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May 5, 2021

#40 Dr. Hardt- Consciousness, Brain training, and Mysticism

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Dr. James V. Hardt is a research scientist, psychologist, author, and founder of Biocybernaut Institute. Known for inventing the world's first Micro-Computer-based brain wave analyzer and biofeedback system, Dr. Hardt offers unique brain training programs at Biocybernaut. Dr. Hardt has traveled across the globe to pursue his research to study advanced Yogis and Zen Masters with his technology. He has worked with personalities like Tony Robbins and high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness. In this episode, I talk to Dr. Hardt about his work in consciousness, the mystical side of brain wave training, sex magic, biological determinism, and the Ego.

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0 (0s): He was in a Hiroshima when the nuclear bomb went off and he saw the flash and he saw this wave of destruction coming toward him and he sat down and he said, this will not affect me. The next day, when rescue workers were going through the ruins, they found this guy sitting naked, sitting naked, there, all his clothes have been incinerated and burned off and blown away. And he was completely intact, completely intact. He was obviously revered as a national treasure in Japan, but it's an example of how doesn't matter what's going on. 0 (49s): And a nuclear bomb is going off. You know, you're going into, you know, a dark age, a, a dictatorship and censorship who have taken over the land and freedom of speech has been extinguished and people are being put in jail for, you know, not having the right attitudes, not enough social credit, like in China, and this doesn't have to affect you. 1 (1m 14s): Hello, everybody, you are listening to Chatting with Candice, I'm your host, Candice Horbacz before we get started, if you want to support the podcast, you can go to Chatting with Candice dot com. And from there, you can sign up for my patriotic account where you get early access to episodes and bonus content. Or you can click that little link that says, buy my coffee at both things helped me out a ton. Every dollar really does count. And in another simple way you can Support the podcast is simply by sharing it with a buddy, leaving the five star review and comment. Those things are all tracked in the company to continue to grow. So this week I'm really excited to have Dr. Hardt joined the podcast. 1 (1m 55s): He is the founder of Biocybernaut and you've probably heard me mentioned Biocybernaut before in the past, it was truly a life changing experience for me. I'm actually going to be giving away three autographed copies of his book. And if you want a chance to win, all you have to do is be following me on Twitter. I'm at Candice Horbacz or at fall in low via, or you can follow me on Instagram at Candice Horbacz or at a movie a long time, either account is fine. And when I post the promotional material, you just have to share it with your, with your social media following it's that simple. 1 (2m 36s): And I will pick three lucky winners to get a, a, an autographed copy of his book, and I can't overstate it enough. It's truly life changing material. Also, last note, if you do end up skidding, a curiosity sparked with Biocybernaut and you decide to book, just let them know that Candice Horbacz sent you, because then it gets to me a discount on my fridge, future trainings, 2 (3m 1s): Which is really excited. I'm actually trying to schedule my beta one training for hopefully this year, so helping to a discount on it. So without further ado, help me welcome Dr. Hart. So for the listeners, I've talked about, Biocybernaut a lot in how it has deeply affected me as a person, as a wife, my overall happiness, I just feel lighter. I just completed at alpha two, just a couple of weeks ago, I have experienced profound healing through it. And if you would of told me this years ago, I would have said nonsense. Like, there's no way that this is real, but I'm a walking example. 2 (3m 43s): Can you give me a brief description as to what you do at Biocybernaut and the technology that you have a patent on? 0 (3m 55s): Ah, there are actually multiple patents that cover both the technology and the methodology of method, method patents, because it turns out that the amazing results that we get at Biocybernaut are due to what we call, what might call three pillars in the, have something to put the pillars on. Okay. One pillar is the patented ergonomic technology. This includes electronic circuits and Computer code to run the circuits. The second pillar is the also patented optimized training protocols. For example, we do seven consecutive day trainings. You couldn't get anywhere near the results. If you came once a week for seven weeks, mass practice is more powerful here. 0 (4m 40s): And the third pillar is the transformational perspective of the trainer. A this is a type of work that you really can't optimize doing alone. And part of the reason for this is the Ego, which has a vested interest in you not becoming more conscious because the more conscious you become the less control, the ego has a view and a, for any control-freak to lose any aspect of its control over that, which are that home, it is controlling is something pretty close to a disaster for the control-freak. And so the transformation perspective of the trainer is essential at, at the end of each a session in the chamber, a, the trainees as we call them are in the training during the training, gather in a room with canopy beds, where they consider lie, as they give their report, when an astronaut or Biocybernaut comes back from a mission, they don't go out for pizza or, you know, taking a jacuzzi. 0 (5m 46s): They immediately go into a debriefing so that all of the subtle details of the cool things that they experience get to come out, and that way they're transferred from short-term memory, where would quickly make them fade, they're transferred into long-term memory, and there are witnesses to what happened. So the Ego has a much harder time of me getting people to forget the amazing breakthroughs. He amazing experiences that they've had. And so we have three pillars, the patented ergonomic technology, hardware, and software, the also patented optimized training protocols, and then the transformational perspective of the trainer, which is an oral transmission. 0 (6m 30s): It can't be communicated in a writing are in a video. The trainer candidate actually needs to be with me and go through some trainings and pick up, and then it activates their intuition. I've recently introduced you to a one of our trainers. And I have complimented him on how a initially, when he was 3 (6m 54s): First in training with me 0 (6m 57s): And, and we were in a debriefing in the day 3 (6m 59s): Canterbury room, he would have what I call zingers, which would be one liners, which would go for it. 0 (7m 5s): I went to the heart of whatever the resistance was that the trainee was dealing with. And so this is a, a unique scale and a gift. And it is something that is awakened in someone and a transmitted in the air in an oral trends, trans transmission in the oral tradition. So that's kind of a why the, the, the Biocybernaut training is unique in mean things that are patented, nobody else can use, or, you know, do, or maybe even know the details about. And so the reason 3 (7m 37s): Results range across the entire spectrum from dysfunctional to hyperfunctional, people can come in largely dysfunctional and in a week be functioning high end normal 0 (7m 51s): People come in in normal in a week. They can go on into hyper function. And so the central of the roughly 7,000 people who've come to do this training some form of it. There's only one thing that I've found that's common in their motivation, and that is they're all interested in change. And so some people want change to get away from bad things, bad thoughts, bad ideas, bad emotions, and others want to acquire or expand good things like creativity, intelligence, motivation, positive thinking, and success in every realm of endeavor in which humans, quest for improvement and success, and is all available by changing the brainwaves. 0 (8m 44s): There are so many areas of improving. 3 (8m 47s): Is that not something 0 (8m 50s): Now, but in the past and people would come to me and they would say, Biocybernaut seems like snake 3 (8m 56s): Oil, because you say it benefits people in so many different ways. How can one thing we have benefits across the whole spectrum of peoples lives. And I say, well, it does. And it does benefit people across the whole spectrum of everything they do and experience in their life. But it does it by really doing only one thing that we also have in our training improves central nervous system function, improve central nervous system function in once that improves then in anything that people use their brains and minds for will show improvement. So you find the source of excellence and happiness, ah, and you teach people how to make more of that and benefits abound in every area of a person's life 2 (9m 47s): With the benefits. How long do they last? And do you recommend maintenance to keep those, like your creativity engaged or your IQ in your EEQ at that new elevated level? Or does it tend to be permanent? 3 (10m 6s): Well, the answer is yes. Yes. And yes, I do recommend that people do additional trainings. We've discussed previously how in a Buddhism there's over 150 attainment levels in Consciousness. Some of them are a huge steps up in some of them are a smaller steps up. And if at some point I could tell you a story, not now, but later, if you remind me about an 80 year old, a Buddhist monk, very close to the Dalai Lama, who in a row, he had gone to a lab to have his brainwaves measured and some very cool things happen. So regarding the attainment levels, what we can come back to that later. 3 (10m 49s): But in terms of the improvements that people make, they in fact go across a wide spectrum. And depending on the type of brainwave changes in the amount, these improvements a range from large to gigantic. And so it's possible when you change your brainwaves, you change your identity. That's one of the new themes in the Biocybernaut, where we're coming out of the closet, about some of the mystical sources and the portals to altered States that are available within the training, which in the past, we haven't talked much about a particularly we have, for example, if there are a brainwave pattern known as the angel pattern, which when I see it and I ask people, do you see angels? 3 (11m 39s): Or do you talk to beings? There are other people don't see. They always say yes. And so there are, there are doorways to the transcendent, to the infinite, to the divine that are literally littered along the hallways of Biocybernaut. And sometimes people will, in the course of their training happened to open one or more of those doors and a journey off into ever, ever land. Ah, and then come back and have amazing stories. On the other hand, some people are more prosaic in their methods and their goals. 3 (12m 19s): And in the past, we haven't urged them to go beyond their comfort zone. But now this is changing as the, the age is changing to be more open, to have more transparency. And so we are beginning to, to tell people about the portals to alternate realities that are readily available in Biocybernaut trainings. 2 (12m 51s): That's one of the, I guess, most profound changes that I've experienced, especially during alpha one, as you've kind of set me on this path of spirituality and just asking questions and spending more time reading and following people in like the mystic world, it actually started with, you know, you have like those giant quartz crystals in each, each room. I think I asked you about the salad. So yes. So is asking you like, what crystal is that? And what was the purpose of it? Can you just send me down a rabbit hole? 3 (13m 30s): Well, yeah, definitely. Alison Wonderland, Alice went down the rabbit hole and discovered quite an amazing world. One bite makes you taller. One bite makes you small. There were white rabbits and mad hatters and hookah smoking caterpillars sitting on big mushrooms. Yes. A lot of fun there. 2 (13m 53s): Mm. So we had talked about this earlier, but I think it's important. What made you make the decision to be so open about the spiritual aspects of the Brain training and not just leave it super corporate, not to say this will help you make more money on this will help you be more creative you in almost all of the days that you show up, you learn like a little bit more on the spiritual side are a little bit more on the mystical side. 3 (14m 22s): Well, that's a wonderful question. And it has to be in entirely different answers. And before I go there, I will sort of underline underscore what you just said. 'cause in the past, we would talk openly with people about the IQ boost. Your IQ goes up on average 11.7 points, and this is stable at least a year out, or the creativity which increases 50% or the beneficial personality changes. At one point, we'll tell you a couple stories about the personality changes. 3 (15m 5s): It was the early seventies and I was analyzing data from my doctoral dissertation, where I had given personnel at battery's a personality test before and after the training. And I have done this before at Carnegie Mellon and in the lab and built there and also in Dr. Joe <inaudible> lab at university of Kelo fornia in San Francisco, a Dr. Joe Kamiya is the scientist who accidentally discovered in the early sixties that people could voluntarily control their own brain waves if given feedback. And he made the first, a published report in April of 1962 at the Western psychological association meeting. 3 (15m 45s): This is a lot of a firestorm are of interest in a sort of a electronic Zen. People are very interested in that, but most of them were so ignorant of how to build the technology so that it worked with the alpha rather than against it. And example of working against it any time you have your eyes open, you have lower alpha than if they are closed. So a lot of the early machines had a meter. You have to watch with a needle that would go this way. If it was more alpha this way, it was less or lights that got brighter for me in more alpha. That's like trying to teach somebody a smile by slapping them every time they smile. And this feedback might be accurate, might be immediate, but it's certainly not aesthetic and effective feedback needs to be all three accurate, immediate in aesthetic. 