosophically strong about this. It's like, there's a point where I stopped trying to understand what the, what the underlying reasons for this is. So I know a little bit, I know that the universe is more than this, that there's multiple dimensions and that time is not what we think it is. And that however, whoever designed this, whatever this is, reality experience left some important for us to just inside a number that we can read through Numerology and that's where I stopped. 1 (28m 21s): Cause I philosophically I feel like what is happening in this dimension? Like the, the trials I go in building my business or in my love relationships or in my friendships room with my family are what this period of my soul story is about. Not now what those explanations are. So I know that there are some and they exist. And I always, I love listening to people who have thoughts about what it might be and like what might happen. And like w when Joe's talks about moving into past lives and his meditations, I'm like, Oh, I wanted to do that. I'm and I believe it, but I don't have thoughts because I don't want, like, I, I strongly believe that we're not supposed to know those things and we'll know when after we die or maybe we already know it and we chose to forget it for that. 1 (29m 13s): It's for this experience. 0 (29m 15s): That's interesting. So if you basically, I guess you could look at it, like we don't have the information on purpose. There's a reason why we don't remember these things. So if that's the case, like, would you just say, it's like, ill-advised for these people that make it, is that I've met some people that most spend more time trying to find out about past lives and working on like going on now. And that's me seems like a little bit out of whack because it's like, you're supposed to be focusing here and now, like, this is your purpose, whether you believe in past lives or not, but they just refuse to accept where they are and they're too focused on where they want to be. 1 (29m 58s): Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think you're right. I think having this curiosity about what the answers might be or about what your past lifetime B is completely healthy. I think thinking about that 24 seven might be reflective of, of some sort of escape mechanism that you have from trying to disconnect from this one, if it's 24 seven, but if it's, if it's just the passion that you have, and like me with Numerology like, you, you, you want to explore this subject, but you still present in other sites for your life. Then I don't think it's bad. And I don't think it's about for people to have theories about the simulation theory either. I, I'm just explaining why I don't have thoughts about it because personally, I don't feel like I don't feel like any human or maybe they can, but I don't feel like any human can explain it with a hundred percent accuracy or no, it for us with a hundred percent accuracy. 1 (30m 51s): Okay. 0 (30m 52s): Let's talk romantic partners. I feel like I get a lot of questions when it comes to like finding like a healthy, positive, a long lasting relationship. And what's funny. And it's like, I have a lot of friends that are super in to like all sorts of mysticism, like astrology. Numerology like, love language, like pretty much like everything. And they'll find someone that they might be attached to that all of these things say, it's not gonna work that the eject button now, but they're a determined to like, kind of ignore everything and then just explain the relationship in whether you believe in any of this or not, or if you're spiritual or not. 0 (31m 35s): I think you could be just like a regular person that's like agnostic and still no, the telltale signs of what is not a healthy relationship. So I guess, like, what would you say, like, what's your advice from your prospective as a neurologist in finding like a healthy relationship that's going to do that? Okay. 1 (31m 54s): Absolutely. I feel like what I'm about to say also a place to astrology, even though I'm not an astrologer, so maybe someone will talk about that, but I feel like it applies to all of these spiritual systems. So with Numerology I can tell you that one in a five we'll have a great chemistry, but that doesn't mean it's the right relationship for you or that, that there's your soulmate. I don't think Numerology can tell, can tell you that. And that's just based on the limits of Numerology, for example, each number has a positive expression and to negative expression. So a, a good, a, a good example is a five 3 (32m 41s): They're dealing with their relationship with change. So a good five will be super adaptable and know about a lot of things and know how like a Jack of all trades and just to help other people change their lives. Just have a really healthy relationship with change. And a bad five will be either scared of change and not want to change anything in their lives ever, or addicted to change, and just constantly leave cities and countries and places without ever like experiencing or, or being grateful for what they have in the moment. A moment Numerology, can't tell you if your on this side or on this side, they're just telling you we're a five and your working with your relationship with change. So you can find, find a half five here or a five here. So it would be very responsible for me to tell you, you need to be with an eight because I could send you two, a negative eight, and that's not going to be a healthy relationship. 