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Feb. 8, 2023

#70 Justin Caviar - Lifespan, Testosterone, High Value Men

 Chatting with Candice
 Justin Caviar
 Episode Run Time: 1:25:02

Justin Caviar is a singer/songwriter, host, and entrepreneur based in Orlando, Florida. Aside from his music and hosting, Justin has long worked with many industry giants in the business world–making him a jack of all trades from one place to another. He’s already been invited to be a speaker on TEDx and now has his own podcast show on Apple and Spotify called “The Justin Caviar Show,” where he has multiple guests and varieties of topics discussed. 


0:00:02 Introducing Justin

0:00:41 Becoming Your Best Version

0:03:35 About Testosterone Intake 

0:07:56 Effects of Testosterone Microplastics 

0:11:51 Birth Controls and Pheromones 

0:17:56 Caution on Taking Testosterone

0:24:15 Longevity and Advice for Longer Lifespan 

0:38:25 Mitigation of Stress Levels 

0:49:38 Alternative Treatments to Improve Body Cells 

0:59:35 Definition of a High Value Male 

1:19:22 Gratitude Practice 

1:24:20 Where to Find Justin


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Becoming the best version of yourself starts with having a healthy mindset of who you are, how you look, and feel. While it is inevitable that people will use supplements, the best and healthiest way to achieve this goal of becoming better is trusting the slow and steady progress you see. Unlike the euphoric feeling you get when you administer supplements in your body, the more long term happiness you receive from the progress you track in yourself is more admirable to share and record. This generates a happy and healthy mindset of self perspective, which then resonates to your confidence and presence of others. 


Finding Your Best Version

There are many ways to find your best versions depending on your lifestyle, personality, and discipline. In order to achieve the best version of yourself, you have to remove all the negative and toxic thought processes that often pass your mind. By doing so, you can have yourself checked and know what you need to work on and chart a course on the self improvement you need in order to reach your version goal. Aside from health, having a lifestyle and discipline can also play a role. Whether you are the type of person who likes to be part of a health nut community or being by yourself and practicing self-discipline, all these are okay to undergo as long as you see progress. 


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Entrepreneur and host Justin Caviar takes on becoming the best version of yourself while also addressing substances to watch out for and long term practices to help reach your goal.

