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March 3, 2021

#33 Dom Joly- Catfish and Comedy

Chatting with Candice

Dom Joly

Episode Run Time: 00:55:19


Dom Joly is a multi-award-winning English comedian and travel writer known for his smash hit Trigger Happy TV, a hidden camera show that aired in more than 80 countries worldwide. He is also a former diplomat, and political producer turned columnist writing for the Independent and The Sunday Times.

In this episode, I talk to Dom about his books, travel writing adventures, thoughts on conspiracy theories, and his recent encounter with a catfish scam that, interestingly, also involves my pictures. 


[00:04:22] Dom’s recent encounter with a catfish scam

[00:11:58] How to spot a catfish scam

[00:16:45] Dom’s experience with a persistent catfish

[00:19:11] Why Dom decided to focus on Twitch

[00:25:50] How Dom’s son reacts to his father’s celebrity status

[00:28:15] Why we need to start having conversations with scammed people

[00:30:47] The evolution of conspiracy theorists

[00:38:27] Difference between British and American approach to life and politics

[00:44:57] The relationship between politics and war

[00:48:16] How growing up in Lebanon shaped Dom into the man he is today

[00:53:05] Dom’s TEDx talk


You can follow Dom on Twitter or on Twitch and watch his TEDx talk.

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0 (0s): She shows a nice picture of you is if you can say it with a milkshake downtown home to me, girl, I get to know you. And I discover how you really are. I find you correct. And very kind. I like your way of speaking to me. I like your kindness. You're so close with me. You are respectful. And I like talking with you. So I go straight away. Well, that's the password you're in, which is that. 1 (27s): Hello, everybody that you're listening to Chatting with Candice I'm your host. Candice we're back before we get started on this week's episode, if you want to support the podcast, you can go to Chatting with Candice dot com. From there, you can either sign up for our patron account where you get early access to episodes, or you can click that little link that says, buy me coffee, both things, help me out a ton. I'm just getting started. So it really does mean a lot. And this week I would like to give a special thank you to Darren, Darren. Thank you so much for buying me five copies and is so amazing. And thank you for your little, thank you. Now, I really appreciate you this week. We have Dom Joly joining the podcast. I don't want to give too much away, but Dom Joly is a really amazing comedian. 1 (1m 9s): He's traveled writer. He's been in politics. The guy's done a lot and we met in a very interesting way. So I hope you enjoy the conversation. I'm good. I'm good. I'm glad that you can take the time to do this. 0 (1m 22s): Yeah, be cool. Where are you? Are you in LA now in North Carolina? Or are you 1 (1m 26s): Yeah, like I am, I just kind of stand alone and I'm like Wei on the outskirts of everything. 0 (1m 30s): That's a cool, where are you in North Carolina Wilmington. Okay. Yeah, I've driven through, I don't know that. I don't know the Carolinas very well, but yeah. 1 (1m 39s): Yeah. And it's beautiful. It's like, you've got the beaches, the mountains and it's still kind of a small town vibe. So that exists. Yeah. Which is the thing I hated the most. So it was a very important that I was separated from LA when I was working. 0 (1m 52s): Yeah. That's cool. Where are you? I'm in a place called Chapman, which is like an hour outside London, near Oxford. So it's kind of like the middle of the countryside. 1 (2m 3s): Okay. Yeah. I used to shoot a ton out in, in the UK. I miss it the most out of the, the, the lockdowns. 0 (2m 10s): Oh, that's cool. Well, we were in total lockdown on that, so I haven't left here really and walking the dogs everyday for a year. So it's pretty share with you and you're locked down or are you okay? 1 (2m 21s): We're kind of like in the middle. So like almost everything is open, but there's just a lot of strict rules that may or may not make sense. 0 (2m 30s): Yeah. Yeah, sure. That people are wearing most are not bothering. 1 (2m 34s): Most people do. But I find that there's like, there's people making signs with it. Right? So like the people will purposely kind of keep it on their chin. And that is kind of like what the fuck you to the man, 0 (2m 46s): All those videos of people going into Walmart and filming their refusal to and stuff. It's crazy. 1 (2m 51s): This one lady, I think she was in Texas and she walked up and th tried to go into the store without a mask. She's like, well, I don't have one and I really need to get my groceries. And he did it for a Tik TOK. So she was just like having some of the filming it behind 0 (3m 5s): And filming anyway. So, okay. Right. 1 (3m 7s): So the guy, he was hidden so that the guy respond to the store worker didn't see it. So she goes, Oh, it's fine. She pulls her panties down, puts them on her face and is like this whole do. And he walks in and the guy who is like a teenage boy and he was so disturbed didn't know it was a lot. 0 (3m 24s): My favorite one was someone is getting it with somewhere in the size, in a, in a thing. And she'd cut a hole in her Moss so that she could talk. I mean, it was just like, he couldn't make it up. But did you read, did you see the thing that I wrote to the woman? Or are you up to it? Otherwise I've got in front of me. 1 (3m 40s): Hello? Can you catch me up? So I, I skimmed it and it was hysterical. So for people that aren't listening, we met because there was a Catfish situation. You were talking to someone pretending to be me. And it was pretty ridiculous. 0 (3m 52s): Yeah. Well, I didn't let me just find it on my phone. And so I didn't know it was you, but I cause like I'm a comedian in the, in England. So I get loads of, because I know lots of different people. I get probably more spam than most people. And I started getting a lot of emails from women, all the old study off with, Hey honey, or can I get your picture? Or you know, weird stuff. And clearly they are scammers. And so this one, which is you, because the, whoever it was was using your photos. And I didn't know you, I didn't know. I didn't know that your photos, but it was pretty clear that it wasn't, but I went along with it. And then once I posted the whole conversation on Facebook, someone said, that's you. 0 (4m 34s): And that's how, and then you got in touch with me, is that by the way, that's not me. And I go, yeah, I know. But you said that other people have contacted you saying that, that whoever these people are using your, I think the song was in Ghana. In Africa and yeah. And you said, you said that you'd had people contacting you saying you owe me money because I sent you stuff, but what are they can get? Is the people that got scammed by someone using your photo? Did they actually think it was you or does that? 1 (5m 4s): So some people think it was me and they were fans. They got really excited and other people think it was just this, this random woman. And then they ended up connecting the dots via like a Google image, image, search. And then, because they're so invested into the story, they refuse to believe that they were scammed and they're like, Oh, well you must have just changed your name and tell me why you're lying to me now. I'm like, what is happening? 0 (5m 26s): Well, just so you know, in this one, a, you are called Maryam, M a R R a M a D. And you, you launched the intro very casually with, Hey, how are you? And so I always try and answer in a different way. So I said, I'm good. But before we talk, do you have the password? I'm sorry. Allan is a stick to the security. And then she shows a nice picture of you is if you can say it with a milkshake downtown home to me, girl, I get to know you. And I discover how you really are. I find you correct. And very kind. I like your way of speaking to me. I like your kindness. You're so close with me. You are respectful. 