3 (33m 29s): So I love Numerology compatibility. I have reports that, that I sell on the website and I love, and trust me, every time I start dating somebody, the first thing I do is go check their numbers like within the first semester. So I do it a lot, but you have to do it from the, from the right perspective in saying it's not about finding a specific number or about numbers telling you if it's the right relationship or not. It's, if you feel really great in this relationship, then you look at the numbers and say, Oh, this is why we have chemistry. Cause we have this thing in common, and this is why we get into this type of fight all the time. Cause we have this a thing that isn't a compatible and this is where our conflicts always com. 3 (34m 15s): And in order to resolve our conflicts, I need to do more of this and they need to do more of that. And we're going to have more harmonious relationships and then Numerology can be an amazing way to adjust, like, be aware of your differences, be aware of the things that trigger you and kind of like change yourself for the other person. So the relationship is more harmonious. That to me is the best way. But in terms of deciding, I need to be with this number or not with this number, or this means that this relationship's going to work or not. I don't think, I don't think you should use Numerology that way, because any two numbers can have an awesome relationship and any two numbers can have a horrible, very complicated relationship. So it's not, you shouldn't use it for that specific way. 0 (34m 58s): Okay. Can I guess that goes back into like the bowling lane analogy, right? Is that like, there's just like so many different movies you could go. So if you like your, I think it's called expression number. Is that what it's called with interior? When the name? Yeah. So there's a certain things that say like, this might be advice, like you just are aware of that. And then you just live your life according to like not overindulging concern, maybe bad. 3 (35m 25s): Exactly. And for example, thinking about a serial killer, like they'll have a number, there'll be a sixth or a four or five, but you don't want to date them. So don't just look at the numbers. There's some good things to think about 0 (35m 42s): A man that could get me on like a hall. Like I saw, went to school for psychology and what got me there is I did, I'm one of my dissertations just on like psychopathy and it just fascinates me. So would you say like a lot of like, those tendencies tend to be in like the negative numbers? Or do you think that they're not related? Like someone who's just thinking of, I guess I'll say bad, like you just a bad person, right? Like, is that just a regional thing or is that number of things? Okay. 3 (36m 13s): I could look at S a bad person is to try and figure out where like, and explain what, what your seeing, for example, a lack of empathy you'll have, you'll have either no sixes or you'll have sixes in places where it's, it's a, it's an energy you, you have, but don't understand or, or express in a negative way. So like, like it's okay. You always have to depart from the person. And then the chart to explain the person, not that chart, because you will see it you'll have the same chart in a really awesome person that, that doesn't kill anybody. So it's not about like, it's just, yeah. So it, you can't see, or like the narcissism, not thinking about other people really being focused on yourself or, or not thinking about consequences and thinking you were immune from all those things are our express, the negative sites have certain numbers. 0 (37m 9s): That's so fascinating that, cause, I mean, if you didn't want to get into like the science of it ever, then I guess you could compare people with no empathy and then find like the, the hunger games, you would find that there would be no sixes, right. Like across the board. So that would be like one way. Okay. 3 (37m 28s): Yeah. And that would, that wouldn't like, it, it doesn't mean that if you don't have any sixes that that's your situation, it's a little bit more, more nuance, but yeah. Like something like that. Yeah. Fascinating. So if you ever found somebody in doing this in relationships, who are, that just didn't fit the numbers, there is, there are times when people log into tell the difference and tell me this is, and usually a, that can be explained. And it's, it's like, I might calculation. It could be wrong. Cause I mean, I've done it for awhile. I feel like it's maybe 20% of people. 