3 (16m 30s): So when I came into the field, one of my jobs was to sort of clean house and get people to stop using the percent time measure that most were using for feedback and scoring. It's like a rubber ruler at suffers from gauge variants. And so a lot of that early work was sort of putting the field of a brainwave feedback on a scientific stance with accurate and defensible measures. And then it, when I came in to the field, 90% of all the published studies cause people have gotten really excited, Oh my God, electronic Zen let's do studies. 90% of all of the published study showed that people could not, could not learn to increase their alpha above an eyes closed, resting baseline. 3 (17m 12s): And I was able to show that there were a methodological and technological problems, and if these were fixed and yes, people could learn. And so I said about to design and build the world's best brainwave filters. And also I built the world's first, a micro computerized brainwave feedback and analyzer system. And so with this technology power and what I knew from my own trainings, how to do the trainings, you don't do an hour a day, you know, three times a week. If you're going to really make transformational kinds of changes, it has to be profound in mass practice, long days, consecutive days like we do at Biocybernaut. 3 (17m 54s): So the being open about this came with well, penalties, if you, if you're out ahead of the heard you are vulnerable to getting Errol's in your back from people that don't like, you are afraid of you. When I wanted to do have my PhD in a, a brainwave feedback in the psych department of Carnegie Mellon university, I was referred to the man who controlled the equipment, the electrophysiological lab, Dr. Terrance w Barrett. And so I went in and just happily, you know, talk to him about the brain waves of Satori, the super-conscious state in yoga or a I'm sorry, samadhi and Satori is the superconscious state in Zen. 3 (18m 45s): And he listened and passively didn't say much. And a couple of hours later, I get a letter and my university lounge, a department, a mailbox permission to use the electrophysiological equipment denied. He continued nobody who has an interest in Consciousness could possibly be serious about getting a PhD in physiological psychology. But if you will abandon these silly ideas of Consciousness and submit yourself to me, I will design a program of research, which will lead to a PhD in physiological psychology. 3 (19m 29s): That definitely was not a choice I supportive or encouraging. I was a gas. What about academic freedom? Psychobiology silence of the mind you can't study Consciousness. Oh dear. So I took the letter to the acting Dean. The Dean of the department of the school was on sabbatical that year. And the acting Dean was Richard Hayes, Dr. Richard Hays. And he was the only one in the department who was actually studying Consciousness. He was a PhD at the end, following John Phi, the French developmental psychologist who had identified four different stages of the development of intelligence and children. 3 (20m 12s): Sensory motor stage goes up to about 18 months. Then you have a operations and the concrete operations. And finally, at age seven, people go into formal operations where for the first time they can take the perspective of another person. If you give crayons in the paper paper to a six year old and ask them is sitting across the table from you and ask them to draw what you are seeing. They will draw what they see, its impossible for them to conceive that you might have a different perspective on the world than they do. That's one of the reasons we don't do this training for children under 0 (20m 48s): Seven. I can recall on my seventh birthday, I was walking through the woods near Menominee was constant wondering. I wonder if other people see read the same way I do. That is a question that could not occur to a six, five, four three-year-old. And so Dr. Hayes took this letter, rolled his eyes and the next day Terrence Barrett's dictum was reversed. In fact, his contract was not renewed. It wasn't there the next year, which all of which earned me the enmity of all of the other physiological psychologist who were a rat runners and things like that. 0 (21m 32s): And so they laid in wait. They were hostile. When I did the defense of my dissertation, my advisor, Dr. Jim Korn scheduled my public defense for a time when the worst of the hospital, people were teaching seminars and weren't able to come and they sent hostile questions, which I adroitly answered. Ah, and they weren't there to do a follow up a hostile questions. So yes, telling the truth often creates anger in people who, who are afraid. You will remember from your own training, that there's an emotional hierarchy, starting at the bottom with apathy, then sadness, depression, then anger, then fear and then joy and whatever. 0 (22m 13s): Say you're blocking fear. We will show up is anger. You'll express anger. If you're blocking anger, what would show up is sadness? And so there was one other example about arrows from the bag when I won my large federal grant in which I had written in six months and 12 month follow-ups, which will be an answer to your question of how long does this last I was elevated on the occurrence of, there was a big, a three-year grant from NMH and R Oh one grant. I was elevated from an assistant research psychologist, two in the system, professor of medical psychology in the Augusta department of psychiatry. 0 (22m 55s): Shortly after this, the department chair decreed, there would be an annual retreat. All faculty had to attend and get up on the stage and talk for 10 minutes about the research. So I've been doing among other things. MMPI is a Minnesota Multiphasic personality inventories, kind of like the granddaddy of all personality tests. And if you could show one of those profiles to a clinical psychologist, they can read that person's beat. It's very accurate, has three different life scales. So the skills are corrected either up or down, depending on whether people are trying to fake bad or a fake good are just generally monolingual or malingering. And so for my 10 minute talk in front of the entire psychiatry department, I'm showing slides of the MMPI profile before the training and seven or eight 3 (23m 46s): Days later. Well, what I was showing were like the clinical scales, anxiety, depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, psychosis, mania, some of the people cause I was selecting, you know, really a, a damaged people are using the MMPI first factor. I was getting people we're in the 98th and 99th percentile have schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety, depression in a week later, they we're in the middle of the normal zone. Well, the no psychiatrist on earth had ever seen that kind of change. And so I'm only halfway through my talk five minutes in and to senior bearded members of the department are out of their seats in the auditorium, shaking their fingers, waving their fists. 3 (24m 32s): Angrily shouted me off the stage. Well, you know, from the emotional hierarchy, the anger, they were expressing his because of fear that they weren't willing to acknowledge that this youngest member of the department had a technology that was going to disrupt their August profession. It didn't need the drugs, they didn't need the on the couch talking, all they needed was a week of the, what became the Biocybernaut training. And so I, as I said, I was literally shouted off the stage, talk about academic freedom. So I've had Aeros in my bag by being a leader by being out in front. And so even people who are afraid of the unconscious or the beyond conscious, they want more of good things. 3 (25m 19s): They want more intelligence, they want more creativity. They want more emotional intelligence. That's come on the scene recently. And they also want less anxiety, depression, fear, hostility, and all of these are available in the Biocybernaut training, according to a scientific research that I've conducted at major universities and then published in peer reviewed some of them peer reviewed medical journals. So the science is there to support these sort of a standard benefits, getting rid of bad things and getting more good things. And so that's what I would talk about. That's what I would use to introduce people to the training. 3 (26m 0s): And then when they would come in and they would have an outer body experience or they would see angels, I would say, Oh, well, yes, it was a matter of fact. And then hear the brain waves that you're showing that this is why you're. And then the other people in the training, because we do this in small groups, the other people would recognize that he was like one of them who had unusual brainwaves and had unusual experiences. And so that's how it would come in and it seemed safe and it was safe for the people. But as I said, there were two reasons why I have decided to be a, or have been compelled to be more open about the portals to the beyond the, beyond the 0 (26m 44s): Methods of a transformation that are available in the Biocybernaut training is one of those reasons is the site guys in the spirit of the times, which has changed. And so the, ah, when the hippies came in with psychedelics and altered States of consciousness in the sixties, it freaked out the establishment situation that they did everything they could to shut it down. Timothy Leary, Dr. Timothy Leary, a Harvard professor was thrown out of Harvard along with Dr. Richard Alpert, who became rom does because they were doing experiments with psychedelics that freaked people out Romulus went to a doctor. Albert went to India, found a girl and became Ronda's. 0 (27m 25s): Whereas a Dr. Leery went around promoting psychedelics. And so to silence him, someone planted six marijuana seeds in the carpet of the passenger side of his car. And based on that, they put them in jail for 20 years when he got out, he died shortly thereafter. So the establishment was not, should we say welcoming to a technology for altered States? Now, I think it really an intriguing, should we say a coincidence that in the same year, 1962, that LSD became illegal in California in that same year in 1962 is when brainwave feedback was announced. 0 (28m 7s): So one method for altering Consciousness was taken away. And another one that was perceived to be safer was given. Now, if somebody, you know, is slipped a, a thousand micrograms of LSD in their brownie or their, you know, in their Coke, they will have a profound, altered state of experience regardless of whether they want it. And there can be a lot of fear. Whereas in the alpha training, you only get as much if you can handle, which is the good news, but it's also the bad news because you only get as much as you can handle it. And so if you're starting to go out of body in the chamber is your Alpha's rising. If any kind of fear comes up, the alpha will be diminished and the experience will be throttled back. 0 (28m 51s): And only when you get comfortable with that level of outer bodiedness, will you be able to continue other things like seeing Astro plane beings? I've mentioned angel pattern, and there is a pattern that I recognized along ago in my work that when this pattern shows up and it could be in a grandmother, it could be in a child, or it could be in a us army Greenbrae soldier. When this pattern exists, they will perceive beings that don't have physical form. And for many years, usually around day three of the training, people would come out of the chamber and go, man, that was better than my best acid trip. 0 (29m 35s): That doesn't happen that much anymore, but remember brainwaves rule. And 3 (29m 42s): When you change your brain waves, you change your experience of reality. You change your identity, and that changes your reality. That's one of the new themes that we're now public about. Because as I said, there has been a change in the zeitgeist people, as we're going into a new Hugo, a new age, we are all being under the influence of the benefits of greater openness, honesty, transparency. And so it's timely. There's a story that I told you on time about the possibly an apocryphal story where a two businessmen in business suits come onto a suburban train platform from opposite directions. 3 (30m 26s): They meet in the side of the platform and immediately fall into a very deep conversation, a meaningful, intriguing translate when it arrives, they both wanting to continue the conversation and step forward, the doors are open and one of them has a horrified look on his face and he pulls back his new acquaintance looking forward to continue. The conversation asks, well, well, aren't you coming or to taking the train? And the guy goes, Oh, no, I'm sorry. I'm now taking that train puzzled. A, the protagonist in the story gets on the train. He has got to get downtown in the business meetings. And so the train takes off in the very first bridge so that it goes over it collapses and there's all of the cars are falling into the abyss. 3 (31m 12s): He has a moment before impact to wonder why didn't he tell me? And so I feel an obligation to tell people about the nature of reality that I see all the time when people change their brainwaves, they change our identity, which according to Frederick Dotson in his amazing book, paralleled universes of self identity and reality are synonymous. Maybe you could take a moment as, and tell us how, as you changed your identity, how your reality changed. That would be wonderful. Let's can, can you take, take the mic? 2 (31m 53s): So for me, I didn't really know what I was signing up for with alpha one. I had thought it was going to be a lot more corporate and like, this will just help me more with my business. And that's all I kind of was expecting. And Eric knew full well, but we were getting into, but he knew that would kind of lure me in. So we get there and I'm immediately hit with forgiveness work. And I'm like, what is this? I'm not a forgiving these people. They, he doesn't know what they've done to me. So it brought to the surface, a lot of, a lot of anger that had been, you know, just dwelling inside my entire adult life. 2 (32m 42s): And I realized I was attached to that anger. Like that was my identity. I was like, I would try to, yes. And exactly kind of defend it rightly there's a reason for this. And it's a good, and I don't have to change. They have to change. And I, I was the person that had a rough childhood. I was a person that he had a pretty, a pretty intense mom. I identified as those things. And when you start doing the forgiveness work, you realize you can, like you said, transcend, you can transcend those negative emotions and you can kind of re like rescript your past and it's not changing it, but it's just seeing it from a different view, like a different vantage point that is beneficial. 