0 (6m 6s): And I like talking with you. So I go straight away. Well, that's the past when you are in, 2 (6m 11s): Which is a lot. 0 (6m 15s): She goes, so I'll just get to the beginning of it. Because this went on for two days. This is probably the best one I've ever had just because it was so mental. It was crazy. So I'm a comedian, but what I try and do in these, I pretend this is where it gets a bit weird, but I pretend that I live with a Badger called Allen. Not on any of that yet, but like in English casual budget. And the Badger often takes over my conversation with these people, but they don't realize that I then now talking to a Badger, even though he said, send me pictures of it. So it is, this is you. He goes, do you have a picture of you? Is that you again? So that's her sending a picture of you. 0 (6m 55s): So I've sent her a picture of me for no particular reason, but I'm hoping I'm holding a thing of cream cheese 2 (7m 3s): As a kind of a secret symbol, but he didn't have that. 0 (7m 6s): Now this is where you turned into something. So you sell me something even more sultry 2 (7m 11s): Your in bed. She's 0 (7m 13s): Getting straight up there. And she goes, okay. I come from France. And first of all, I'm a serious, sincere and truthful women as well as then, I am a caring kind, generous sympathetic, cool woman, not modest, open to any discussion and above all, very respectful. So that, that's what attracted me to it. He said, do you have a woman in your life? But I said, I am from England. Sadly, I have no women, but I live with Allen. And she said, Oh, she said, who is Allen? I said, before we speak, I want to tell you a few things about me that nobody knows one. I have an intense fear of potatoes. Two. I suspect my great uncles who have been the man behind the fence, on the grassy Knoll on that day in Dallas, when JFK was shot, I watch, I once watched Alan pleasure himself in the garden. 2 (8m 5s): So 0 (8m 5s): She comes straight back with, I completely agree with you because sex plays a big role in a couple, but know that you should not live in a couple of loan for sex, but rather live and joy and peace in the balanced and the complicity in the true life. I mean, fuck no, she's just dropping stuff from some weird place. So now I bring Alan in. Would you mind if Alan asks you a question? Why not? Yo Maryam Allen here? Do you like badges? And this is Alan Because he ignores that each of us has his own way of seeing things about me. What I know is I don't know anything yet because I still have a lot to learn in love, reason why I want to experience a real fusion. Okay. Yeah. Great. But do you like badges? And she goes, okay, thank you. 0 (8m 46s): Can you send a picture of you? So I do. 2 (8m 50s): She says that it's beautiful. I have a dog too. So this went on 0 (8m 56s): For hours, but this is my favorite bit. So again, I just need to check this with you. 2 (9m 2s): Yep. That's me. 0 (9m 4s): So she sends me that one and I'm, I get obsessed with the walk, not with a photo of you, but in a walk you're using. So I'm saying Mariam Dom here. Alan's a bit drunk. I've asked him to go next door for a bit, but that is an awesome photo. Is that a walk? I love walk. And she goes, for me, love has a story that it is written together, but its also a fruit that is eaten together. I give you a pretty intense, but I w I really need to see the walk and she goes to move forward. And a couple of you have to support each other, I guess. Is there any chance he could send me another photo of your walk? And then if you know Ken home, he's a Japanese guy, a Chinese guy, and he launched a range of walks here. So this is what I'm referencing. Is there any chance you could send me another photo of your walk? 0 (9m 45s): I want to spot it can home on the street and followed him around for nine days. He never saw me. I bloody loved box. And she goes, yes. Why not? So she sends me a photo of you again. Great. But I want a photo of the wall. And so that's what went on. It was like a three day conversation. And that at the end I was kind of hanging in there because he was great in that. Like I probably was a, He actually not probably a large six foot, two man from Ghana. So I went on with it because a, I was just putting it in all these good jokes and they were just letting me do it, which was great. But also at the end I kind of flip it around because I'm waiting to see, well, what's the scam here. 0 (10m 27s): And they kept trying to get me to go into a Google hangout or some kind of video thing. And I presume that's when the money scam starts, but I always end it with saying, could you go on Google hangout? Like I would, but before we do it, and then I launched into the fact that I'd just come in to a vast amount of money, but unfortunately I can't access it unless someone sends me $500, which is what they always do. And then they get very confused cause they realize they're being in a reverse scammed. That was quite fun. And yeah, 2 (10m 57s): That's a great plot twist at the end of the 500. Yeah. 0 (11m 2s): So I pull that up and I put it up on my Facebook and then everyone started saying, well, that's you that's <inaudible> which is your working. So that was great. I thought that that was just so weird. I'm writing this book about it, but I never thought I'd actually meet someone whose photo. I just wondered where they got their photos from, because actually there is one bit is the bit I like to, at the end he gets good. Hang on. So Alan gets quite obsessed with your pan and it says is not a lift. Is that a liqueur is a pen and he is getting really deep into that and she's talking away and he is going to show me the walk and she goes, you know, I think love his. He goes, I don't give a fuck. Show me the wall, no war, no speak, fuck that. 0 (11m 43s): Show me the walk. And Sunday this picture that comes up And goes, I'm going to need a minute. And that's it really? So we ended, so it get to get a bit steamy at the end, which I didn't expect. So have you had loads of people do that with you? Gosh, 1 (12m 3s): So many I can't count. So I'm really, I want to know about how your book is going. So for me it started off mostly just infuriating because it's like, after you re like read that whole thread, like that's typical. Like that is about how the conversations go and these, these men fall for it. And you're like, how about the like, it's so ridiculous, 0 (12m 25s): But I I've had ones that are better than that. I mean, this one seems to be taking just chunks out of some relationship books and cutting and pasting. So the English, wasn't great. I've heard ones that kind of reply back and I understand that they think they're talking to a Badger and they query it is for them was more like, whatever. Let's just cut to the chase. How does anyone fall for this? This is what I don't get 1 (12m 48s): Immense amount of loneliness 0 (12m 52s): On that. 1 (12m 52s): Yeah. And then you, you take what you can get so that you have this person that's telling you that you are this great man. And you know, they're looking for love. And here's the Support, 0 (13m 2s): That's where I knew he was a scam when there was that of me that they must try so many people on the kind of theory that if one in 1,001 in 500 reply, well that's good money for them. I think 1 (13m 16s): So the craziest story I've heard so far. So one of my girlfriends, so she had a Catfish story, the sky wires, a a hundred thousand dollars, two someone in Ghana and for a hundred thousand U S so sends it to the, to this person in Ghana to save her. Allegedly she's stuck in Ghana realizes that she, it wasn't her Suze her, because he says it's her responsibility to make sure that the internet, 0 (13m 44s): Yeah, this is a friend whose photos they used. Yeah. Okay. And they sued her. 1 (13m 49s): He said, he said it, it was her responsibility to make sure that there are no fake accounts of her. How the fuck can we do that? You can not there's way too many there's way too many. So he sues her, hoping that he was going to see her in court. Cause he just wants to see her. So she counter sues, him, sends in her like giant lawyer. She never even shows up. So this guy is like super disappointed. She ended up winning, winning the case. But I mean, it gets ridiculous. I've had someone 0 (14m 18s): And the guy had not actually been scammed a a hundred thousand dollars, but he genuinely was a big fan. So he actually thought it was this someone else and the auto industry. So he thought he, he, he genuinely thought when he was sending the a hundred thousand dollars that he was sending it to this person he liked in the adult film industry, 1 (14m 35s): Save her from Ghana, give her a passport. 