3 (38m 11s): It's a minority, but people will say this. And when I dig deeper, I always find three, one of three explanations. The first is, they'll say this isn't me. But then people who know them, I'll be, I'll be like, yeah, yeah, it is you. So it's, there's a, there's a thing about how they see themselves and how they rarely are that there's kind of like a disk. So that they'll be like, I'm like super messy, but they won't admit it. So that's sometimes an, sometimes it has to do with not the limitations of the system, but the limitations of doing a reading in a website, because you can't always account for where you are in the scale of negative eight or positive eight. 3 (38m 55s): So if I'm going to be, if I'm going to explain what eight means on this side of your chart, I could explain it all positive or I could explain all negative or I could explain it to somewhere in the middle where most people are going to be, and that's going to grab most of the population, but anybody who's here or here will say, that's not me. You're not talking about me. And that's probably true, but I be able to tell that and in a one on one reading perfectly and kind of adopt the, the, the explanation to that person in ways that I cannot do, we do a mass three computerized reading. The same limitation can sometimes happen with combinations of numbers. And those are very common. 3 (39m 37s): For example, for super hardworking, super organized plants, everything meticulously, a five super adaptable, loves change, takes risks. It's usually a little bit messy and just like is all over the place. People who have four and five, when you explain their personality, you have to kind of like, 4 (40m 0s): Okay, 3 (40m 1s): Yes. How that combination is expressed. And I do it. A lot of those come, like when you see the word cloud on the website, that's what I'm trying to do is kind of like makes the, the energy. So it feels like all of it is talking about you and there's to visit. So I'll say if you going to read your expression, you're a very adaptable and you love change. And then if you go and read your, your, your personality number, you're not adaptable. You hate change. You like to organized and planning. So if they only read this, they'll be like, no, I love change. So like this isn't me. Or if I wanted to do this, like, so it's kinda like, Mmm, just the limitations of not this system, but either meet the interpreter or the concept of having a computerized reading, which is always going to be a hundred percent. 3 (40m 46s): But in one-on-one readings, I, after three years of doing them, I've only had one person say like, 4 (40m 54s): No, 3 (40m 55s): Can be more adaptable to the person I'm talking to and kind of feel where they are. And then kind of like say the information to them. 4 (41m 3s): Mmm. 3 (41m 8s): So there's, there's a ton of websites. You can go on the, like a, like a disc, like a psychological, a psychographic websites, like this score Colby, Hey, even love languages. Right? They're all have, like these profiles built out. Have you ever cross reference the Numerology number is everything with those types of scores I've cross-referenced in terms of myself, cause I'll go take my IMTJ tests or whatever. And I know my Numerology and I can see the same stuff, but I have never tried to do it for other people for, with an like, in terms of my work with Numerology I stick to Numerology, but I've seen like, when I take a personality test and it's accurate, I can see the Numerology reflected there just cause I know what it is. 3 (41m 51s): So like, I feel like they're different systems like reading the same thing from different angles, but they're gonna, they're gonna come to two very similar results. 5 (42m 5s): Okay. 3 (42m 6s): So when it comes to you, like Numerology, and I'll say like, I got an astrology, would you say that those are like two different pieces to the same puzzle? Or it's kind of like there, isn't more of a divide where you either believe in Numerology or you believe in astrology or I need more like, are they allowed to be blended? Yeah. I don't feel like there's a divide. They're very, there's an overlap. There's a lot of people who love both follow both. There's a lot of astrologers that use Numerology when they do their readings and they'll look at both systems and there's people like me that don't, we will only stick with one a I don't, I haven't heard a single astrologer say Numerology is b******t or vice versa. 3 (42m 52s): I feel like they're both spiritual systems and universal languages that, that are kind of like, just like I said before, reading the same information from different angles. But I feel like their relationships is very friendly. I personally, because I I'm the kind of person who will like try to be, to do everything and be an expert on everything and like read about everything is my natural tendency. I made a very clear decision early on and said only Numerology nothing else, no cards, no crystals, no, nothing just Numerology. 