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0 (0s): What are you doing and what's your advice on being able to like have a health span and a Lifespan, not just age out. 1 (7s): So we gotta break it down, right? So movement and then like biohacking stuff and then like supplements. So as far as like movement, yes. Obviously you need to workout to build, you know, skeletal muscle. You need that. Why is that important? Because as you get older, people die when they fall. And it sounds dumb for a young person cuz like young people fall all the time. It's like whatever. Like why would I die if I fell? But as you get older and more brittle, if you break your hip, you can't move anymore. Your blood doesn't circulate and now you have a whole, 0 (39s): It's good to see you again. Justin, thank you for coming on the podcast. 1 (43s): Of course, of course. How can I, how could I say No, 0 (47s): No it's always great when you have like a good rapport and then you can, you know, I scratch your back. You scratch mine. How's the episode doing? 1 (55s): Yeah, the episode's doing great. We love, we love getting back scratches over here, the Caviar state, so, so yeah, it's definitely good when you can have a great guest and then also go on their podcast as well. 0 (1m 9s): So I was looking over your podcast and you're kind, I feel like we're very similar. We have a wide range of guests and topics and it kind of goes all over the place. But one of the things that you seemed hyper-focused on was what we talked about last time we spoke, which was becoming limitless. So I wanted to ask what that meant for you and then we can kind of go from there. 1 (1m 31s): Yeah, I mean, so like in my Instagram it says trying to become Bradley Cooper in Limitless ob Obviously that's somewhat unrealistic at this point until we have some type of device like Neural Inc. Or some type of pharmaceutical drug or we're integrated with technology. But yeah, I mean just being the, to be as simp as simple as possible, just becoming the best version of yourself. Right. You know, growing up I always wanted to be the guy, whatever, you know, you, I wanted to identify as the guy and, and yeah and I still do. It's never, it's never left. Keeps me going. Have 0 (2m 6s): You heard, I wish I pulled up this medicine cuz you brought up medication. Do you follow Dave Asprey at all? 1 (2m 11s): Yes. 0 (2m 12s): So there's this medication and I think the, what it's prescribed typically for is narcolepsy. 1 (2m 19s): Yeah, it's pro provigil. 0 (2m 21s): Okay. Have you tried that or have you ha talked to people that have tried that? 1 (2m 25s): Yeah, so I've tried it for sure in the biohacking space. Everyone I think has tried it. I know people that do it periodically. I know people that do it every day. It's interesting. It's a very interesting drug. 0 (2m 38s): Can you describe it? Is it like, is it an exaggeration when people call it the limitless pill or hundred percent. Oh it's, 1 (2m 45s): Yeah, it just keeps you awake. 0 (2m 47s): Oh, okay. Well 1 (2m 48s): That's, it's a wakefulness agent. Yeah. 0 (2m 50s): Oh, okay. I, I didn't know if it helped with learning or memorization. 1 (2m 56s): Not that I know of. Yeah I don't, I don't know any studies that have increased l learning retention, but it does keep you awake. Have you ever, maybe you had like 12 hours sleep, you had like a really super deep sleep and then you drank an espresso and before you got too like cracked out, you were just awake. So that's how you feel on Provigil. But you feel like that for like 14 hours. 0 (3m 21s): Oh wow. Okay. So it sounds kind of like if you were to take like an Adderall or something, just like gives you 1 (3m 27s): Adderall without the euphoric feeling. So like when people take Adderall or any type of amphetamines, you get this heightened sense of motivation and drive and, and wanting to, wanting to basically like be a conqueror, right? Like you want to just get more stuff done. And it's similar to Testosterone too. People that do high T R t or steroids also get this sense of euphoria. Provigil doesn't really have that. It just keeps you, it literally just like keeps you awake and it keeps you awake for a long period of time. So you have to be careful when timing your sleep with your circadian rhythm. 0 (4m 1s): Mm, that's interesting. I'm glad, I'm glad that you touched on Testosterone. I don't even have that written down anywhere on my, my outline, but very 1 (4m 9s): Important for men. 0 (4m 10s): So important. So what's scary to me, I'm a mom of two boys, so that's my universe. I'm always trying to digest a bunch of content and how I can make them like the happiest, healthiest, safest as possible. Like you know, my job is their parent. I hear so many horrifying stories of boys that are in high school that are doing tea and yeah that makes me so nervous because like you said, it creates the sense of euphoria so then you think you're doing something good. But I don't think what these boys realize is like once you start, you kind of have you just like shoot your natural Testosterone like you, it will never be the same again. If you want kids, you could have affected that. 0 (4m 50s): So I don't know if like you see a lot of like young male listeners on your end that are asking about this or like maybe experiences through friends on Testosterone. 1 (4m 59s): Yeah, for sure. Yeah, Testosterone is is a vital hormone with men and women but primarily with, with men. Testosterone like Andrew Huberman says it makes effort feel good. So obviously, you know, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why that's important for men, you know, or else something would get done. So I think women actually have a b better sense of that because women can get stuff done and feel good about it without, with like low Testosterone or even girls that are on birth control, which basically is like female castration and they can still get stuff done. Which I think women have a b more, they have different hormones that that push out output and motivation. 