0 (14m 39s): Oh, I see. So that the story was, she'd gone to Ghana and got stuck there. 1 (14m 42s): Right? Cause it's such a travel destination. We're all just, we're all going to go to them. 0 (14m 46s): Well, it's the new, it's the new car. What happened to her? My craziest 1 (14m 52s): One. I think that allegedly the guy sent $50,000 because I had claimed that my, I was stuck in Ghana with my baby and this person, photo-shopped a Korean baby with me. He doesn't look at it. Like it's just this big Korean baby and myself and a botched passport picture. And it's like, I lost, most of both have our passports were stuck in Ghana. Can you help me guys sends 50,000. Then he starts messaging me. And he was like, I'm going to show up to your house. I'm going to call the police. I'm going to do all this stuff. If you don't give me my money back, I'm like, I don't have your money. I've never been to Ghana. Like my baby is fine. Some of the stories are crazy. 1 (15m 32s): Some of them are like, I'm just getting out of jail where my husband is just getting out of jail. Like there's always like a very traumatic story behind why I had allegedly need this money 0 (15m 42s): I should have had on longer than cause I never, I never got to them actually asking for money. I think Alan put them off a bit. 1 (15m 48s): So How, what's the longest you've gone with one of these, like Catfish people in a minute 0 (15m 53s): That, that particular one with you is the longest. When are the three days I keep thinking I've got enough hair and I'd kind of finished off in what I thought it was a good way. And then I'd forget about it. And then the next morning bang up would come up to have a message and I I'd be refreshed. So I think, okay, I'm going to go again. So that's, I mean, that's, that's, I dunno, 14 pages of stuff. I mean, it's got a lot of stuff that's going to be, that's the main bit of the book actually. But what I liked doing is as you're answering, you're having to like Google and fight, which I presume they are doing as well and finding images of you. But I'm Googling, trying to find different images of badges and things. 0 (16m 34s): We're both stealing. So I don't have some Badger is going to Sue me at some stage for using his image, some porn bad. 1 (16m 42s): So when you're, what is the craziest like back and forth that you've had is this person that was pretending to be a mere, but have you had some more wild ones? 0 (16m 50s): Well, no, I've have a much more interesting ones just because this one didn't really give much, it was like cut and pasting. But I had one guy who claim he claimed to, I mean, it's terrible. Cause there's just 1% of you thinking, what if this is true, then it's terrible. But he claimed he had a whole Twitter page set up and he was father somebody, a priest. And he had these photos that, you know, you just do a reverse search and you know, immediately it's not right, but still as a tiny point of view of kind of starving kids. And he claimed he had an orphanage, you're like, yeah, always an orphanage. And he had an orphanage of 80, a day of 80 or 80 kids. This is what it is good because I'm pretty up on my politics. 0 (17m 30s): Like I studied a lot of politics in the middle East and Africa. So I actually know what's going on there. And this was in a place just, this was a, in a place called Burkina FASA. There's no war going on. But he said, as you know, the war has been waging here for five years. And I'm like, what? There is no all of that, but I'll go with it. And he gave me like a, he got really incredible, but the stories of like he and the orphans had fought off an, a, an arm getting a bag, but they couldn't fight them off a much longer. And please brother, you must send me money in this one on and on and on. So I teased him a bit and ask him for photographs he'd lived. She was photos and pictures of kids fighting. I mean, it was just a brilliant, but when my wife saw it, I mean, she's worried enough anyway. 0 (18m 14s): Cause she sees me in talking to all these women and I have to say that it really isn't me. It's a Badger. I mean, it's fine. When she sees me refusing money to African orphans, she was like, are you sure this guy isn't a real, so he's kinda difficult. But yeah, now he gets really weird, but they are all, I don't know. I just, what I didn't understand is some of them are definitely a smart enough to know what's going on. So when they know that I'm not being serious, you wonder why they'd waste their time. But maybe they figure, he just never know. And it's not costing me anything to do it, but I'd love to follow through one day, but literally all the way and fly out to garner or, you know, like that, that would be the dream. Oh my gosh. 0 (18m 54s): Yeah. What would be great? 1 (18m 56s): Or you could film it for your Twitch show. 0 (18m 57s): Yeah. Well I've just launched my Twitch actually. That was great. We should have done this in my Twitch but you beat me with, you're a real thing. I've just started Twitch that I'd love to do that when the book comes out, I'll do it. Is that right? Because that would be a really nice link with that. That'd be cool. 1 (19m 12s): What made you pick Twitch? I was actually surprised that you don't have like a bigger Tik TOK account and given like your history with, 0 (19m 19s): Well, the thing is I started, I was really big just before YouTube and everything. So my eight, my big kind of show was 2000, 2003. And then I've been a travel writer for quite awhile, but I haven't done any Comedy. So I kinda missed Tik TOK. I never bothered with a YouTube and Twitch. I really like, just because it's the interactivity of it while you're doing stuff like people are talking to. But also because I've got such a varied stuff, I do have people know me as being a comedian and travel writer. I do lots of weird stuff and it's nice to put it all in one place. And I just, I don't know, someone just suggested Twitch because Twitch essentially is a gaming platform or has been, but its massive and the payment, his really good life. If people are surprised and stuff or you can make serious money and Amazon wanting to move on from just being a gaming platform. 