3 (43m 32s): And I'll stick to that because I like, I want to go deep into one, then have a little bit of everything. So that's why I like I'll read astrology and I'll read what other people have to say about me or whatever. But I don't, I don't try to get the books or really learn. Cause I need to stick to my lane just for my own sake and for the sake of my work. But I don't feel, yeah. I feel like we're all friendly. That's good. You had mentioned that this is part of your path that led you to where you are today. Is there a greater vision that, you know, you're going towards? Is that something you'd like to share? 3 (44m 17s): I I saw very early on years before I even did it a mobile app. That was so crazy accurate that even though it was a software, it would know what you're filming in the moment and say like, Hey, I know you're p****d off, like read this. Here's a little reflection. Or once you go find this book or here, like, let me just talk to you for three minutes until you, how you used to feel and kind of like both guide you and make you feel at peace. I saw this application like so clear in my mind and I knew Numerology at the temporary. 3 (44m 57s): Didn't know I was going to use Numerology for it. So I've been focused on launching it and I'm four weeks away now after almost six years about to go, it's the most exciting thing ever. And that's all like in terms of what it does for people who use, is it apart from the, the, the user story, like our, how big it gets or how far it gets? I haven't thought that far, I've just been focused on putting it out. And th the website was kinda like the, the, the baby version of that, but the app will be like the real dream. And that's what I always felt was my mission is to build this kind of mystique kind of technologically software that like will give you small bits of very powerful self-improvement information at the right time, in the right moment of the day, where it's really going to have an impact and change the way you think about something. 3 (45m 55s): And that's why I, the tell the difference, because it's turned to pretty in your cell phone a OK. That makes sense. Yeah. A dedicated beta user. I'll be here. You know what I, I'll give both of you, you guys early access and a, and a couple of weeks, I'll just, I'll just EMU and you'll be able to download it and you can tell me so exciting. Yeah. Did you, so there's a few people that are putting together, like Sam Harris, some of these guys, they have some of these cool or apps out there. And I know that Tony Robbins is building an AI version of himself that he's putting on that app and Ray Dalio to do the same thing with his principles book, that his is an a, I don't think he's is AI, but he's trying to turn the, the day. 3 (46m 46s): So you have a problem he'll filter through his principles that he wrote in his book principles and give you the answer with the real asset. I know Tony is trying to build an AI version of himself and get that out in the world. Do you see a future of a mixing, like artificial intelligence? Numerology it's it's in there. It's in the app. It's basically. Yeah. So if the really raw, early version of, but is a chat bot, then you can ask anything and it will respond. And the first year, most of the responses would be, I'm going to send you a question to Andrew and he'll respond like a week to the email, but every time you ask it something and I, right. 3 (47m 30s): The response to that user, this system knows for the next person who asks it, just to send the response. And it's not going to be like, it's not just going to be me answering the questions, but I'll say like, Oh, this person used to read this book. And I'll like, like, right. A little bit and say like, you should check, take a look at this author of this book or, Oh, this video is perfect. It's not always my content. There'll be other people's contents. But basically when I get the app in your hands, the whole like artificial intelligence philosopher, chatbots won't exist, but it we'll have some answers for programs. And then over the course of a year, two, three, four, five will really build that. But it can't be done without the actual questions that people sent. So most of the time in the beginning, you'll, you'll just get, Andrew get this, he'll email you. 3 (48m 14s): And then little by little we'll start building. But the awesome thing. 2 (48m 16s): Okay. I had, I wanted to, someone had mentioned in the Chatting, there's a couple of things that, that like brought to my attention, but there was nowhere to actually fill it in there. Didn't Nikola Tesla. It wasn't He into Numerology. 3 (48m 34s): I didn't know that he might've been okay. I didn't know that I'm going to look into it. Okay. It's come. It's coming in and out of fashion, many times in history, it was big in like 1910, 1918, which is about the same time. And then it went away and then come back in the seventies, most of the greatest Numerology books were written in the seventies, and then it went away and then it came, it's coming back right now. And it's like independent of Teledoc, pretty there's been other sites and other people like talking more about it. But I feel like over the next 10 years, it will be back in fashion, but it's, it's been around for 2000 years and there's always people adding to it and like making it better. 