1 (5m 40s): Whereas in men, if their Testosterone is in the gutter, it's very, very bad for their psyche. You know, just sense of wellbeing, motivation, drive, it's terrible guys that are doing Testosterone in their high school days, early college days, early twenties, it's not necessarily that you ruin yourself forever, right? You could theoretically take H C G which is basically an injection that stimulates it basically it's like glut hormones. So it, it tells basically in very simple terms, the signal to your brain to your testicles to keep going. So when you take exogenous Testosterone, so outside source being exogenous and you inject it your testicles, which is what produces Testosterone says oh we're good. 1 (6m 23s): And they atrophy, they literally become like little tiny peanuts and because you're injecting it so they don't have a purpose, right? And the body has this thing about hormesis and hormesis is where the body doesn't wanna be too excited but it doesn't wanna be too down so it wants to be balanced, right? That's why if anyone's ever taken Molly or or taking a lot of Adderall the next day you feel like dog shit because your body's down regulating the good feeling and vice versa, if you're really depressed your body will up-regulate to be in the center, which is called heras. That's what your body, your body wants to just stay alive. It doesn't care if you're happy, just, just stay alive. What what happens is when you take an exogenous amount of Testosterone, your natural system goes, okay, we're good. We don't want to keep producing more. 1 (7m 3s): Now you can take t R T with H C G and you can keep your testicles from Aten and they'll decrease maybe half the size. So that will help you if you are on Testosterone or steroids and you want to get your wife or a girlfriend pregnant if you're having like fertility issues. But yet it's not good at by any chance if you don't have low tests. Now however, I've seen guys in high school that, and this it could be due to a brain injury cuz people that ha are concussed fighters, football players, they'll have extremely low T and they're trying to correlate with concussions. And also if you get literally like kicked in the nuts a bunch of times you can, you can mess something up. So I've heard stories of kids that are 18, 20, 21 that their test levels are like 200 and they're young so they'll, they'll get on t r t cuz they're still in the develop the development stage. 1 (7m 54s): And I do think it's very important for those kids to jump on that. That's why, you know, we can get into this being proactive with your health and getting your blood work done every three, three months. I just got my blood work done two weeks ago, I get my blood work done every three months I do a full panel mineral test, everything, vitamins, everything. A red blood cell count, white everything. And, and I do think it's very important that people stay on top of that. But yes, just as simple as possible, you don't want to just aimlessly inject yourself with Testosterone. You want to go to an actual physician and get your levels tested and there might be an issue just genetically chances are no and you should stay away from that as long as possible. 0 (8m 34s): Yeah, I think so too. And then what was interesting enough too is I was reading that Testosterone levels have been dropping like 50% and each year they just, that number just gets kind of compounds and compounds and compounds and a lot of it's due to like the fallates and plastics. Yes. And you're like holy shit, is that right? Like how long does that take to come out of your system? Because a lot of the damage is done in utero cuz like the mom might not have known or she was carrying it from when she was in when she was in utero. Like all of these things kind of are cross-generational. So it's how long does it take to detox from your individual body? 1 (9m 15s): Yeah, for sure. I I mean it's a difficult question, right, because you would have to have like a double blind placebo test and you'd have a, have a group of individuals that don't drink outta plastic, don't microwave their food, no one's paying that much attention unless you're doing a controlled study. So I don't even know if they have those studies even available like on PubMed or, or any type of, you know, backed pub publication site that is like credible, right? PubMed is, you know, there's a holy grail if you wanna look something up, go to PubMed. They have studies from the twenties up there. So yeah, micro it's called fway, you know, like you said Microplastics. And you know what's crazy is they dropped the test range, right? 1 (9m 55s): So like when you get your blood work done with anything, it could be your kidney function, it could be your red blood cell count, whatever. They give you a range of what's considered normal, right? Your blood pressure, whatever. And the low to high end. So anything under 400 and anything up to 900 is considered like good depending on your age. Well my father and my grandparent's generation was 200 points higher. They literally dropped the scale from my par from my father's age. They dropped the scale from a thousand to 900 now. 0 (10m 27s): Whoa. 1 (10m 29s): Yeah. And like you've heard with the, the professor that talked about foul age, that of Harvard, that the anus, so your anal, the men's anus is actually shrinking. So from your testicles to literally your asshole is like shrinking distance, which you are like, okay, well who cares? Well yeah, it doesn't necessarily matter about the distance, but it's the matter of of the test levels dropping that's due to development issues. So it's very serious stuff. Like you, you don't, it's more serious when you're growing up. It's more serious when you're in utero. I think if any, if anyone's pregnant or wants to become pregnant and