2 (33m 34s): And I would say the biggest change, I was very much in one of those people, that life was happening to me, there would be something bad and he'd be like, of course, this kind of <inaudible> right. And you see that a lot today, too. Right? And people are capitalizing on this victim mentality and trying to, to get people in that loop because then you can control that person. It's, they're very, very malleable when you are like that. So I, I broke that identity and became the person that, you know, the universe was happening for me. No, no longer things were happening to me. I was kind of in control of my destiny. My health got better. 2 (34m 15s): I was told I couldn't have kids for multiple doctors. And, you know, shortly after alpha one, and a lot of other things implemented, like I started my spiritual journey and I started meditating and I was a different person and I got pregnant. And my, like, I don't, I don't know how this happened. We were not supposed to be a medical doctor. It was impossible according to medicine. And we weren't even trying, and it happened. And it was, it's the best thing that's happened. It's improved my marriage by a long shot. I don't think that we would have had this level of communication and bonding. 2 (34m 55s): Cause we did alpha one together. And you go through all of your dirty laundry together on a fundamental level. So yeah, my identity changed a lot. It it's no longer being powerless, I think is also a part part of what I've learned through alpha one. It's, you know, if something happens, you can make the best out of it and you can choose to be, I always say, choose to be like the hero or the victim of your story. And I think that through your process, you teach people how to be the hero of their story. And that's just with alpha one. Yeah. Yeah. So waiting for alpha two to kind of integrate 'cause that was super recent. 2 (35m 36s): It was only a couple of weeks ago. And I feel like with your training, it's one of those things that takes months. And I mean, you don't even see the full effects, but I don't think until even years later, because there's such a ripple effect, like you might see some changes, right? You might see that all of a sudden money fell in your lap or you get that promotion or that you, our relationships improved, but that's like the tip of the iceberg. 0 (35m 59s): Okay. Well, several things there, one, I want to talk about the, a victim perspective and also about how your reality changes when you change your identity. For a number of years, I was working with a philanthropist in Canada who dedicated 6 million us dollars to scholarships. He sent people from his company, brilliant man. He with one partner, grew his company from zero to $2 billion in just two years, very astute businessman. 0 (36m 42s): And when he sent people from his company to the training, he saw how much improved they were when they came back. And he announced to my entire science advisory board at our first meeting that he considered the ROI return on investment, have a Biocybernaut training to be 100. So if we sent people for $20,000 to the training, he got back an employee that he valued at $2 million, more an ROI of a a hundred. And so as the aboriginals came through, there were many of them who were profoundly a disturbed. 0 (37m 22s): A, the racism in Canada was a intense Aboriginal cultures were destroyed in, in, in large part through what we are called. The residential schools, children were ripped away from their parents or grandparents and sent 12 months a year to these schools to be brainwashed. They had signs in the schools, kill the Indian to save the man. Now what they meant was kill the Indian culture to save the person for white culture. But in fact, Georgina lightning, a trainee who is a filmmaker, did amazing film. I recommend it's called older than America in which she documented that 50% of all the Aboriginal children sent to the residential schools died. 0 (38m 6s): There, there were a mass graves found around the schools and so tremendous, tremendous victimization of the Aboriginal people's by the dominant English and French cultures. And so at one point, a member of my science advisory board, who was a full professor at the first nations university was doing the training and around a five, she broke into 3 (38m 36s): Tears and in the interview and, and I said, well, what just happened? She said, Oh my God, I realized I'm not a victim. I 0 (38m 47s): Okay. All of my courses in the university are teaching the Aboriginal students, how they have been victimized. I'm going to have to throw out my entire syllabus and design a whole new set of courses because I've been teaching these people, 3 (38m 59s): These students that they are victims and were not. So the changes that can be profound and then have ripple effects. These people go off, we go back to their lives or university's, and they're different. Now at one point, the scholarship sponsor who have ear to ground in the reservations, a reserved in the Aboriginal community, he said he was getting evidence that people who just interacted with the people who had done the Biocybernaut training were showing improvements. And he asked me to design a study to see if that was the case. So I designed a, I said, well, we have been collecting any data on that. 3 (39m 40s): And so I, he asked me to design a study on, and I designed a two year study. And a typical of this is how we grew his company from zero to $2 billion in two years. He said, I want the answers by may. And this was, I don't know, like February. So I go, I'm going to have to do this. So I went back at the drawing board and went into the chamber and to download the answer. And so what I designed was a, a program, a survey with many hundreds of questions and gave me the survey was, could be done online to the people. 3 (40m 22s): But with their permission, I also administered the survey to their family members, to their friendship networks and those who had jobs to their coworkers and to our utter astonishment, we found that there were measurable benefits. 0 (40m 39s): It's occurring to people who never did the training. They only interact 3 (40m 43s): Is that as a family member or friend or a coworker with somebody who'd done the training. So, you know, the word contagious, how things can spread, but it has a negative connotation. So I coined the word Proteus instead of contagious. And so we actually have documented evidence that the multiple benefits of the Biocybernaut training are Proteus. And I actually published this paper in a British online journal called ISI psychology and psychiatry, where we had a anthropologist, a psychologist, psychiatrist, ethnologists a look at the data and they concluded, it was obvious that there were benefits showing up to people who only interacted with people who did the training. 3 (41m 28s): Cause Hi Consciousness gets on people in the same way that it's wise to avoid people with a low vibration, negative energy. 0 (41m 34s): It's a desirable to hang out around people who have a high energy because you'll begin to pick it up. And this is what I'm talking about in terms of the site guys, the spirit of the times, one of the two reasons why I'm now more open about revealing to people, the mystical sources of the benefits in the training. Now, as I mentioned earlier, you know, being out in front, you get arrows in the back. You know, people who are afraid, you know, they get angry. And so, you know, it's just time to deal with that. And a, one of the key's has to do with identity. You talked about, you brought up the idea of your identity changing and then your reality changing I've cited, Frederick Dotson in his book, paralleled universes of self to indicate that when your identity changes, your reality changes, identity and reality, he says are synonymous. 0 (42m 30s): And the Biocybernaut training has the ability to enable people to change at a level of identity as Robert Dilts one of the second tier luminaries of the NLP movement. Neuro linguistic programming said to me, when he and I met around his new book, I think it was new in 1992 called changing belief. He said, when you, when you can get people to change their beliefs, then the emotions under that change and the behaviors underlying the emotions change. And, you know, I was in a supportive and encouraging and say, yeah, that's a really wonderful, and I sit here at Biocybernaut. We can assist people in changing at a level of identity, any, you know, jaw dropped, eyes got big. 0 (43m 13s): And he said, the only thing I know that can change the person at a level of identity is a spiritual awakening. And I smiled and I said, Robert, you said it not me. And so people achieve these changes in identity, through a spiritual awakening. And I think it's now time to be helpful more because when that changed in that site, guys were, people are more open to this. And we tried it out in the last training where I showed up on day one and explained to people when we showed them the slide on changing identity, I then went further and said, when you change your identity, you change your reality because identity and reality are synonymous. 0 (43m 57s): And so in the forgiveness process, which you remember, well, I'm, you have your CT, you have your unimpeachable, Hi beings, a judges you bring in the person you're going to forgive and you charge them. Then you go into feeling the pain and if your alpha drops sufficiently, so most of the risk scores turn white, then you can begin the forgiveness in the first step is to decide to forget. And the second step is to look for the good or the gift that came from this painful event a year. And then you go on walking in their shoes and so on. But that said, I asked everybody, there were five people in the training, a group of three and another group of two. 0 (44m 37s): And I said, how long do you spend in deciding to forgive? And everybody said, well, we'll just a moment. And I said, I want you to amend that. I want you to do this differently in the moment where you decide to forgive. Maybe you don't know how, maybe you're not even a a hundred percent ready to forgive. You know, like, you know, my right to be angry with that person did such a terrible thing. So you may not even be fully ready, but when you decide to forgive, we tell people that's the first step I explained to people in that moment, you are taking on briefly the identity of someone who has forgiven OU taking on a new identity. 0 (45m 21s): While we know that when you change your identity, you change your reality because they're are synonymous. And so I asked people to linger in that moment where they decide to forgive and explore what it feels like to be a person who has forgiven. And so that was our first salient into introducing that. The second reason for not being more open and honest about this is that it's the truth. And yeah, I've gotten a lot of arrows in my back by being out in front. But at this point I really don't care because this is what I know to be the truth. 0 (46m 5s): This is a truth, as I know it. And so in the forgiveness process from all trainings and I'm, I'm going to be teaching this to all my other trainers, including the one that just came from Germany for two weeks of retraining with me in the decision in the forgiveness process, that step where you decide to forget which most people do in just a moment. I'm now instructing them to recognize that when you decide to forgive in that moment, you have taken on a new identity. And we know that when you change your identity, you change your reality. And so the forgiveness process is extremely powerful. 0 (46m 47s): In fact, I could give you a several examples. One because my dear friend and a trainer from a Germany, a at one point he had a family member come and do the training. And this family member forgave, a brother who was in a different country, a should not talk to this brother in seven years. The reason was there have been some wedding and this brother had made it a disruption, kind of spoiled the wedding for everyone. So she cut off communication for seven years. I hadn't talked to him. So the day after she did her forgiveness on this brother, he contacted her on Facebook. 3 (47m 31s): So the coincidence, okay, 4 (47m 34s): Okay, let me give you another one. We had a married, 3 (47m 37s): A free training. The husband was a, a Caucasian American male and his wife was a, a Singaporean Chinese female. And she was showing a lot of anger on a mood scale. And when I dug in to find out what the source of the anger was, her aunt, her aunt and her mother were identical twins. They had gotten married on the same day, different men. They had both given birth to a single girl child just a few days apart. And the mothers is identical. Twins were a very close in. Their children. Cousins were also very close. Well, a sad part of the story was that the mother of the Singaporean, a Chinese woman died early. 3 (48m 24s): So her aunt took her on a and raised her along with her own daughter. But the aunt was suddenly very mean, like she would take the two girls, her daughter and her niece clothes shopping. And she would only buy clothes for her daughter. If the daughter loaned a piece of clothing to her cousin and the mother found out she would severely punished both girls. So this was a very, very mean aunt kind of like the Cinderella, a stepmother kind of the story. So she got away from that family. She got away from Singapore as fast as she could. And now she's living in America with her Caucasian, a male husband. 