3 (49m 22s): So I wouldn't surprise me that there's a historical figures that are connected to it. And I heard something, a, an astrologer, a friend told me, and I don't have any evidence for this because the history of Numerology is kind of murky. It's all our oral history. There's no book outlining how it's evolved over millennia. But she said, like, let's say pre 18 hundreds astrology was, was very feminine. It was the, the female spiritual system and Numerology was always very masculine. So there were a lot of like either like secret societies and a, and P like important, like, I don't know, people or whatever that, that worked with Numerology in general, like before, to a hundred, a year, whatever years ago. 3 (50m 16s): Umm, it was their, was, it was, there's a, there's a very, there's, there's a difference in th the female spiritual 1 (50m 28s): Works and, and M and systems and the male, and that you can see that in terms of like stars versus numbers. But I, I don't know if that's true or not. I just thought that might've been accurate the way she described it. 0 (50m 44s): No, that would make sense. Right. Because I feel like the university's constantly like keeping balanced, but you would have to have like the end of the am. Okay. Yeah. So when it comes, like you mentioned that like in the seventies that there was like an awkward, like a lot of like the best information was published, then do you think that there's like a relationship or to be like psychedelics and Numerology were to psychedelics in the general information be able to access information? 1 (51m 13s): Yeah. I think there's a very strong link between the psychedelics and spirituality. For sure. I think people have a lot of spiritual experiences on psychedelics. I think psychedelics probably are like Gates to understanding this dimension from the perspective of other dimensions, whatever that means. I definitely think there's, but I think that, I mean, I dunno if that the link is between Numerology and psychedelics or just spirituality and spiritual systems inside the dogs. I think that that's definitely a link and you see, I mean, you see how the agent of Aquarius or whatever, I mean astrology, which is also a huge in the seventies in a way that it isn't, or it wasn't, I think it's coming back now, but it wasn't like 10 years ago. 1 (51m 55s): So I think they're both riding the same wave of coming in and out of fashion. Just the strategy has always been more well known and yeah, I can also see parallels between the late sixties, early seventies now in other areas of what's like what we're going through. So it feels like the 2020s will be a very spiritual and very Numerology astrology. That kind of thing. I mean, you can tell, right? 0 (52m 26s): No, definitely. You were saying it a lot of them will like turn to spirituality during a time to pray with a crisis from January up to current days. Would you say so that people talk about like a global consciousness and would you say that that can also relate to Numerology like, is that like the earth or that local global consciousness as a whole is on a specific cycle or a place in like that nine year spin for the sake of fragments of that, that one United number. Okay. 1 (52m 60s): Yeah. So think of Numerology is kind of like a fractile it's not perf, but it, you go nine days cycles, nine months cycles, nine year cycles and then nine cycles of cycles of nine years. So like 81 year cycles and then boom, boom, boom, boom. So, and, and all of those have like a cycle of night. So it's a cycle of nine days, a cycle of nine months, a cycle of nine years, a cycle of nine of the nine years. 3 (53m 27s): Right now we're changing cycles. So its like the change of centuries. It began in 2017. It doesn't end until 2025. So it's kind of like a complete global shift that whole, the whole previous cycle started in the forties and is ending now. And then what we're starting, it really is the 21st century right now. And these events are kind of like forcing those changes and I don't know where it lands, but societal changes are the ways we like the was a country. The, the, the planet is structured, the ways we relate to the planet, all of those things change. 3 (54m 10s): So that's what we were going through. 0 (54m 14s): Do you think that there's a connection between the fact that everything's in like nines and then like the human gestation period is also a nine? 3 (54m 25s): I think that it, I don't yet know that. I think that there's a reason for that. That's why did you, how it's nine to nine months? I think that, I don't think that's an accident. 0 (54m 36s): Yeah. I just had babies. So that's a red brain off. Is it like going there? 