they want to serve their child the best, look up Dr. Ronda Patrick and she talks about everything that she did with her kids. 1 (11m 12s): And it's very important about what you eat. It's also very important about what the, what the male sperm is. If you're a guy smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, don't think that sperm is sperm. Like your sperm ha is, there's a different level of quality depending on what you're drinking, what you're eating. You know, are, are you eating tons of sugar? Are you insulin insensitive? Like these are all different things and you know, subconsciously that's why women like guys that are in shape, right? Women like guys that are in shape on the surface because they're hot, these guys are shredded and all this stuff. But why don't we like fat guys? Well because that's not a good, that's not someone that's good for offspring, you know, and that's because the healthier the man is, the healthier the sperm is and then vice versa with the women, right? 0 (11m 55s): And he's also not gonna be able to protect you against a sabertooth tiger or probably build you, build you a home. All of those things that you would've needed back in the day. 1 (12m 2s): Exactly. Like why do we like tall? Well I'm not, I don't like guys, but why do girls like tall guys, right? Like it doesn't matter we have ladders. Why? Why is that? It's because those guys theoretically in in past history were able to protect us cuz they're bigger, they take up more space. So it's, it's we're we're fighting, you know, genetics and evolution and what we think is attractive is it is attractive but it's attractive because of science. 0 (12m 31s): You know what's interesting when it comes to attraction? I, I'm sure you've probably heard this, but with women that are on birth control, it actually affects the way that you can receive Pheromones from a partner. So Pheromones are a really good like indicator whether or not someone's a good match for you. And it's something you obviously don't even know that you're smelling. It's like not even on your conscious radar, but it helps kind of filter out good mate, bad, bad mate. That superpower completely goes away when you're on birth control. And then some people say that's why you end up with so many like toxic relationships because you don't have this biological kind of barometer that's saying like ding ding, ding ding ding. 0 (13m 12s): Like he's the right one. So everything kind of goes gray. And I thought that was fascinating And interestingly enough, when I stopped birth control, like my type changed the guy I was with, I was like what am I doing? All of these things. And I know a lot of other women it does huge effect. 1 (13m 30s): Like it's kind of unfair to women to be honest. Like women are naturally more responsible than men in in general. Like I have female employees and I have male employees and the male employees, there'll be shit everywhere. Papers everywhere. Everything's unorganized. Did you send this? Women are like organized, it smells good, everything's sent on time. So we can't trust men to take male birth control pill even if you could figure that out. But I, I do think that with women it, it's kind of fucked up if you think about it. It's literally like hormone castration, birth control pills literally tell your body you're pregnant forever. And I know women that have been on birth control for 20, 30 years. So that means that you're, you're signaling to your body from an exogenous pharmaceutical drug that you're pregnant for 30 years and that kills your libido, that kills everything and it completely screws up with your hormones. 1 (14m 20s): Right? And it's funny cuz I heard, I did look into that and women that are on birth control tend to like more beta males. 0 (14m 28s): Yes. Have males. 1 (14m 30s): And then when they get off they're like why am I dating this? You know, you know this off dude quote unquote, I was gonna say something else, but why are they dating this guy that's not, you know, a real man And when girls are off birth, birth control, they want more of that aggressive alpha guy 0 (14m 43s): To protect your young, right? Like why like your priorities shift because now you can become pregnant instead of your body thinking you're 1 (14m 49s): Pregnant. I saw a huge difference in myself with some of my ex-girlfriends. They were on birth control and you know, I'm a very, you know, I look like pretty much a meathead and I, I'm a very alpha, I think alpha motivated driven guy. Like I'm, depending on who I'm talking to, I, you might get a little offended if we're talking but I'm gonna keep it real and I'll always have your back. And I've had literally ex-girlfriends that were on birth control, they got off birth control or they were on birth control and they'd be like, oh why'd you say that you're being a dick, this and that. And then they got off birth control and now they thought that was hot. 0 (15m 21s): Hmm. 1 (15m 21s): It was the strangest thing. 0 (15m 23s): That is really interesting. What the mantle birth control. I actually heard that when they were trying to push it through, the men were reading or being disclosed the side effects and they were like, fuck that, I'm not gonna take it. Which is so interesting because we give this to girls that are so young usually, you know, as soon as they get their period, so like could be as young as like 12, 13, they have no idea the side effects like the stroke is literally listed on there. And then recent studies have been linking it to autoimmune deficiencies, inflammation, long-term chronic issues and I mean, I don't know cause and effect for me personally, I know I have multiple autoimmune issues and I got on birth control at a very young age for like clear skin. 0 (16m 4s): Cause that's how they were promoting it back in the day. Yeah, right. Yeah. 1 (16m 7s): Let's cut off your hormones and 0 (16m 8s): I know 1 (16m 9s): You have nice skin, right? 