3 (49m 7s): And so when it comes up through the digging around the Sigma, she was getting on anger, word, the story about the Minogue. And she undertook to forgive me. And she did a very deep and profound forgiveness. The next day, when she came in, she was all a glow because she'd gotten an email apology, a long email of apology from that on. And when they did the calculation, because there's a time difference between Sedona in Singapore, which he did the calculation of time. The aunt wrote that letter three hours after she had done the forgiveness. And so this is magical. Now my, my first, my like a Celtic have one of my Celtic teachers was an arch Druid. 3 (49m 53s): And he said, if something happens once it's an event or something happens twice, it's a coincidence. If a happens third time, its a pattern. So let me give you a third story. I have a man in training who had done the yoga Nanda meditation for 45 years. He had Known Yogananda when Yoganonda was alive at the mother center and Los Angeles as a young man, who'd been a model. It was a very handsome. And when he would sit and meditate, 45 years later, he will look like the perfect Western Yogis, perfect posture and you know, bearded and looked looking saintly. But as we can see with the mood scales inside, he was a deeply embittered, angry old man. 3 (50m 35s): And so as I'm quizzing him about the mood scale's and while this anger is showing up and he said, well, I'm angry at my sister. And I said, I didn't know that you had a sister. He goes, well, I haven't talked to her for 26 years. He had 10 siblings. He was on the outs with every single one of them. He probably knew to the minute when he cut off communication with that sister 26 years ago. So following instructions, he goes in forgives a sister. And then the next morning that sister called him at the hotel is a training center. It was in California, Sr was a thousand miles away in Utah. And when he did the forgiveness sheet, magically transformationally transcendently felt a shift in the energy. 3 (51m 20s): So she went to a Rolodex, found the last Known number for this long gone brother. It was a work number. She called the number and they said, yeah, he still works here, but he's not here. He's in California doing some Brain training. And so, because she could prove that she was sister, they gave her the hotel number where he was staying and she called the next morning and a brother and sister were reunited. So we have, there are three examples of the magical transcendent effects of the Biocybernaut forgiveness. And so the second reason for me to be beginning now coming out of the closet about the mystical sources of the effectiveness is that because it's the truth, as I understand it. 3 (52m 1s): And why would I withhold the truth from people that are ready for it? Well, they're not ready for it, but if are in the training and we give them some clues about a month. Now, if you open this door, it's going to lead to more than just some good feelings. You're going to enter an entirely new world like Herman hassles, a magic kingdom. You know, some of the magic doors of people don't open in their lifetimes. Well, I want people to have the opportunity to see the doors and then to be able to make an informed decision about whether to open those doors to the transcendent reality that awaits them as soon as they change their identities. 2 (52m 42s): Okay. So I want to get in too, the practical applications of each brainwave and the mystical spiritual magical applications. So you have everyone start with alpha. Is there a reason why and how would you break that down in real-world and spiritual mystical world? 3 (53m 9s): Well, alpha one is like brainwave one-on-one you don't take a child who doesn't know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and try to teach them, teach them calculus or analytic geometry or differential equations. You don't a child who 0 (53m 26s): Has a 200 word vocabulary, a creative writing. There are some basic skills that need to be acquired in order to, for example, a child that's just learning to crawl. You don't take them on a mountain climbing adventure. Okay. So there is a natural order to things. First you plant, and then you reap, you don't read before you plant. And 3 (53m 56s): Just in terms of the brain waves, that's a very practical 0 (53m 58s): Reasons. Pretty much every human has alpha going all the time. It might be big. It might be small, but it's there pretty much all the time. A the thing is, is that we have a structure in our brains about in the intersection of these lines call, the thalamus is the left and the right half of the thalamus. It's so complex. It's often called the brain within the brain. And it has pacemaker cells, tens of thousands of pacemaker cells that run 24 seven generating a little bit of the alpha waves. Now the frequencies are a random, they're not synchronized or a coherent. And the way these tiny little waves get to the surface where we can pick them up is a long what are called the lemme cortical fibers. 0 (54m 46s): And so when we put the electrodes on the head, we're actually over some cortical columns that are connected by these thalamic cortical fibers to the pacemaker cells and the elements. And depending on if, for example, one is going up and when it is going down, they cancel each other. When they both go up and down together, there are a little voltages ad up and you get a bigger alpha waves. And so 3 (55m 10s): Since these generators run 24 seven, 0 (55m 13s): I mean, you can be awake. You have to be asleep. You can be making love. You can be making dinner. You can be whitewater rafting, you can be skydiving, you'll be meditating. And these generators are 3 (55m 24s): Always running, always urging the surface. 0 (55m 26s): You've read Brain. Now what Shakespeare might call the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune often get in the way and the Ego users, the hindrances Dow, drowsiness distractability and worry of version, any form of in a wheel boredom in the one I added is forgetfulness to keep you from going into these high alpha States in which the doorway is opened to transcend the realities. And so, 3 (55m 53s): But the Alpha's always there, but there's always 0 (55m 55s): Something to work with. Whereas feta, it's a binary. It can be there or it cannot be there. And, and it, 3 (56m 8s): You could imagine the frustration that you would 0 (56m 10s): Feel if you're lying there in the theater chairs. And yes, we have people do data lying back in the recliner chairs, where with the alpha, you have to sit quite upright. You're going to understand. Imagine when you're meditating, you have a hook in the middle of your head in your whole is hung from that hole. So your spine is perfectly straight, but in theta, you want to, if you try to do data in a sitting posture, when you go into a reasonably large data state, you lose postural tone of voice and you could literally fall out of the chair. So we have people lie back in the recliner chairs, but even doing that, you might be there for half an hour and nothing is happening. There's no data happening, nothing, noteworthy, nothing that runs the feedback to us. 0 (56m 54s): And so you ha as people do alpha trainings, one of the things that happens is data increases. This is why the boss of an alpha, when training is like advanced, then in a week in a study done in 1966 in Japan, by two pillars of the Japanese scientific community, Dr. <inaudible>, they went to in wanting to measure brain waves of Zen meditation. So they went to Zen Masters in both of the traditions. So in Rinzai it's like a mini Christianity, a Protestant Catholic. So they went to Zen Masters in the Soto, and Rinzai tradition requesting very, very humbly permission to measure the brainwaves of the monks permission. 0 (57m 41s): Granted, then they asked us and Masters to rate the level of spiritual development of the monks, which they did beginner, intermediate, and advanced. And what they found immediately was that the higher, the rate of level of spiritual development, the more alpha in the meditation records, and there were, there were a detailed in the beginner's, which is usually one to six years in Zen, as it's practiced in Japan, there was alpha increases at the back of the head in the intermediate Zen, which was six to 21 years that alpha spread forward on the head. And then only in the advanced them, which nobody in this study was rated advanced by the Zen master who had less than 20 years of 21 years of study. 0 (58m 24s): And some of them had a 40 years. A, this is why I say the bias I'm going to training is like 21 to 40 years of Zen in a week. They had those two things happen. Alpha started at the back of the head then spread forward. But in addition, the advance had two more things happen. The frequency of the alpha slowed down a little and theta waves began to be emitted from the frontal location. That exact pattern happens in the Biocybernaut training. I published a paper in 1993, showing that this exact pattern of advanced Zen, which takes 21 to 40 years to develop in Japan was happening to all of our Biocybernaut alpha one trainees in the first week or so. 0 (59m 10s): We began promoting the idea that the Biocybernaut alpha when training was like 21 to 40 years of Zen advanced then in a week. Okay. So when people do the alpha one training, their mama feta increases, which makes them more likely to be successful in the Biocybernaut theta training of which there are 24 levels. If they don't develop that much data, I sometimes recommend that they do alpha two a or a for three in order to increase the amount of data. So that there's enough there to work with because alpha, everybody has all the time in might be tiny, but its there and we can amplify it. 0 (59m 52s): We can turn off the gain. And so there is something to work with, but if there's no thought of that happening and spending 30 or 45 minutes lying and the chair with nothing happening can be kind of discouraging. And so we would never start people with a third of the training. Alpha one is brainwave one-on-one and that's where they start. After you do alpha one, you're eligible to go right on to the feta one, if you want, or you can continue and do somewhere else to get more feta generating in the background. So you have more to work with. 2 (1h 0m 24s): Okay. I noticed a huge improvement in my theatre from one to two. I don't think I had any during alpha one. And then with alpha two, it just kept getting stronger and stronger and more organized. And I was like, this is really cool to see your brain changing and real time. It's like the proof is right there. It's tangible and you see it. So for alpha that's you hear a lot of flow state and like peak performers, that's all trendy right now. That's also a manifestation, right? If you get into the more spiritual aspects of it and I guess being able to like have these opportunities come to you consciously and then feta is like accessing information for some people. 2 (1h 1m 17s): If I feel like you can, if you can get there, what would be like a real world application for theta? 0 (1h 1m 24s): Well, you know, in theta you have the ability to access the Akashic records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word, which means primordial substance. And so in the data you can pull information out of the source of all information and then translate it into real world things. We can talk a little about Thomas Alva Edison. Everyone knows him as the inventor of the electric light bulb, but he also had pulled out of the Akashic records information for more than 1000 patents are. We can talk about that in a moment, but I also have the brain waves of a man who grew his company alone from zero to $200 million in two years. 0 (1h 2m 13s): And he had the brain wave to do that. He has big frontal theta and he had a big occipital alpha. So with big feta, he could pull information out of the Akashic records and with the big alpha, he could creatively express that into the real world. And so, Oh, okay. This is a very cool, he has in one Brain, the ability to access information, not known to others. And then with the alpha, he has the means to be creative in assembling it into whatever MC wants to put that information. So yes, the ability to pull information out of the Akashic records is, well, lets talk about Thomas Edison. 0 (1h 2m 60s): We know that there are two kinds of data. There's drowsy data and there's mystical data. They actually have different morphologies, drowsy data looks like a little pointy, croquet wickets and mystical data looks like slow down Alfa and it's sinusoidal unlike drowsy data. And so Edison had somehow discovered that as he was falling asleep, he would often have brilliant ideas. So he designed his life kind of a torturous regime. He would only sleep four hours a night and often in two different stretches, we'd sleep two hours forced himself to wake up and then later he'd sleep in another two hours. So guaranteed. 0 (1h 3m 40s): He would be drowsy during the day. And so his invention method consisted of having a comfortable recliner, chair, a notepad with a pencil pen, and then he would hold in each hand a large scale ball-bearing and drape them over the arms of the chair. And then he would lie back in the chair and try to fall asleep while thinking of something he wanted to invent. Now, when you hit theta, you lose postural tone. And so this is where I said, if you tried to do theta sitting up as you lose postural autonomous, you'd literally fall out of the chair. And so when he would hit data, he would lose his grip and the ball-bearings would drop. 0 (1h 4m 24s): And in, he had metal pipe hands under his hand. So they would drop with a clattering den and wake him up and he'd grab a pen and write down whatever a little bit of information he had pulled out of the Akashic records with that excursion into theta. Then he would pick up the ball-bearings lie back in the chair and go for another dose. And so in this way he pulled information out of the Akashic records sufficient too right and win approval for over 1000 patents. So, so very practical application of something that's inherently magical. Mistress is curious and wondrous. 