0 (20m 3s): So suddenly a lot of comedians, I know a lot of, I mean, AOC, you know, Alexandria or a KGO Cortez she's jumps on Twitch all the time. And some really interesting people doing stuff on Twitch. So I think is the future. But then everyone always says that. 1 (20m 17s): I know I did that for awhile. I tried doing kind of like a cooking, hanging out the vibe and traveling a bit. And for me it just, maybe I was too early, but everyone's like, why aren't you playing a video? Yeah, I was partnered back when it was like super hard to be a partner and I loved it. I am in the community. They're is great. Like you notice how on different social platforms, it attracts like different kinds of 0 (20m 38s): No weird. You've got a different vibe, like mentality I was told Twitch was quite mean, but so far they've been really nice. Think if you weren't doing, if you, if you weren't doing video games like four years ago, three years ago, you were probably too early. Cause they hate people not doing that now. It's like, I think now it's starting to do that and like moving out. So 1 (21m 1s): Yeah, I was toying with the idea of maybe even just doing like once a month to get back on because I'm like I have the account and it still has like decent numbers. And then I saw that you started in account and it was on what your Facebook page, where you had the deputy a character come out and he said that you were going to like go into other Twitch channels. And of course COVID rules. And I thought that was his territory 0 (21m 23s): Actually what I really want to do. Cause I'm keeping it a bit of gaming in it. I'm going to do this game called Russ, which is kinda of like a virtual world, but I'm going to play it as the COVID Marshell. So he was going to go to the rack, making sure that people were masks in games and stuff. So that's, that's the idea. And now I'm a total Twitch Virgin. So I've just, I've just started on that. So I literally, my first show, no one could hear anything because alerts were coming in and every time a lot comes in the dips, all the other audio. And I knew he died for an hour, but the one that I did last night, he was really good. So we were off. But yeah. Interesting that you tried it, it doesn't work for you. Cause I would've thought we would work for you really well. 1 (21m 58s): He was mad that I wasn't playing video games and I'm like, Mmm, like a single person, RPG type of person when I used to play games and that that's not the best like that doesn't do the best. Like I joined during the fortnight era. So if you weren't playing Fortnite, everyone's like, what are you doing are so old. I'm like, it's just not, this is a shitty game. Like we need to need to admit this is a shitty game. And then that would piss people off. But maybe I should try it again. I think you're right. 0 (22m 21s): The 16 year old son in the basement who live for the last nine months has done nothing but play video games. So he's my light technical, a advisor on this. So this is great. So he said to me when he came to the people and, and stuff like that, but I think you should do that because that's what I want to do. I mean, there are now people on Twitch doing well, literally doing travel stuff, which I want to do on it because that's, what's really good about it. It's a medium. That's what I really, like someone said, someone said to me, but it was Twitch now is in the state that podcasts where a source of six years ago, podcasts suddenly just blew up and like the cereal and stuff like that. Everyone was like getting now I think I'm the only person in England doesn't have a podcast. I mean, literally it's crazy. I think Twitch is quite exciting at the moment, but we will see, you know, the clubhouse. 0 (23m 5s): Yeah. Yesterday. 1 (23m 7s): Do you want me to, I just got to, I just got my texts last night. So I spent like some time like trying to figure it out. It's pretty neat. 0 (23m 13s): I mean, there's a lot of, it seems to be a lot of discussions about hip hop from what I can see so far, like getting, but it's, there's some really interesting people on it, so it's good. Yeah. But how many apps do we need in the end? Really? I mean, I kind of, I feel like an app asshole. I'm on too many in a way. I just want to, I want to stay on one, but I so that's why I'm hoping Twitch somewhere idealize, the Insta stories. I've got Facebook, people that have different photos on my Twitter and I'm like, I just want everyone to, in one place. So you know, 1 (23m 43s): No, it's impossible though. They refused. Like I like, there's a very little crossover on any of my platforms and I keep bugging them. I'm like, can we all just go to Twitter please? Like, that would be amazing for me. 0 (23m 53s): That's what I keep thinking. And they literally, they look at Twitter like this sort of horrible side of your family, they don't want to talk to you at Christmas, made the difference. And I have different types of followers. I'm different, you know? Like some are very aggressive. Some are like where you're old friends. It's kind of cool. I like that. 1 (24m 8s): Yeah. Yeah. I know which ones not to go on if I'm in a bad mood. Cause I know I'm like, let's just not go there. 0 (24m 15s): Hi, this is what a chill. I go on Instagram. They seem to be quite nice. So that's a good Facebook or Twitter, but I want to fight. I go on Twitter. That's it. So, 1 (24m 23s): So funny. I feel like Twitter at like for me, like he just has like these massive ebbs and flows. Like sometimes its like my nicest people and then other times like they just come for you and then Instagram is usually the meanest for me. 0 (24m 36s): Really? Yeah. 1 (24m 38s): Yeah. I had the most followers, their, but people like if I post anything, that's not like a sexy photo or something. They're like, Oh we're still trying to make Candice happen. I was like Candice is, is the actual thing though. Like I just, I tried to make Eva happen in that worked out really well. Like I don't need to try like Candice is already exists. Like that is a thing, but yeah, they get rid of 0 (24m 57s): Yeah, but my biggest following is Twitter they have not Instagram that's Why so Instagram I'm much a much lower. So yeah, I think it depends on your, your popularity on those things is great. 1 (25m 6s): No, I don't think you should totally give up on Tik TOK though. I think if you start doing like, are you starting to do more comedy or are you sticking with the traveling? Yeah, 0 (25m 14s): I'm just getting back in to Comedy and I'm doing a short stop. So I'm going to do some stuff from checked up on what people are using my old stuff on Tik TOK now. So it was quite weird and my son, my son keeps telling me, Oh my God, all the stuff's coming up and is you and I go, I didn't need to put that up. So, but it's cool. 1 (25m 32s): Oh that is really cool. That's going to be weird to see something like if he filmed it a while back and they are getting like another, 0 (25m 40s): We, they had a complete revival of 18 years ago and stuff I was doing. It was like, I didn't even remember I'd done it, but it was nice that it was cool. And my son said to me like, Oh dad, you're a vaguely cool. So it is nice. 1 (25m 50s): I like it. Does he like, does he like that? His dad's like kind of a big deal or is he like 0 (25m 56s): Yeah. And I was doing the show originally. I did a show called Trigger Happy and I did things that are addressed as a, as a snail going across the road really slowly. And I used to press a squirrel, a squirrel gang that I used to like break into all the shops and I should add to that on a big sell eye. All of these things are when you're a kid, when you're six, you just don't want your dad behaved in that, that, you know, we need to have turning up at a school in a tank, which I did once to pick him up and stuff. You just want you to have to be just invisible. Really. So I think the first time around it was a nightmare for him. But now I think there's a grudging respect, you know? Like it's okay. It's okay. But if I start doing it again, I think it would really piss him off. I mean, he's, he's mortified that I'm on Twitch. He's like, what are you doing on Twitch is not for you to say classic dad on Twitch. 0 (26m 40s): You know? So 1 (26m 41s): He was like, stop embarrassing me to add 0 (26m 44s): Basically when he went in to my, you went into my phone and we found is that we're following me in a block. 1 (26m 55s): Oh, I'm sure you're going to have an ear having an easier time than I'm going to once my child's a little older, so that's going to be something he's a year. So I've got a while 0 (27m 5s): For a while. That's fine. So you do this podcast. How often? 1 (27m 12s): I film twice a week, but I released once a week. So hopefully I get to a point where I can start releasing twice a week. Cause I hate like having a week in between because sometimes when you talk about relevant topics, like you just want to get it out, but we'll see right now it's like, I haven't pulled the trigger on that yet because I want to make sure I'm like far enough along with booking guests, because I don't want to get into a place where like, if I'm releasing too fast and I don't have anyone on it, I'm like, shit, I don't want to do this by myself with like no audience. I'm not like a talking head. So I feel like I don't wanna miss a week either. So it we'll see where it is. 0 (27m 46s): Do you want to get nothing in the bank basically? Yeah. Well that's what I'm doing with Twitch I'm trying to book ahead because it's so much easier when you've got someone else to bounce off rather than just staring at the camera to have someone say something it's like, it's crazy. 