3 (54m 43s): I mean, and when you think about it, like the whole mathematical system is in ninths because you have a one through nine and then you start 10, which has one of the zero in stuff. So like that's how we designed math. Nine, nine year cycles or nine site, nine groupings of nines. 0 (55m 2s): Is there a significance to the member nine? Like in general it's okay. 3 (55m 8s): So the number nine is M and it's a most basic definition. It is sacrificing yourself for the greater good or doing things for others and not for yourself. And just like this, the humanitarian number is a perfect example of a nine was Mahatma Gandhi who was a night. So you can see like how he expressed this energy. And nine is all other numbers. SOTAL have like different characteristics from all numbers. And it's just the completion. That's when you combine all the stuff you learned, all the energies you, you worked with and everything into kind of like the last chapter where it's just like, you put it all together and a whole, and that's why it's about service instead of self. 3 (56m 1s): So it's kind of like a completion and a selflessness. 0 (56m 7s): Okay. 3 (56m 8s): Okay. No, we don't have a great deal of time. I do. 0 (56m 14s): Okay. 3 (56m 14s): Okay. Is there a regular day? 0 (56m 20s): Okay. 3 (56m 20s): That population like, is there a more than anything else or is it like, is it evenly distributed? So to answer that I would have to kind of like run the numbers of like the whole census and their birth dates are in there. So like I need to Sue, but it is, I've wonder that before. And when I look at the statistics for my websites, it is interesting. It's not evenly divided, it's almost evenly divided, but there are, there is a prevalence of some numbers. 3 (57m 1s): I see more fours. I see more twos than like others, but I like to, I don't like those. When you work in statistics, you can't assume that you have like a, a perfectly random sample. Maybe for example, there are certain numbers that are more attracted to spirituality and thus would sign up for tell a bit pretty and more a rates. So I, I couldn't make insights about the whole population, but at the same time, I just try to think about it logically and say it's completely mathematic. So like, unless there's weird differences in how many babies are born and one day versus another, which I don't think we've ever, I don't know. 3 (57m 44s): Ah, it should be easy, but I don't see even in my database. So I don't know. It's an interesting question I've thought about before to be really tough to gear it up. Cause yeah, this can be more prone to looking up their numbers. Right? Exactly. Exactly. We are officially out of that. 0 (58m 10s): Yeah. I like, that's why I wanted to schedule this for longer because I'm like, I know I can just like talk and talk your ear off because it's just so fascinating to me. 3 (58m 21s): Like I've done, I've done a bunch of these lies, but you guys have the most, the, the most profound questions I've ever had to answer. They're like, I really had to like, think about my answer. Cause I had never thought about that before. So it was very, very high level interview. 0 (58m 41s): Okay. 3 (58m 43s): I love it. I love it. This is awesome. But this, this and reality and what's not. 0 (58m 50s): Yeah. I had a kind of funny, thank you so much for giving us your time. 3 (58m 54s): Thank you for inviting me. I had fun too. It was awesome. Okay. 0 (58m 57s): You can do like your shameless plug, like tell everyone where they can find you and how they can support you. 3 (59m 3s): Sure. So the first and most important thing is go to <inaudible> dot com and sign up for your free account. You'll get a full Numerology charts longer and deeper than anyone you'll pay for in any other sites. I did that on purpose. It's completely free. You'll see everything Numerology has to say about you. If then you will get weekly emails or semi-weekly emails about what's going on in your life. The first of the month, you get a monthly forecast. The first of the year you'd get a yearly forecast and that's how the product exists. And its current form today in a month, go to the app stores, Android or Apple and download the telescope. But if you sign up for it's all that I'll let you know via, you know, so just go sign up on solidarity. I'm on Instagram, on Twitter at the party. 3 (59m 45s): But in, in all honesty, I suck at social media. And most of my communication with users is via inside of my platform. So I'm not like I try to post, but it's not, I'm not. I need somebody to take care of that side of the business. Yeah. Okay. 0 (1h 0m 3s): Well, awesome. Yeah. Thank you again. I wish you all the success with your new path. It's amazing. And hopefully we can say 3 (1h 0m 12s): Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. We'd love to come back in time. Great. Great time. You too. 0 (1h 0m 24s): That's it for this week's episode. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have the time please rate and review and you can always hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest episodes. I hope to have you back.