0 (1h 5m 5s): And so the ability to do this empowers people in this world now in terms of manifesting, I have found some differences in the data manifesting in alpha manifesting and to a relay this difference. I want to re re I want to go to a Bible story. After the children of Israel had escaped from Egypt and they were wandering the desert, God fed them with manna. That would fall from heaven. It was nutritious. They could pick it up. But the thing was that the manna could not be saved. It would spoil they had to trust in God that God would feed them every day with manna falling from heaven. 0 (1h 5m 46s): And so only on the day before the Sabbath, when they weren't supposed to work, could they gather double the amount and it wouldn't spoil. And so the idea was that it has to be in the moment with trust. Well, what I've learned in manifesting in alpha is that you, you, you, you manifest, you get ideas and you know what to do, and then you make implementation in the real world. And I've manifested things that have endured for 30 and 40 years where I had manifested them in alpha. Now I am a victim of what's called mad car disease, not mad cow disease, mad car disease. 0 (1h 6m 30s): And I love classic cars, particularly GMs from the sixties. You know, these are not, you know, a million dollar Maseratis or things like that. They're like Pontiacs and Buicks. And ultimately all things like that. And I, at one point was fascinated with the Pontiac grand Prix convertible. They only made it one year in 1967. And so I had actually found one that wasn't the right color. It was a blue, but it was a sort of a Robin's egg blue. And it, it really wasn't in the kind of condition that I wanted. 0 (1h 7m 10s): And so I was doing a theater training where I was actually in the chamber and I wanted a midnight blue, a Pontiac grand Prix convertible. And so I am in my theater training and without even really consciously working on it, I saw that they, it was, it had hidden headlights. And so I'm in the chamber in the dark line down and this Pontiac grand Prix, midnight blue drives up and stops with the grill about this far away from my face. And I go, Whoa, wow, that is so cool. And I looked at it and admired it. And when the session was over, the technician gave me a phone number. 0 (1h 7m 53s): Somebody had called during the session and they had a midnight blue Pontiac, grand Prix convertible in 1967 available for sale at some ridiculously low price. And it had all the trick features like power vent windows and you know, really, really cool. And so it was my favorite car and I drove it to the training center almost every day. Then I got busy and I didn't drive it for about two months and then something happened and I don't even remember the details, but it ended up now it wasn't stolen. So it was some kind of a legit transaction, but it ended up being owned by some tall Norwegian American who lived in grass Valley up in the Sierras in California. 0 (1h 8m 36s): And so what I realized was you can manifest very powerfully and very, a great detail in theta, but it's like manna from heaven, unless you are using it, appreciating it, that it'll go away. You don't need it anymore. Okay. It goes away. It came from nowhere and it'll go back to nowhere. That's the basis of the data manifestations. Whereas you conceive something in alpha and create it. It's going to be there decades later. 2 (1h 9m 4s): That's so interesting. Yeah, you wouldn't because I have lots of people. Don't talk from a scientific standpoint about manifestation. It's either super woo woo. Where people turn it off, but you have the technology and you have had the experiences. So it's really interesting to differentiate between the brain waves and manifestation versus just, you know, read this book, the secret and everything you want will happen. Like they're very different. 0 (1h 9m 30s): Let's talk about the secret for a moment because there are seven major mystical rays that come out of the central source. I've studied two of them, one the Celtic re and the other, the hermetic re and I've had a deep exposure to the Celtic tradition. I've had to thrice Masters as teacher is one of them was in art Struan and I hung out at the periphery of a large, maybe 50 or a a hundred member hermetic group for a while. And both of these traditions, the Celtic and the hermetic tradition, understand that to do a work of magic or to manifest requires three things, desire, expectation, and merging. 0 (1h 10m 11s): The desire needs to be strong. The expectation needs to be confident because doubt is a killer. So you have to know that what you're desiring is going to happen. And then you have to merge. Now, the only definition of merging that I ever got out of the arch Druid was he said, merging is when your awareness becomes one with the ground of being your awareness becomes one with the ground of being. Now, if you've done it, you go, Oh my God. Yeah. That's so right now. And if you haven't done it, you got a ground of being a what's that. And so most people heard the expression, let go, let God. And so to a certain extent, merging is letting go. 0 (1h 10m 51s): You had to gin up, the desire had to be strong. You have to manifest the powerful expectation, confidence in the expectations, but then you have to let it go. And you merge with it at all. One way that I hold it is that you upload your individual desire and your individual expectation into that at all to God, to source. And of course, nothing can resist that. It just happens. And so let go, let God. And in the training we actually teach merging. It comes about naturally we explain this to people on day one. When we talk about the feedback, Tony, because we tell them to merge with the tone for a while, what's merging well, a green and a muddy river come together and you get a muddy green river, or you have a flask of nitrogen and a flask of oxygen. 0 (1h 11m 39s): You open the petcock and you get a merged mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. And so merging with the tones is particularly easy because of the tones come from you. Now we tell people that are most, probably all the sounds that you've heard in your life, come from out. You outside of you, they're not you, the doorbell, a bird, an airplane, a car door slamming somebody talking. It's not you. And so it's harder to merge with that, but the feedback tones are quintessentially you. It's an aspect of the substrates. 0 (1h 12m 19s): If you're a Consciousness that we take out, have you amplify a a hundred thousand times so that the tiny little brain waves, just a few millions of a volt are big enough for our computers to work with. And then we select out of there, like in the spectrum from a infrared ultraviolet, we select our, just the one color, just the alpha waves. And we turn that into beautiful musical sounds that people listen to. And even though it's coming in from outside them, it's coming in through their ears. It's really coming from within them. And so it's already, you, it's just an aspect of you. That's been externalized and turned into sound, but it's you fundamentally and quintessentially you. 0 (1h 13m 1s): And so it's easy to merge with. And the way to do that is first of all, you want to, you talk about neuroplasticity in order to have any changes in your brain functioning, you need feedback. And this facilitates the development of new circuits. And so we know that that feedback is effective to the extent that it is three things accurate, immediate and reasonably aesthetic. Now we don't use as feedback tones, the sound of fingernail scratching on a Blackboard, because that's unpleasant to most people you don't want, when you make alpha, you don't want to be punished by hearing something unpleasant. So we make beautiful musical sounds for the feedback Bluets and oboes and clarinets and saxophones and organs, things like that. 0 (1h 13m 46s): And so you have the positive aspect of the feedback, and we tell people they want to fall in love with the tones. That's one of the things that you can do is you can choose what you like. Bill Harris in his last book said, that's one of the four things that people have control over choosing what they like. And so you choose to fall in love with the tones, and then you become the tones. You feel that you and the tones are one or the tones are pouring through your you're swimming, a sea of tones, all of these serve to have you merged with the tone. And once you learn merging with something that's externalized you, then it becomes much easier to practice that skill of merging on things that are not you. 0 (1h 14m 26s): And that makes you a magician because you now have the three elements, desire, confident, expectation, and merging. And so people come out of the training and they have actually graduated from a school for a Jedi Knights or a school for a magician's. And it's not like you said that wasn't why you showed up at Biocybernaut. You wanted a practical real-world benefits. And then you find out that, Oh, well, those practical benefits actually are the result of mystical, magical transcendent things that you sort of stumbled into doing as you go through the procedures that I've set up for people to go through, its like you would find a hard time crossing a river without getting wet. 0 (1h 15m 10s): So it's a hard time going through a Biocybernaut session without opening a door to the magical worlds. 2 (1h 15m 19s): And so with merging, I had someone on, when I first started the podcast, she's like a clairvoyant medium person and she got into what she calls like sex magic. So is that similar with merging? Cause I've heard when you're trying to manifest, especially if you're maybe not as skilled when it comes to the idea of merging or becoming like outside of yourself, that that's a good application is like when you're with your partner to manifest together. 0 (1h 15m 53s): That is a really beautiful question. And it turns out in the late 1880s, there were two famous German sex magicians who used the experience of orgasm to create the merging, to activate whatever the desire and the expectation was. Now it's harder, impossible during orgasm to have a logical analytical kinds of Thinking. It's a transcendent moment and Oh, by the way, it's a very high, alpha moment. Even people don't have much alpha during orgasm when they let go of the identity that they normally carry around almost like a self-imposed cage when they let go of that in order to have an orgasm, the alpha surges in the same way that in, for example, voodoo a one of the methods In, in voodoo, the, you have the voodoo priest or priestess and they have a bunch of followers and there's some intent they have, maybe it's a good intent. 0 (1h 17m 0s): Maybe it's a bad intent and they all they've developed. They've generated, maybe they do dancing or drumming or chanting to build up the desire and the expectation. And then a certain moment the voodoo priest or priestess cuts the head off a chicken. And everybody goes into shock like for a moment. And the voodoo priest or priestess gathered that energy, which is the contact with the unmanifest and applies it to a manifesting, the, whatever it is, the intention was, well, you know, you have to cut a chicken's head off or you have to do is have an orgasm. And so an orgasm without a conscious plan for what you want that state of consciousness to achieve for you may, at some level is a waste it's like going to a five-star restaurant and ordering a full meal and only eating the salad. 0 (1h 17m 54s): I mean, yeah, it's great salad, but what about the entree in the desert? And you know, and so orgasms can be more efficacious in achieving your life goals and most people realize, but it's an understanding that desire, expectation and merging. And as I said, I don't know the names, but I remember reading about two German sex magicians who were popular in the late 1880s and they use sex magic because the orgasm is a way to break through, break out of the logical analytical cage that most people live in and have a moment of merging with the divine, with the transcendent. 2 (1h 18m 36s): Very cool stuff. So I wanted to, we talked a little bit about it in the beginning. It's the idea of changing your identity and neuroplasticity. And there's a lot of science, mainstream science that says that there are certain things like your PR personality is set in stone by five or that there are certain things that are incurable. So for me specifically antisocial tendencies or disorders. So the main science is saying, if you're a sociopath, that's a forever thing. If you're a narcissist, that's a forever thing I had recently had Dr. 2 (1h 19m 19s): Debra so on, who is a neuroscientist, that's done a lot of research with paraphilias and sex research in that sorta thing. And she was explaining in her research that things like pedophilia, for example, are biological. You're born with the specific Brain that leads to these, these desires. So with these very dark and almost like per like a death sentence, right in today's science, as we know it with your training, are you able to change the brain on that level? Like, can you take a Brain of a psychopath and change it? 2 (1h 19m 60s): Can you take the brain of someone who is born into a pedophile and change it? Have you had any of those like really intense types of personalities come to the door and walk out differently? Absolutely. 0 (1h 20m 15s): And a that's a yes, a couple things. We, we earlier talked about the Minnesota Multiphasic personality inventory, the granddaddy of all personality tests, which has eight clinical scales, depression, anxiety, paranoia, schizophrenia, psychosis, denia a mania, psychopathic, deviancy, masculinity femininity. And remember that brainwaves rule, you change your brainwaves, you change your identity, you change your identity, you change your reality. Cause identity and reality are synonymous. 0 (1h 20m 56s): Ah, and I told you how, when I was asked to speak about my research to the entire psychiatry faculty of UCSFs that, and I was showing them personality profiles, MMPI profiles from before at, after the training seven or eight days apart, it frightened them. So that two of the senior members of the department jumped out of their seats and started shaking their fish and waving their fingers, shouted me off the stage because they had never seen. And they were afraid of seeing a means by technology that could profoundly alter personality. Now we have to be careful because you have, have I ever done this? Well, what I do is I, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. 