1 (27m 59s): Yeah, because he was like that just, it depends on who's in your room. Like hopefully you have an interesting, 0 (28m 3s): I've got a, yeah, it's pretty good. But you know, I've got to build some numbers, but you should come on my Twitch. So that'd be really interesting when I M when the book comes out, which will be the end of the year. That'd be really cool. And then you can, we could, I'd really like to talk more about that because you never hear about the people that get scammed. Actually, you, everyone knows about these scam emails that will knows about the bacteria in Prince. That once you to take is $10 million to while they're cleaning the bank and stuff, but no one goes for this, but obviously the, the amount of stuff they send their must be a lot of people getting rich. And what are these people are doing with this money? Like where is it going in the under thousands of dollars to it? You know, a Western union in Ghana. 0 (28m 44s): I mean, you've got to have some flags going there 1 (28m 46s): And like this one guy it's, it's really, it's confusing for me because there's so many emotions on my end when I get these people that come to me. So like this one guy put up his house to get alone. And I think that he fraudulently kind of fudge some numbers to get approved. And then he got found out. So then he was like facing jail time because of the fraud. And then he couldn't pay back the loan. And I mean, it's absolute ruining people's lives. So that part of my heart, 0 (29m 17s): How old are these guys? 1 (29m 19s): Usually forties 0 (29m 21s): Are really divorce or something. Yeah, 1 (29m 24s): Just like older and lonely. Like I've had some guys that look in their, you know, sixties, late sixties. And it's a heartbreaking because you know, it, it totally ruined the rest of their years, but at the same time, it's like, you have to help yourself. Like you have to look for the signs, you know? I mean, and there's nothing I can do about it, unfortunately. Yeah. So it's very confusing on my end and I wish that it didn't exist. It's a terrible thing, but everyone knows that it's a thing. So again, like, how are you the one that, 0 (29m 54s): That's what I've got to get. Everyone knows. It's the thing. It's like a Comedy trope, but there's so many sketches about it. Or are you kind of known? And every time I go in a bank that there is a massive thing saying, do not send stuff. If it's, you don't know where it is. So I think what it is is that if they are really playing on the loneliness, I think, and it's the way, it's the reason why people believe in conspiracy theories. And when you go for a conspiracy theorist, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I do fight them a lot as my next book has conspiracy theories. And they come to think, if you can bring up proof, they'd go out of it. But actually what they do is they kind of withdraw into themselves and get more defensive. And I think when people get into something like this, they don't want to look stupid, I think. 0 (30m 35s): And maybe they, I dunno, maybe they're hoping as well, like beyond hope. And someone has seen this special site in the Muslim ban. I dunno 1 (30m 45s): What the conspiracy theory is. What are some of the things that you battle? 0 (30m 49s): Well, I, I mean, at the moment, I mean, you know, a conspiracy there's in the old days are quite funny. Like they were cool things like UFO's big foot and stuff in there. Like no one cares. It was just fun and crazy. And maybe the Roswell incident. And then I did a book where I went to look at JFK being shot, you know, where JFK was shot. Those kinds of things are kind of interesting. But now the conspiracy theory is a kind of a part of mainstream politics. I mean, you'll the whole Q and a on in America. And particularly here empty boxes are, I don't know where you stand on it. I hope you're not an anti-vaxxer. If not with me, we have an argument. But 1 (31m 22s): So with the vaccines, like I'm vaccinated my kids vaccinated. Like I'm not, anti-vaxxer, I'm anti like forcing it, I guess. Like, I still think it's like your choice. You know what I mean? Cause if I vaccinate my family, like we're in the clear and you guys are gonna be the ones that get the measles and potentially right. 0 (31m 41s): I totally don't want to force anyone to, but what I'm anti is people spreading false crap about, about the vaccines. I mean, you know, some of them have been saying that bill Gates is going to control your mind and you know, stuff like that, but people spreading false information about it and scaring people off taking a backseat 1 (31m 58s): Like David Eick. I know he is very, very vocal. Okay. 0 (32m 3s): Well, we have a guy who is with David. I have seen English and The we had a, the last leader of the Labour party who didn't get electric cars. He was a loony lefty. His brother is literally the biggest. He was like David Ike. He is going around getting arrested and harassing people, trying to stop people, getting into hospitals, claiming hospitals are empty and stuff. So that's the current stuff I'm after. But I want to do that. Find this amazing pyramid diagram. Someone drew a conspiracy theorist and it starts out at the bottom are the ones that possibly could have happened. They're not that unlikely. And then they get progressively more loony and some of the ones I love. So there's this sort of UFO's JFK stuff. And then you get to one where there is a conspiracy that the country of Finland doesn't exist. 0 (32m 46s): Now I've been to Berlin. So I don't know what that means. So I'm going to look into, I'm going to be to fit in, in, and how'd you prove that you are in, if you're not quite a weird, there is a really nice conspiracy. It's nice in the sense that its interesting about Denver airport to Denver, Colorado had a new airport built and it was massive. And someone claimed that from the air, it looked like a swastika. And then when they went inside, there's a lot of native American art in there, but they thought, Oh, we know it's a Illuminati art. So now that theory is that this place has hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath. And it's the place where the Illuminati you're going to go and hide out. When the apocalypse comes, it's a fucking airport, you know, that's a lie, but Colorado has got quite a lot of that. 0 (33m 33s): I mean pot's legal there. So, you know, I think there's kind of a little more, more stuff, but I love all that stuff. And then it gets crazy. But the ones I love the flat earth and the flat earth theory, I'm quite obsessed with. If you go to a flat earth conference, they have really good merchandise and the best thing they have instead of a globe, they have a flat earth map, like a 3d things. I want to buy one of those. But if you believe in the flatter theory, the earth is a square and there are four corners of the flat earth. And one of them is in a place called Fogo, a Newfoundland just off Canada. So what I want to do for the book is I want to find a flat earth who is not to terrifying and I'm going to fly to him and me to Newfoundland. We're going to go to Fogo. 0 (34m 15s): We're going to get in a boat and we're just going to roll out because he thinks we just fall off the edge of the earth. So one of us is going to be right. Problem with conspiracy theory is, is that you can bet they never admit it. They are always like, ah, well, the reason this wasn't true is cause your part of the conspiracy in there, there's always a get-out clause. 1 (34m 35s): Is it to have it. They explained why you don't fall off of the earth. I give like I try not to listen to the flat earth stuff. Cause it blows my mind. 0 (34m 44s): What about the new thing is there is a nice wall late the Truman show. There's a nice wall that you bump into, but I'm going to have to find that the ice wall, I mean they think again, flat earth is I love it. You go. So what's Australia, like I've been to Australia that goes straight. It doesn't exist. I get it. But I've been to Australia. And again, that was a hologram and you're like, you're fucking loonies. So I think some of them kind of know, obviously that it's not true, but it's quite lucrative for some of them. They tour around, they speak, they sell much and dies. And there is this kind of empty expert thing, which is very prevalent in the States. And Trump was the kind of head of it really, which is kind of people that have had enough of kind of educated East coast types, telling them what to do, even though your, in this case tight. 0 (35m 26s): But you know, I believe East coast types of at the top. And they're way of conspiracy theory is it's almost to piss people off and just say it kind of, they know it really gets people angry and I think they kind of like it. So it's sort of almost punk in a way it's very odd. So I'm kind of fascinated and all that. So we'll see. But I'm definitely, I want to go into the book because I fight them online because they just drive me nuts. So I always have an argument and he never win the argument. So the point that the book is, I'm genuinely going to go in with an open mind and try and I'm going to get, well, if I'm wrong, I haven't been to the moon. That may be the earth is flat. 1 (36m 6s): We approach everything with that, with the possibility that I might be wrong because then if I'm wrong, it's not a big deal. It's not like these other people where you're like, Oh my gosh, no. And you double down, like, it's like, sure, okay, of course I'm wrong. And that idea wasn't mine and I'm not offended and let's move on with our day. 0 (36m 21s): Yeah. And there is no when there's like a 99% of the medical community vs a guy who's watching a YouTube video, its kind of, you know that there are moments where you're like, come on guys. You know? I mean the anti-mosque thing for instance is crazy. It's like these guys are not going to know and they're going to have surgery in the hospital. They're not saying I'd rather no one wears masks. I mean, there's a lot of that, but I don't know. I mean it's weird cause partners should be with them. Cause I kinda of like going against the grain. I liked having a pop in the system, but some, maybe I'm getting old and I'm just getting a more established link. But 1 (36m 51s): Yeah, the mask thing for me is tricky because I think if you want to wear it, absolutely wear it. I think if it helps anyone, that's wonderful. But I think it's been a year, almost a year here. Right. And it's, doesn't look great. It doesn't look like things have improved that awesome. Like LA is still not open and they're like the people there like you can, I think a great thing about LA is you can kind of see what the most does, right? Like what the most rigorous lockdowns do. And the answer it, according to the data currently is nothing like they're numbers are skyrocketed. Okay. 0 (37m 30s): I disagree. That is that. I mean, I think a lot has definitely helped. It's just that they are awful and they are done badly and he let out early, I mean clear when we do have a lockdown here, everything that all the cases go down, but the problem is we then opened up and it starts again. So what are you going to do? Just keep doing that. It's crazy. You can't, and that is not sustainable. And also you have to do that everywhere. So for instance, the States, you might have LA doing really well, but if you've got people in other States not doing it, you know, you're not stopping people at borders and stuff. So it's a crazy, that's why places like there's an Island. I have been able to completely control it. And they've got one death in the last four months. We're an Island and we've completely fucked up. 0 (38m 11s): We go to the highest death rate and the world, but I think that's yeah, we got the currently the highest death rate in the world. And it's because as Brits, we kind of refuse to listen to people and you know, I kind of like that, but it also is a bit stupid then. 1 (38m 24s): It's so interesting because I feel like at least like American's perception is that a Brits are more agreeable than at least than Americans 0 (38m 35s): I'd say have the same split as you do. Actually. We've got the same Trump, Trump 40% possibly who say, fuck you, the government is evil. Anything you'd tell us to, I mean, the difference is we live in bear arms in that week. We don't, we, we don't wander around with guns on it. But no, I would say there's, there's a, there is a really awkward squad here as well. But I think a lot of that comes from in the old days. I think countries will be a very different now because everyone watches it's the same Facebook threads in the same or whatever your record camera on social media that goes around the world. So what people are reading in Oklahoma, they are reading here. So it's the same thing 1 (39m 9s): Or is it as divided over there as it is in the States? Yeah, 0 (39m 13s): We were, I, the difference is we've had the government has done just as bad a job he always has. But the difference is we didn't have people in the government, like Trump saying this thing doesn't exist, which I didn't think that helped. Like, it's very difficult to tell your kids to do stuff when a it's not really going to affect them at that age would be they get to the presidency, not wearing the mask. I mean, that's kind of weird. Our, our prime minister, Boris Johnson got COVID really badly. Right. At the beginning of the evening, he died. He was like a day away from dying. So that was kind of fun if he's got it and you can wear is Trump unbelievably. Got it. And it just didn't, it didn't affect him. And it was like, okay. 1 (39m 56s): Yeah. And everyone was so pissed. They were like that. 0 (40m 0s): Come on, take him, take him. But no, it didn't. So that was quite funny. Cause that again, but life is so boring that Trump's going. I mean, I hate Trump. I have to be honest. That was not a fan of him, but I was in, I was addicted to Trump. Like I can watch CNN now. It's like, there's nothing going on. 1 (40m 14s): This little videos get these comedians did. And it was like the day that Biden got inaugurated and they're like, Trump's got in, Trump's gone pieces here. How Louie. And they're all like celebrating. And then it like, Time warps to them like sitting and there are a news stand and they're like the board. And then he goes, you know, 30 days later, I wonder what Trump's doing. 0 (40m 37s): Yeah. But that is what I mean. It's just, I mean, it's a comma. And I think that it is, I think it's better for your country, but you know, who am I selling or whether it's better or not, but it's really dope. I mean, Jesus Christ, the news was like showbiz. It was amazing. 