0 (1h 21m 38s): What I do is I provide the technology. I provide the training methods. I provide the coaching, but it's up to the people to change themselves. The, you know, if you stand in front of a mirror, the mirror does not force you to smile or frown. If you are an actor, an actress and you want to practice your smile or frown for a particular part, a mirror is a perfect feedback device because that's accurate and immediate. And so you pull the muscles of your face in a smiler, frown occurs. And so using the feedback accurate and immediate, you can learn how to pull the muscles in your face to produce exactly the type of smile or the type of frown or grimace that you needed for this role. 0 (1h 22m 22s): And so one time early in my career is in the Camille lab. And I was training a group of 20 students from San Francisco state. And it was fairly primitive. I mean the, and now the wires are mostly hidden and, but everything was like exposed. All the technology in the wire's in this college student was Aaron. He looked, he was all impressed with all my looked at all this technology. And then he sat down in the chamber and he said, okay, okay. 2 (1h 22m 48s): Do it to me. 0 (1h 22m 51s): I laugh because I can't do anything to you. I put you in an environment where you have feedback, which is accurate and immediate and reasonably aesthetic, I hope. And it's up to you now to things and then see what happens. Now, I'll tell you a story here related to that, I was in Canada working with the, the scholarship, a sponsor who not only send people from his company, but he put up $6 million and cent over 200 Canadian Aboriginal people into the training. Well, one of these was a, it was a Hi ShawMan in the Cree nation. 0 (1h 23m 34s): And if he was awake, he was praying in Cree, either out loud or, you know, silently. And as I said, many of the Aboriginal people had been horrifically abused. They had post-traumatic stress disorder, worse than many returning war veterans because of the cultural abuse that they had endured, partly because of the residential schools. And he hated white people. And he hated especially white people in white jackets because they represented the worst of white authority. Now he was on scholarship. And so he was at one level plight, but he was bathing me. And he was like, Oh, you know, you white people, you're all the products of incest. 0 (1h 24m 15s): And they go, well, what do you mean? He said, well, according to you, white people's beliefs. The first man and woman were Adam and Eve and they had children. We'll have to have their children, have children, a ha you see, you're the products of insects, children having sex with our brothers and sisters. And he said, that was not true for us first nations people, because you see the first native people made it with aliens now, instead of going, Oh, that's nonsense. I went and to go, well, you know, during a low talks about how the two ITI species of the Nephilim and the Hathor were involved in early genetic experiments and genetic engineering with prodo humans to bring us into a larger and fuller and wider Consciousness, more quickly than evolution alone might do. 0 (1h 24m 57s): So I could understand how maybe some of your early first nations people might of made it with these aliens. And he goes, Hmm, he wasn't getting the fight, the pushback that he was looking for. We want it to like, make me wrong and make me the project of incest, put me down. And I wasn't having any of it. I was like buying into his belief system, actually supporting, encouraging, and providing information. Then he hadn't heard before. And so it changed the relationship. Now we kind of had a truce. It was not this like jabbing all the time. So remember if he's awake, he's praying either out loud or in his mind. So on the third day it was training, we're in the Canterbury room and he's telling me about a session. 0 (1h 25m 37s): And he said, you know, dog, there were certain parts of my prayer today where the tones were louder and they go, Oh my God, that's absolutely amazing. Because you know, when there's something that you could do or not do that makes the tones louder. You're well on your way to mastery and control. So we sort of bast in that praise and acknowledgement for a while. And then I said, well, could you tell me what was the difference in your prayer 3 (1h 26m 4s): When the tones were louder? And you got a very good question and he closes his eyes and he goes to think about it at least as well. Well, doc, when the tones were louder, I had more authenticity in my prayer and I felt closer to creator and I go, Oh boy, this is wonderful. Now we probably don't want to tell the CEO of this company, who's coming next week for training about that. But between you and me, that's wonderful. And so we basked in that for a while, a closer to creator in those portions of the prayer, where the tones were louder and more authenticity. 3 (1h 26m 45s): So we bashed in that for a while and then I go, okay, now I have a challenge for you. He goes, what's that doc? I said tomorrow, I would like you to bring, if you can bring that greater authenticity in your PIR and the greater closeness to creator into those parts of your prayer, that didn't have it today. And his jaw dropped his eyes get big. And he goes, how is it that a white man can make me a better Sharmane? And so, depending on your brainwaves, you we'll have the experience of oneness. You'll be closer to, to create a, you you'll feel more authenticity. The man who owns the building and in Germany, where I have my a German training center is the personal growth. 3 (1h 27m 31s): A leader runs personal growth training programs. It was a, one of the dream flows teachers' in the school of remembering. And when he came to California to do the training on the third day of his training, he said, would you bring this training to Europe? And I said, show me the building. And he said, well, I have a big house in Amsterdam, which is big enough for the whole training center. We have 6,000 square feet plus rooms for the people to stay. And I said, I know Holland, it's calling the low country. I said, what's the elevation of this house? And he goes five meters below sea level at the time, I believe in global warming. 3 (1h 28m 16s): I know now that we're actually going into a grand solar minimum is going to get colder, but I was worried, you know, if you melt all the ice on Greenland, the oceans go up 20 feet and you meld other eyes. And you know, pretty soon if you're five meters below sea level and you're protected by dikes, I didn't want to be flooded. Sorry. I said, no. He said, okay, well, I'll set the intention in my training that I'm going to sell my house and buy another house. So he does that. He gets back to Germany and that gets back to Amsterdam. And he's got 10 messages on his answering machine from some guy wants to buy a house. And so he's busy. He's just back. He's got a catch up. 3 (1h 28m 57s): He doesn't respond the next day, the guy calls again and leave more messages. He isn't 0 (1h 29m 2s): Taking them yet. He's not there. So he calls his realtor and says, well, what should I ask for this house? And the realtor gives him a figure X. And so the third day he's back, the guy calls again, they connect and the guy offers him three times X. So the shells a house two months later in the real estate market collapsed, but now he has his big pocket full of Euro's and he's wandering around Europe and 5 (1h 29m 28s): He buys this farmhouse. And 0 (1h 29m 31s): In the Biocybernaut training center is now built into what you used to be the stable of that farmhouse, all renovated in a nice word and everything. But he said of the training that he rewrote all of his courses after his alpha one training, because he said he felt more authenticity. And he realized he wasn't teaching wasn't expressing authenticity. And he goes, how is that? A machine could make me more authentic. And so, and so many, many wonderful stories of the magic that happens in the Biocybernaut trainings. There is one other, a question that you asked that I hadn't fully answered, and it was about the longevity of the results. 0 (1h 30m 14s): Well, for example, we know that the average increase in IQ is 11.7 points. And we've also done tests to show that that increase is stable at least a year out. We haven't tested beyond a year, but there's no diminishment of the ICU gain for at least a year after the training. Now, when I wrote a, the federal grant, which is entitled anxiety and aging, I've built in a six month follow-ups in 12 month follow-ups because I was keen to know, like, you know, a few of the psychiatrists at UCLA who are open, said, well, these are amazing result, but what are the, do they last, I mean, I've never seen this kind of change. 0 (1h 30m 55s): And certainly not that quickly. I've never seen somebody to go from 98th percentile and schizophrenia or a paranoia, and then B in the middle of the normal zone ever. And certainly not in a week, but, but does it last? I didn't know. And so I designed this study so that we would have of course, to pre in one post personality test battery, but then again at six months, and again, at 12 months later, and to our utter astonishment, when people came back in at six months, their personality profile results were better than they were in the day or two, right after the training, which was way better than, than we were before the training. And so while we're scratching our heads, trying to figure out how this was possible. 0 (1h 31m 36s): Now the six months go by, we bring them back for their 12 month followup and there are further improvements. So you have to like come up with some kind of understanding of why this could be and what I realized, I didn't know yet at that time about when you change your identity, you change your reality. But I didn't know that when you perceive the world more accurately, that world we'll change. And I came up with the analogy of the metaphor. Let's say you're born color-blind and all of your life, you've seen black and white and shades of gray. That's it never saw a yellow or red, the Rose, you know, the green. And so then something happens. 0 (1h 32m 17s): Maybe you go to the Lord's and you put a sacred water in your eyes, or you have a miracle surgery, or you have struck by lightning. I mean, I don't know what the change and because you are, but now you see colors. Well, every flower and every sunset is going to be just amazing for months. The novelty of it is going to be, you know, bring bliss, but it's also going to change the way you live your life used to be when you went food shopping, you bought a Canada-US and a box of that. But now you are drawn by the colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables and you by and eat a healthier, more organic diet. And so your internal biochemistry starts to change, or you go to the closet or to get dressed instead of putting on garish, a clashing colors. 0 (1h 32m 59s): And cause some people are like, Oh, that guy's weird. Or that girl is certainly not, you know, with it. Now that will change how you assemble your wardrobe each day changes the social networks that you have available to you. And so you're circle of friends grows, expands, you have a new social opportunities. And so when people in the alpha training fundamentally perceive reality more accurately, it changes everything about the way they live their lives. And that is ongoing. And that helps to explain why people's personality profiles are better after the training than before and better at six months after then, right before and better at 12 months and six months. 2 (1h 33m 40s): I don't have to take that a test again in a few months just to compare it to my exiting test. 0 (1h 33m 47s): Well, one thing that we noticed like with the aboriginals, the scholarship sponsor recognize that the degree of trauma in the Aboriginal people is so great that he offered to pay not just for their alpha one, but for their alpha two. And for their alpha three, he also had me count mercury fillings and he would pay to have the mercury fillings taken out and replaced with something that wasn't as toxic. So he was very, very caring and loving toward those people. And so we administered the same battery personality test for people before and after their alpha one before and after they're off doing a before and after there are three. Now most personality tests are designed to detect degrees of disfunction. 0 (1h 34m 32s): There are a lot of popular tests out there that a measure bliss or transcendence, or even happiness is the psych app psychology of happiness. But so what we found was that the bad things would go down when they came back, they didn't have so much of the bad things. So the bad things would go down further. And then the, when they came back for the alpha three, the bad would be very, very, very minimal, but they would go down. So the amount of reduction of the bad things in the training was less, but that was because they were coming back with fewer bad things. And so there are some scales like friendly and clear Thinking that continued to go up. 0 (1h 35m 16s): And so the testing of people before and afters and important dimension, as I mentioned, the MMPI has three line scales, one to detect faking bed and other to detect faking good. And another just general not telling the truth sort of randomly. And some of the clinical scales about half of them are corrected 3 (1h 35m 38s): Based on the life skills. And 0 (1h 35m 40s): So the tests of view that we give is pretty simplistic by comparison has no, no life skills. And sometimes people rarely, but occasionally people will come in and they have such an unrealistic view of how good they are in self-understanding or understanding others that they rate themselves unreasonably and inaccurately. Hi. And then after spending a week of learning the reality of where they are with their self understanding or they're understanding of other people's emotions, they actually score lower. I can give you a personal example. When I was a first year grad student in psychology, one of the second year grad students was doing research on something called T groups T stood for training. 0 (1h 36m 23s): So about 150 people may, one of them gathered in a big convention center on a Friday evening to stay until Sunday, late afternoon. And we broke into two groups of 75. And we, first thing we did was we rated ourselves on how open we thought we were on a scale of zero to a a hundred. And I thought, well, you know, I'm a pretty open I'm here doing this work and 60%, okay. So then I spent the whole week opening and opening weekend opening and opening. And at the end of the week, I was many times more open than I was when I started. But the grad student gave me the same test on a scale of zero to a, a a hundred openness, where are you? 0 (1h 37m 4s): And I go, well, I'm way more open than I was at the start. But now I know that the openness dimension is so much faster than I understood. So on a scale of one to a, a a hundred, I could only give myself a 40. Mm. And I was the only person out of the 150 who rated myself lower and openness after. And so he came to me, he said, you, you know, didn't you like the weekend? I thought, Oh, that was fabulous. He goes, well, why did you rate yourself lower? And I gave him this explanation because I recognize openness was a bigger dimension. And so on a scale of zero to 100 years, give me an option to change the scale. I was now a 14 and he said, Oh, that's too sophisticated and understanding. 0 (1h 37m 44s): And he threw my data out. So it is the case on, on some occasions with people come in with, In last in self-delusion about how good they are reading other people's emotions or their own that they score unrealistically high. And then after some truth, telling in some honesty are revealed about how open they really are and how good they are reading other people's emotions. They could score themselves lower, even though they have enhanced these skills. 2 (1h 38m 15s): So with that, they're seems to be like a level of self-awareness that you gain after the training. And even though, like you said, you might be scoring lower in some areas is just that you're more aware of the possibilities and where you can kind of grow to have you, do you know who Jamie Wheal is? 0 (1h 38m 35s): Yes. I think we, he and I have, he, he worked with the, another guy, Steven Kotler. Yes, exactly. And, and I've actually spoken on the phone with Jamie. 2 (1h 38m 48s): Okay. So have you seen his recent talks and articles on the spiritual Ego and how he's talking about how, because so many people, especially in Silicon Valley are kind of recreationally and N and M frequently doing psychedelics, but they leave. Yes. Yeah. And even full, full journeys even, and they leave these experiences with an inflated ego, and it's actually bigger than prior to, to these trips. And I was curious if you, if any of your students have that same kind of hiccup cause its kind of a paradox. 2 (1h 39m 31s): So you go into this, this journey or the path of enlightenment to get rid of the ego and then you end up with a bigger one. So is that something that you think is strictly for psychedelics or maybe because it's not in the right settings or do you think that that can happen with a training as well? 0 (1h 39m 49s): A beautiful question. 2 (1h 39m 56s): Okay. 0 (1h 39m 56s): Often lacking in those journeys is a trainer guide. Now Biocybernaut trainers go through not only a multiple brainwaves trainings themselves, but there was a two month training of the trainer process where they are at my side during a two months worth of trainings. And so in any personal growth, the ego is the obstacle and works to undermine the growth. And a psychedelic is can give you a, a glimpse or even, you know, a flood of, of insights. 0 (1h 40m 41s): But if it's not embedded in a proper training protocol, it can actually, as you said, make it worse, the spiritual Ego. And you know, there has been some comment about the leaders of the tech companies and the social media companies in California, engaging in, should we say antidemocratic, censorship and things like that. And so this is not something that you do when you are even in going in the direction of enlightened being, you don't shut off points of view that, you know, you don't like or disagree with. So I can tell you a story that will illustrate a, the problem and the solution in the history of my career, there have been periods as long as eight or nine months where I did not have my technology set up. 0 (1h 41m 26s): Maybe the lab was moving or, you know, I was going into a new state or something like that. And it did move the training center to Raleigh, North Carolina at one point or moved it around different places in the San Francisco Bay area. And I would get calls from people who his friends had done the training or family, and they were desperate to do the training. And I would say, well, you know, I'm, I don't have the technology set up right now. I'm in the process of a move, but I could schedule you for, you know, the next March or something like that. And so then some of them would say, well, here in my town, a downtown there's like a BC biofeedback on the corner and they offer a brainwave training. 0 (1h 42m 10s): Do you suggest I go there to kind of like get a warm up until I can come with you and do the real thing? And I said, actually, no, I don't recommend that. And here's why I said, have you heard of penicillin resistant, gonorrhea? And they kind of like, what are you talking about sexually transmitted disease for a guy, well, wanting to make a point. And I, and they say, well, yeah, I have heard of it. And I said, do you know how it came about? It was kind of like a medical mystery, where did a penicillin resistant gonorrhea come from? And I say, no. So then I tell them the story. It used to be that the U S military had military bases in the Philippines, tens of thousands of soldiers and sailors and airmen on these bases. 0 (1h 42m 53s): Well, and you have a, you know, tens of thousands of horny, young men. And so what's called into action are prostitutes, both male and female prostitutes and M the Philippine medical system leaks. And so it's very easy for non-prescription access to powerful antibiotic's. And so the Philippine prostitutes, according to the research, we're able to get their hands on penicillin and they gave themselves everyday small doses. Well, as any microbiologist knows, that's a perfect way to develop an antibiotic resistant strain is to give a large members of the population, small, a non-lethal doses of the antibiotic. 0 (1h 43m 41s): And I go, okay, now what's the comparison to the brainwave training? Well, the Ego is like the gonorrhoeae. And if you go to down on the corner, ABC Biocybernaut, I mean, ABC bio-feedback and they don't have the Biocybernaut methods and they don't have the Biocybernaut coaching and they don't have the Biocybernaut technology. You're going to get a sub critical dose of information about how the Ego works and what the Ego does is it learns how to resist the information, have a brainwave feedback done, right? And so I would tell them the story and I'd say, well, now you have two choices. 0 (1h 44m 22s): You can either wait to come to Biocybernaut and, you know, from your family or friends, the power of the Biocybernaut, or you can, and against my recommendation, go to ABC biofeedback down in the corner and get a critical dose of feedback, which will simply teach your Ego how to resist the information that comes through properly developed and delivered a brainwave feedback training. And so I had people do it both ways. Some people would weight and they would thrive in their Biocybernaut training, others couldn't weight. And they went to ABC bio feedback and they would come in and their egos would be like these people in Silicon Valley that you're talking about the spiritual IGOs, and they will be primed to resist the coaching and the methods in a way that was a not ever seen in people who hadn't taken these sub critical doses of a brainwave feedback training. 0 (1h 45m 20s): And so oftentimes when people do psychedelics, they don't have coaching and they don't. And, and, and th one of the big themes, as you know, personally, from having done by a seminar training, the Ego is identified as the adversary and the weapons, a tools that it uses the hindrances are explained in great detail. And you are trained to recognize when the thoughts starts to open in your mind. It's like an email that contains a virus. The servers will always delete those emails before it comes to your computer. Well, where the thoughts starts to open your mind. That has one of them are the hindrances in it. You're trained to delete that thought. 0 (1h 45m 60s): So it doesn't open. Doesn't take over your awareness. And so you can go and do a psychedelics, but if not done with the appropriate guidance, you run the risk of developing a, an inflated Ego that will then more effectively block any personal growth, spiritual growth, or expansion of consciousness that you are really seeking. 2 (1h 46m 24s): Okay. So is there well too, a two-part question? How do you distinguish what to you and what's your ego and does, is it possible to kill your Ego? Because it's a thing that you hear a lot of the time is the word to kill your ego. Because the thing that I hear a lot is Ego death, and that's confusing to me. 0 (1h 46m 48s): Well, I remember telling you about this multimillionaire oil man that brought me to India. He was away with the film crew at a rap temple in Northern India filming. And I got there. So the first five days I was alone in Bombay, in the Oberoi hotel and owned by the King of Nepal, setting up the equipment and so on. And when he came back, we walked into the room and he thumped is just to go that I killed it. Is it my ego? Or is it going to be a long journey? And he was a multiple of personality, some raging, angry drunks, others, you know, Hi and charitable philanthropic. Ah, and sometimes I had to wait like three days for somebody show up that I could talk to. 0 (1h 47m 33s): But yeah, Romney said, as long as you have a body, you have an Ego, okay. That might be a big and obtrusive and get on people. Or it can be subtle in evanescent and rarely in evidenced, but it's always there and you cannot kill it. The only time integrates is when you drop your body. And so that's not a very effective way, but you can diminish it and you can learn how to do it. Okay. And you can learn how to recognize its efforts to undermine your personal growth methods or even your happiness by memorizing the five hindrances. One of the drawings. And I often have drawings that I make to show people, I draw a little face and I draw screen, and I say, this is U and this is a screen of your LT, the, the sounds and the images and the smells. 0 (1h 48m 22s): And it all comes to you from this, from the screen of reality. And then over on the side, eye, draw a bootleg, a projector, one of those tripods, you know, old projectors. And I say, this is Ego, which makes up movies and project them onto the screen of your reality. And a few haven't been trained to recognize a perception based on the hindrances. You will take in the false images that the Ego projects into your reality, and you'll accept them as real well. And then we go down the path to destruction, or, you know, in the inhibition of a year, your skills, your talents, your abilities, and so recognizing, well, let me give you a story. 0 (1h 49m 5s): At one point, I had a built a, I was asked by a, a, a wealthy family to put a training center on their estate in a St. Charles, Illinois. And I was there from may through November trained all the family members. It was a family owned company and many wonderful stories of how people benefited from that. But one of the trainings, there was a three guys and two of them were cousins. And another was a creative director of a creative company. And they all evoked their higher self to help them in their forgiveness work. 0 (1h 49m 46s): This was before we the 14 step method. And so when they were dealing with a problem and forgiveness, they would call on their higher self. For two of them, it was a tall robed, bearded, very stately, almost saintly looking character. And for the third person, it was a radiant child and he would be having problems for the forgiveness. He'd call him the radiant child that would come in smiling and radiating good energy. And it would give him advice that was kind loving and always effective and doing the forgiveness. Okay. So that went on for several days. He's doing great. And then he's, I would have a problem for giving he calls on the radiant child. It comes in as exactly like it always did, and it gives him advice. 0 (1h 50m 27s): It's a vicious mean-spirited and cruel. And so immediately he grabs you by the neck, puts one hand on the head and pops the head off and inside his Tasmania, the cartoon character of the Tasmanian devil that runs around you like that, bringing bad vibes everywhere he goes. And so why did he do that? Well, he recognized that where the radiant child was giving him advice, it was kind gentle, loving, and effective. Now it was giving him advice that was vicious. Mean-spirited in cruel. And he recognize that the ego had gotten up in drag to impersonate. The one that he was taking advice from. 0 (1h 51m 9s): And so Ego will do that. It has the ability to corrupt your perceptions. And so you need to be on guard. This is why you need a, in your tool kit, in your quiver, you need the arrows where you know what the hindrances are, a doubt, drowsiness distractability and worry to includes all form, a fear, aversion, any form of ill will a boredom. And then the one I added, which is forgetfulness. And so when a thought starts to open in your mind, you run the scan on it. Does this contain a hindrance or two or three? If so, you delete that thought, say, thank you. I don't need to think that way anymore. And so one of the signers of the American declaration of independence wrote famously eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty. 0 (1h 51m 58s): So you need to constantly monitor because Ego has only one objective control you. And it is not going to take a day off where you can like, not worry about it. And so you constantly need to monitor your perception. It becomes automatic after a while, but then, you know, if once every two weeks a bad thought comes up, you go, Oh, I see you Ego. That's a new name, the hindrance. And you dismiss the Ego, but you need to be eternally vigilant in order to have the Liberty of higher consciousness. 