1 (40m 54s): Yeah. And you're like, I don't know what I had to turn it off. I don't know. The last time I really watch the news. I think the beginning of last year when everything was just so polarizing on, on every end, it didn't matter like what political spectrum, like the whole point was to aggressively attack the opposition. And to me that does the people a disservice and that just pisses me off. And it sucks that so many people get caught up in it. I definitely did in the beginning because they know that they're doing, they have the top psychologists in the world that are like, Oh, this is the way that we put a headline. This is how we do back-to-back stories. Cause they want to get you in that amygdala brain where you're just like fight flight or, you know, for sure, 0 (41m 32s): Because of social media, if you're looking for clicks, nuance and like going well, you know what he does, he's got a little point here, but these guys got to a point to the fuck was going to read that you and everything is polarized. Is that extreme? Either this guy's an idiot or that goes in India. And that's, I really think social media is potent in the state's has always been polarized right back to the sixties, back to you in 1880, you had stuff, but it's really bad. Or the Bible, I think your worst than us 'cause we just had a Brexit thing where we left the European union and that completely divided our country. Like know I meet people and I'll be getting on with them and I'll suddenly think, fuck, did you vote to leave? And I find out, I find it hard to be friends with them. 0 (42m 12s): And it's the same sort of thing. When I met Americans who were Democrats, you know, they'll be getting on with someone and then they'd find out that this guy liked Trump. They just couldn't, you know, and I think that's crazy that you need to get away from that. 1 (42m 23s): Yeah. You need, if you see yourself doing that, I would say like use it as a really helpful exercise to see like where that's coming from and to kind of like fight that and say, well, everything prior to this little bit of information, I liked this person. Right. I enjoyed this person. So don't let that all of that be for nothing. Do you know what I mean? And say, okay, 0 (42m 41s): That's totally right. And it's so weird because you're really getting on with someone it's someone said to me, I mean, I'm not religious, so this might be offensive to you, but it's a bit, if you're a religious, it's a bit like going to a party and you are really getting on with someone in that. Great. And it's really cool. And you think what's the catch and you go, God, I'm loving this and they go, yeah, Jesus would love this as well. And you're like, Oh no. They're like, what does that matter? Like I really get on with them. And it's great. So you're quite right. But it does. It's become the important thing. It's become the kind of top line to everything. I think that's really interesting. I hope, I mean, the one thing I like about Biden is he so double that I think he might bring people back to, you know, or I just don't get like, cause you can't, you couldn't not react to Trump viscerally. 0 (43m 23s): There was no middle ground on Trump, whereas Biden. You're like, I just think people will forget about it. The news I had for a bit and just to get back to life. 1 (43m 31s): I hope so. And what seems to be happening is a lot of places here are starting to open up like a lot of the very left governors and mayors are like, okay, actually we, you know, the best thing for our economy is to open up. The best thing for our kids is to open schools up. And it was a great after election. You were like, this sucks because this kind of shows that we really politicized a virus, which is really shitty. And we weren't actually just looking out for the people we were just on teams. And then now that are the guy that we want in our office is there. Now we can start looking at the science and making more educated decisions, 0 (44m 5s): The right size did that. And they did plus-size the virus. It was terrible, 1 (44m 8s): Right? Yeah. Yeah. But I'm talking about the ones that are locked down, right? Like that, like when I say locked down, I mean like when you were talking about your, your character for Twitch and like arresting joggers, like that kind of level. 0 (44m 22s): Yeah. And we've had people literally coming out with measuring tapes and people are sitting too close on a bench and finding people and stuff it's in San and knocking on people's doors because have told on other neighbors thing, we think they've got it back to me is crazy. That's like a Nazi Germany. I mean, that's insane. 1 (44m 39s): I wanted to ask. So given your upbringing, you were, you were raised in a war zone, right? So just do you have like a, I feel like you have to have a different perspective on where this division is kind of like heading and when you have neighbors turning on neighbors like that, and you have like the intelligentsia saying, you know, call, if you see this How, that's like a very slippery slope. Okay. 0 (45m 5s): It's a really slippery slope because particularly because I grew up in Lebanon, I'm not in a business, but for complicated reasons, we grew up at Lebanon and we're in the middle of a war in Lebanon was a country that had, it was kind of like, this is such a beautiful country in the middle East. You know, people think Lebanon is a desert. It's the middle East. It's not, it looks like the South of France and California pine forest, where, where I grew up, it was an hour to the ski slopes and out of the beach, the women are amazing. The food's incredible. I mean, it's an incredible place. And because of that, people from all over the middle East who have been persecuted would end up in Lebanon. So over three, a hundred years, you ended up with kind of about 10 groups of people who kind of hidden in mountains and they all fucking hated everyone else. And in 1975, the whole place just exploded. 0 (45m 47s): So I'm really aware about literally like villages, where people have been living next door to each other for a hundred years, suddenly old got up and killed their neighbors, you know, and it was terrifying. And I think that States is not that far. I mean, it is far away, you know, I mean, for me being British I grew up in Lebanon, so I'm certainly not averse to guns, but there are so many, your soap, more art than we are alive. If we want you to do it here, we'd be doing it with sticks and it's kind of like is effective. But I do think there's a real militarization. And I think there's a real, I think America's going through such a change at the moment. And I think it is a demographic change of age, but also, you know, Hispanic, you know, the fact that more and more Spanish is being spoken that possibly more people that speak Spanish than English in 20 years time, if I was a sort of white, whether I was a wasp or a white American, I think I probably would feel a bit freaked out by that feeling that, you know, especially if the economy is bad for you and things are going badly, add that to a bit of political correctness and you feel that people have been given jobs. 0 (46m 49s): I can see why people getting so angry. And the problem is I, I think the difference between England and America is we still have balanced news. We don't have an opinion channel. We have laws with our news that you can't be biased. And I think what happens in America, but my genomics as people get their news on the internet, his people just choose that side and they watch Fox or they watch CNN and you get fed what you like. And so you don't hear other people's perspectives. So I think it's about, I think what you said is really true. It's the fact that if you took politics out of it, you'd get on with people. But now it's kind of like opposing teams at a super bowl. You know, you meet them in the, in the car park and they are wearing a red shirt and a shirt. 0 (47m 30s): And you're like, well, I'm not going to talk to you, but why not? You are exactly the same, but I'm hopeful. I love America. I think you'll be cool. And actually, if you look at the long-term history of America, this is actually not new. You've been fighting, you've been passed as to each other for a very, it's not new. So I just think, you know, just turn off the internet, which is not a good cause we're on it, but you know, keep Twitch on the newer podcast. But apart from that, get rid of it. 1 (47m 53s): The small doses I think is very important. Do you know who I'm GAD. Satis. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, because he talks a little bit about his growing up in Lebanon during the civil war as well and how that kind of shaped him. And that's why he's like so involved with nonsense when he sees nonsense, he has to call it out because he was like, I know what happens when you get too deep into this bullshit. 