2 (1h 52m 31s): Have you heard of, of the ego Eradicator? Breathwork it's similar that incorporates a Kundalini breath work. I just thought it popped up on my newsfeed today. And it was, I had to ask you if it was something you are familiar with. And so it was a rustle brand that did a little tutorial on Twitter today about it. And he was saying that you put your, your thumbs out like this, you focus on like your third eye brow spot, and you keep your arms kind of wide at a Y. And you do like, Oh, I'm going to it's one minute in through your nose and really fast, almost like hyperventilating breaths, and then out through your mouth in the same way. 2 (1h 53m 19s): And then you have to hold it and imagine roots kind of going down into the, into the earth and you hold it for as long as you can. And then at the end you make this very big exhale and it's supposed to help specifically with the Ego. So I was curious, yeah. If you, if you practice that as like, it's perfect timing for my podcast. 0 (1h 53m 37s): Well, I, when I got back from my breakthrough experience in Joe Kamiyah's lab, I wanted to tell people about it. This was like the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. And in my senior year at Carnegie Institute of technology, senior and physic, I had a set up in an exchange program between the psych department at Duquesne university, where they had French Jesuit priests. Teaching phenomenology is a science of Consciousness, a scientific experience, and our department, which was largely rat runners. And so I had met a professor there, Dr. 0 (1h 54m 18s): Ralph <inaudible> Berg. Now Rolf had been a grad student at Harvard, under Timothy Leary, and he had taken tons of LSD. He'd lived at the community at Millbrook and taken tons of LSD. He met his wife, there are three children, we're all conceived on LSD, a conscious creation. And so we went, whatever Rolf was doing, what like giving a class, what he's really doing is witnessing himself, studying the processes of his Consciousness as it changes as he does whatever it does in that could be giving the class, making love with his wife, canoeing down a river with his children. He was always studying his awareness. And so I go, well, if anybody's going to know what happened to me is going to be rough. 0 (1h 55m 1s): And so he had a house, we rented house one of the Robert Barron era houses in Pittsburgh. So big that the top floor had maids quarters for a dozen maids. I mean, this was a vast house and he was renting it. So I walk up the Hill it's right off campus. And I walk in and it was a big study. And he looks at me and he sees that I'm different. And he goes like, sit out. And he takes his left arm and he sweeps everything off the desk, on to the floor, folds his hands. And he says, okay. Now tell me what's happened to you. So I spend the next, maybe two and a half to three hours detailing everything that happened to me in Joe Kimmy's lab, partway through this Tauck a neighbor, lady comes in 3 (1h 55m 45s): And stands respectfully in the distance for a while. Listening then leave. And then a little while later, she comes back with a book and she walks over to my side of the desk, puts the book down and then leaves. And I continue the conversation with Roth. At the end, I look at the book, it's the autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, which two weeks earlier, I would have thought this is nonsense, looked at it, crazy things that we talk about it, but now I read it. I shared it with my roommate who was a grad student at Duquesne, studying phenomenology. He ordered the correspondence lessons from the self-realization fellowship and together for some years, he and I did the Yogananda lessons. 3 (1h 56m 25s): We were both initiated into Korea, yoga by one of the Yogananda's direct disciples. So we create a Nanda at the end, Nanda cooperative village in grass Valley, California. And so I was deeply imbued with this tradition. And so yoga Nanda, speaking of breathing says that you should never even try to meditate unless you do these breathing exercises. Well, the first breathing exercise we did for a couple of years, and then there was a second more advanced one that would come along called the Hong Saul method. And when I was in India, I talked to Yogis teachers who said they don't teach people meditation for two years. 3 (1h 57m 6s): And the first thing they do for two years and they teach them breathing practices. So I'm very aware of and respectful have the power of breathing. Now it turns out in the Biocybernaut a chamber. Oftentimes there are certain States of consciousness where it's like an awareness larger than the person comes in and it breeds them. It causes them to breathe in certain ways to advance their, there are coaches, but they are also breathing practices. And we will be introducing some of these soon and to the training. In fact, they'll be a special trainings that will feature certain breathing exercises. We are already years ago, built into the CyberKnife program that runs everything, a pre-training and a post training meditation period during which they will be some special breathing practices coming soon, too, the Biocybernaut center and near you. 3 (1h 57m 57s): So I'm, I'm beyond excited and delighted about the power of breath. And as a exhilarate is an aid to the more powerful, alpha feedback process. I, 100% in Dorset, 2 (1h 58m 14s): But somebody who says that it's an ego 3 (1h 58m 16s): Eradicator and the people who say that they have an ego Eradicator. I say, I think you're exaggerating. You can diminish it, which is the goal, of course, but eradication, as long as you have a body, you have an Ego. 2 (1h 58m 33s): No. Is there an evolutionary purpose to that or a spiritual purpose? And is it only humans that have a NIGO? 0 (1h 58m 46s): That's a why question? Why did we have an Ego? I found at Biocybernaut it's far more productive to learn how to diminish the influence of Ego, how to minimize it then to ask like, well, why do we have one? I think, you know, asking God would probably be a better way than asking me. 2 (1h 59m 10s): Okay. That's fair enough. 0 (1h 59m 12s): Yeah. But I can tell you, I can tell you how to diminish it and to live a better life as a result. 2 (1h 59m 20s): Yeah. Go to the alpha one training, start with alpha one training. So I wanted to kind of end on the note of global Consciousness and what we talked about it a little bit earlier was let me see if I, I had it and then was the, the yugas and like, like global cycles, things like of that nature. So if we are in what they call a Collie, you go, which is the state of chaos, or with numerology, lots of new numerologists who are saying we're in a nine, which is closing out a lot of unfinished business that can be very chaotic. It forces you to look at some ugly truths in order to evolve. 2 (2h 0m 5s): And hopefully I think the end goal for both of those thoughts are to end in this golden age, which is something that you actively try to participate in and usher in. And that's part of your mission statement for where Biocybernaut. So for all of these people that are having a very hard time with 20, 20 and 2021, do you have any, I guess, small steps that we can take to collectively head into this golden age, mindfulness 0 (2h 0m 45s): Within even the worst chaos with the appropriate Consciousness, you can thrive. A <inaudible> told a story about, he was actually in a Peru visiting Inca temples, and there was a group of Japanese on tour. And he met this man who was held in almost godlike, Reverend by all the other people. And he connected with the guy and they interacted, even though the guy didn't know any English and German Vogue didn't know any Japanese, they interacted profoundly and deeply for some hours later, people in the group took him aside and said, well, do you know who that is? 0 (2h 1m 29s): And he goes, no, the hear was the guy's story. And this, and this is a story about, depending on your Consciousness, you can thrive in chaos. He was in Hiroshima when the nuclear bomb went off and he saw the flash and he saw this wave of destruction coming toward him. And he sat down and he said, this will not affect me. The next day, when rescue workers were going through the ruins, they found this guy sitting naked, sitting naked, there, all his clothes have been incinerated and burned off and blown away. And he was completely intact, completely intact. 0 (2h 2m 14s): He was obviously revered as a national treasure in Japan, but it's an example of how doesn't matter what's going on. And a nuclear bomb is going off. You know, you're going into, you know, a dark age of a dictatorship and censorship may have taken over the land. And freedom of speech has been extinguished and people are being put in jail for not having the right attitudes, not enough social credit, like in China, and this doesn't have to affect you. And so that the idea is that how not to lose your head when everyone around you is losing theirs. 0 (2h 2m 57s): And it's a matter of a sufficiently high Consciousness, the guy who survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb blasts is an example is as a human being, his heart pumps, you know, blood goes to his body, his brainwaves, and I never got to see his brain waves, but, you know, he was a ordinary Japanese man, extraordinary abilities. And so the important thing to do is to be responsible for improvements that you can be responsible for it. You may not be able to stop the person over there who wants to, you know, put all the people that it doesn't like in jail and, or censor people. 0 (2h 3m 43s): So they can't say anything. He doesn't like, but what you can do is you can develop your own Consciousness. You might remember that you and I had an encounter where recently where something, or went wrong with the technology. And instead of being, instead of being disappointed, I said, you know, that was really a good thing. And this is why it was a good thing. And so He remember, 2 (2h 4m 10s): Yes. Yeah. And it made me feel a lot better. I'm like, you can choose how you feel about this situation. 0 (2h 4m 17s): Okay. You'll always have that power. And a, one of my dear friends had a quote that indicated that sorrow follows a negative thought. Having a w you know, we think bad, we become what we think, whereas, you know, and joy follows a positive thought. And so we're talking about more than thoughts. We're talking about the brain waves that underlie both thoughts and emotions. And when you can run those positive brainwaves, you can feel better. And even more importantly, because emotions are even below belief, you can have healthy release, but even above that, you can have a wonderful identity, which in the having of which will alter your reality and what a nice skill town. 2 (2h 5m 13s): Beautiful. And it makes me think of the example you gave earlier on, which was the small, or I shouldn't even say small, but the profound changes that you do see with the training and how that has a protean effect on people around you. So even by adopting this, this small first step of mindfulness, that that can also have a ripple effect. And instead of living in this age of chaos or This, this nine cycle, or this Kali yuga that we could actually go into this golden age and hopefully a lot faster than what we do with what Wikipedia is saying. 0 (2h 5m 52s): Well, as you mentioned, that part of the mission statement of our shopping and fully its to reduce suffering, to expand awareness and to usher in an enduring golden age for all humanity. And we know that by changing our brainwaves, we can change our identity and we can change the reality and bring this in. And so it's within our grasp. We have the means to do this now regarding mindfulness. Mindfulness is a globally, a multi-billion dollar industry. People in all walks of life have a, have become interested in mindfulness. I've actually written the paper on this, which is available to everyone for free online. 0 (2h 6m 34s): It's in the British online journal. He C psychology and psychiatry. That's E as in Edward, C as in Charlie, easy psychology and psychiatry. And you can go and search there. And there's a, a, a, a, an article entitled the quest for mindfulness. And you can learn a lot about what you can do on your own there. 2 (2h 7m 0s): Wonderful stuff. So thank you so much for giving me so much of your time being very generous with all of these technical issues we had earlier on. Do you want to tell the listeners where they can find more of your work and learn more about bio cyber? 0 (2h 7m 16s): Sure. The website www Biocybernaut dot com will take you on quite an Odyssey, quite an adventure. You can sign up for trainings. There is a publication section where there are a lot of papers. Some of them for the lay audience, some of them are technical and scientific that you can read to discover the science behind the powerful effects that we have. There's also various forums that you can participate. There's a, a, an alumni, a section of the website that all the graduates can gather. And then we talk there about, you know, issues and problems and solutions. You can also get a copy of my book on Amazon. 0 (2h 7m 60s): It's called the art of Smart Thinking. And when it was introduced, it actually Rose to number three on Amazon for a while. 2 (2h 8m 10s): Wow. Okay. Very cool. 0 (2h 8m 12s): And when it dropped off, off of that, it was number one in the sub category of memory improvement for many months, the art of Smart Thinking by Dr. James Hardt on Amazon. 2 (2h 8m 24s): Awesome. Yeah. And then I'll, I'll record an intro after this, but just to reiterate to the listeners, we do have three autographed copies that we will be giving away. So you could win your very own copy of this book signed by the one and only Dr. Hardt. So again, thank you so much. I can't wait to see you again, talk to you again, and I really appreciate you. 0 (2h 8m 49s): It's been a delight hanging out with you really appreciate you and your wonderful deep and thought provoking. 1 (2h 8m 56s): Okay. Thank you. And thank you everybody for listening. That's it for this week's episode. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and review, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button. You can also share this podcast with a friend. It helps my podcast grow, and I really appreciate it. I hope to see you next week.