0 (48m 15s): Yeah. And really, and it's one of the problems I can't, I'm quite an argumentative person and I'm sort of a person that will get involved. I love it. You know, even when I want you to be able to show and waiting for the fight, there's my wife is Canadian. So she's like just apologizing to everyone and the ag, I think I, I'm the person in my wife kind of wants to be. And I'm definitely, my wife is what I'd like to be nice. And so, but yeah, I don't stand around and it's crazy. People can just let it go, you know? And I know I'm a comedian, but I'm waffling on about stuff. And people are like, you're a comedian, like be funny, don't do stuff like that. But it terrifies me a lot. I've grown up in seeing a place of being ripped apart. So I'm probably over-exaggerating, I don't think I'm some kind of Nostradamus, but you, I suppose what you really realize. 0 (48m 57s): I don't think what people realize is how quickly it can happen. I think you can sit in the States and think, fuck sake. We've been a democracy for 200, 300 years, you know, with stable. But I mean, I'm like he got pretty close. I think. I mean, you know, you would nearly having a president that was about to declare martial law and it, and it's very quick and then suddenly it doesn't matter what side you're on. I don't have to look up to you. 1 (49m 20s): The guy that was, I think we peaked already as far as the, the closeness, at least maybe for awhile. Okay. 0 (49m 29s): I think everyone realized, fuck, we took that a bit. And then I think so. So I'm hoping people back together, but yeah. 1 (49m 37s): Yeah. I hope so as well. Cause it was really a scary, I mean, I, it was affecting my day. I had to like, just turn off social media. Cause I already kind of, I'm more prone to getting anxiety. So we have to make sure that I do things to make sure that my mental health is where I need it to be. Especially like being a mom and being a wife and running a business. Like I need to be at like my peak and these things where I was like, the way, you know, we're going to be in the civil war. I'm like, I need to make a go bag. So I have like, you know, we need to go into the mountains, we'd go into the mountains. Cause you just don't 0 (50m 7s): Know, Oh, you have to go back. 1 (50m 9s): Yeah. My dad was a cop. So we were raised in California where you, 0 (50m 15s): So you have to prep. 1 (50m 16s): No, no, no. Not like not to that level. Like I don't have like years worth of food or anything like that or like a bunker. But we had like a lot of really bad earthquakes when I was younger nines and he would have to leave because he was a highway patrol and he would have to go, you know, make sure that the people were okay and we had go bags in case we had to like get out of the house if things were collapsing, if there was fires. Cause California is like a whole, 0 (50m 43s): I know I've stood on the San Andreas fault and there's a sort of sign and put on it saying a buy now a future beachfront property, which I really love slides up. 1 (50m 53s): We have like all of the natural disasters over there. So it was just like, that was just part of being a kid. Cause my mom was at home with three kids. So we just had to have one bag to be able to leave. So I think that was instilled. But then when I saw this stuff happening, I was like, I can't believe we don't have a go bag. So we put one together and it's in the garage. 0 (51m 9s): Isn't that funny? So I think in a sense we have the same sort of things. I get really bad anxiety. And I think for me, it comes from, you know, when you're growing up as a kid who wants to build it and you want to feel that things are safe, but you know, if you are sitting there thinking earthquakes, you're going to happen. Especially if you've got a, a dad who's like overly aware of what can happen, but you don't want to know that. That really, I think our job as parents is actually to hide and you don't want to completely hide it. But I remember my dad got really bad anxiety and then he went to see someone and it was because my wife and I would talk about stuff in front of him without realizing he was listening and that he takes that on board. And because he can't filter it properly and work it out. So I think he got to be careful with kids. If they hear stuff, you need to explain it properly and stuff. 0 (51m 50s): Because just saying Jesus, we can have a big earthquake. That's terrifying for them making light really overthink it. Don't let him watch the news. 1 (51m 57s): No, no. The first seven years are vital. Have anything that they're exposed to. And I think we don't give them enough. Credit is like as much as they are able to take in and understand 0 (52m 8s): It's crazy. And my kids even tell me about stuff they remember from them and you think, how do we talk about it? And we just, you just kind of, it's like being in a cabin, not thinking of the driver is listening. It's kind of, they are like recording you. So yeah, it is 1 (52m 21s): Which one is going to be the thing that sticks to 0 (52m 23s): You. I remember stuff when I was a kid. So yeah, you got to be careful with that, but some of this, this was good. I didn't know what we are going to be talking about apart from his cameras in Ghana, but we are really, really straddling some stuff. Yeah, 1 (52m 38s): No, it's great. I did wanna talk. So you did that TEDx talk, right? That was you. Yeah. Okay. Because he looked so different. I was like, is that him? I was dying the influencer. Yes. And I think it's so like, it just fits with the Times right now. And you're like, do this, do that. And the crowd's just following you. And you're like, you're a shape, like a beer. I dunno if that means, but B or a rat do something else. 0 (53m 5s): That was funny because those TEDx things, they're a bit like religious events. And, and because there's about 20 in a row and I came on quite late in the day. So people had been sort of, they were like any picks, you know, these guys had come in and done this inspirational thing and then we go and then they'd stop again. So there'd be an up and down. So it was almost like, I didn't really need to say anything. You just need the cadences. And they kind of knew. And just with big pictures and brains and that much fun, it was great. 1 (53m 34s): Great. I think it was awesome. No one knew it was happening. And at the end of it, they're like, Oh, okay. 0 (53m 40s): It was very weird. I want to just leave and never say anything. But part of it, a lot of the deal of them letting me do it was that I then had to come on as me, which was that just totally ruined it. But you know, there you go. 1 (53m 52s): Yeah. Well, honestly, thank you so much for giving me your time. Do you want to tell the listeners where they can follow you in the upcoming projects and how they can do that? 0 (54m 1s): Yeah, I can. Well, that can really support me by coming in Twitch because I've and you know what? I'm so bad. I can't remember the twitching. Here we go. So I'm www dot Twitch dot TV slash Dom Joly Dom J O L Y one L Y. And that's kinda got everything. Cause from there I'm talking about my books and I'm going to do some Comedy sketches if you've never seen Trigger Happy TV watch Trigger Happy TV but make sure you see the English version because it's the most amazing soundtrack. Whereas the one that I sold to America had a kind of a library soundtracks who is too expensive and that kind of is not as good and yeah. Come to Twitch that's the way they do. And will you, will you promise me to come on Twitch at the end of the year, because it'll be so cool to actually have the book. 0 (54m 46s): I'll send you a copy with you, you in it. It'll be amazing. So that'd be very cool. 1 (54m 52s): Yeah. Yeah. Just a shoot me an email or DM or whatever. Yeah. I'd love to. That'd be great. Awesome. Well, thank you again, that's it for this week's episode. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and review and don't forget to hit that subscribe button. You can also share this podcast with a friend. It helps my podcast grow and I really appreciate it. I hope to see you next week.