0 (16m 10s): Like no, your body knows what it's gonna do. Change your diet and it's gonna be normal to have your skin wrecked during puberty. Puberty cuz that's like a weird stage for everybody. You just gotta wait it out. But no one knew that or I guess like, I guess we're ignorant to those, to those facts. So yeah, I wish I, I had made different choices back in the day for my own health. 1 (16m 30s): But even with men, right? Let's say we had a male birth control pill, let's say it was perfect, it was foolproof. Men would screw it up. 0 (16m 37s): I don't know. That's true. I my, I feel like my husband, I know it's true. My husband is a thousand times better at habit forming than me. 1 (16m 45s): Well there's always exceptions to the role, right? But how many women do their makeup every day? How many women get their hair done? How many women get their nails done? How many women do skincare routines? I have a hair company we do for guys that are losing their hair. You spray it on trentino monoxide, it's a bunch of stuff. It's called Hair Head md. Good luck getting a guy to spend a hundred dollars on their hair. Which hair is like vitally important for men. Like hair is one of the most important things. It's like muscle hair, money and height. Like you need hair and you would be surprised like oh I have to do this every day. So, you know, I love men obviously I'm a dude, I'm a, I'm a bro. I have a brotherhood with some of my best friends. I would die for them but I keep it real. 1 (17m 27s): Men are not responsible with doing daily shit. Yeah obviously there's exceptions to the rule. There's gonna be sloppy girls and there's gonna be sloppy guys and there's gonna be guys that are on point and there there's gonna be girls that are on point. But in majority of the cases, and I know this hand hand, hand in hand because I sell men products, men are difficult. Where women it's like, oh yeah that's like normal. They have like like a 14 step skin routine to go to sleep. 0 (17m 52s): So do you think like a guy would do a version of an I U D because I honestly think once they saw that like three page or not three page probably like 15 page booklet of possible side effects, they'd be like absolutely not. How is this on the market? 1 (18m 6s): Yeah, I think it depends on what it is but that would be the only hope is is if like you just like set it and forget it. 0 (18m 14s): So what are your other companies? You seem like a guy that has multiple things going 1 (18m 17s): On. Yeah, so we have a PR company which is I saw that. Yeah. Which is pretty cool. And then I merged with another company so now we have like one company and then the podcast. Yeah. 0 (18m 29s): That's awesome. 1 (18m 30s): Yeah, so back to what we were saying before is guys with different drugs, make sure you're getting your blood work done and make sure you're not overdoing something and not winging it. A lot of these guys that I know, these bro science guys, they just wing shit and it's the worst thing in the world and you could potentially make yourself sterile. So if you plan on having kids ever be aware that you can't just start injecting something to you know, get, you know, grow a bigger, you know, a bigger physique to get more women at the time when you're 20. Because when you're 40 you're gonna screw yourself or th even 30. Yeah 0 (19m 6s): And I would say even if you think you don't want them, unless you're older and married and you found your, you know, your wife or your your life partner and you absolutely know that's off the table, I would leave room for possibility cuz so many times, like young people, a lot of 'em don't want kids, right? Like you're in a selfish stage of life and you wanna go on adventures and find yourself and all of that cliche stuff, but later in life you're like no, I really want something to kind of anchor me down. 1 (19m 30s): No, for sure. You know what's interesting is, so I got my blood work done a couple weeks ago and I get it done every three months like I said. And the interesting thing is I was this close, I was ready, I was looking for a reason to get on Testosterone. One, I'll, I'll put the, the upsides to Testosterone upsides to taking Testosterone responsibly is no matter what I eat, if I eat a donut, if I go in the sauna and, and I'm overheated, if I get two hours of sleep or 12 hours of sleep or one hour of sleep or I pull an all nighter when I'm manually injecting tests, it stays the same so I can stay at a thousand total tests forever. And it doesn't matter about my daily lifetime habits. 1 (20m 11s): Now I always, I always preach to people, you want to have a good routine, you wanna live, you wanna live and have healthy lifestyle habits, right? But if you go out on a Friday night and then you wake up the next morning and watch college football and you get four hours of sleep and maybe you had some chicken wings and or maybe that ice cream, you, you meet a girl and oh come on B Billy let's go get ice cream and then you go get ice cream. Okay great, that's amazing. However, if you were to take your blood work right there after you ate ice cream and got two hours of sleep, which normally most guys are like 600, anywhere from five to 700, like if you took your blood in that very second you would be at like two 300. Cuz it, it will kill it When you take exogenous Testosterone, which is manually injecting Testosterone, it doesn't matter what you eat, the shit's staying the same. 1 (20m 54s): So that was my one thing. And then I always go, well look at the rock bro. You know the, the rock's crushing it. You wanna be the how bad do you wanna be Batman? And, And so that was one thing. So I, so I got my blood work results, my total test was seven 30 and, and which is like high for my age, I'm 31 and I was like, oh man, you know, I really, I I still want to do it even though I don't technically qualify for it. But you can always just get it like these t r t clinics, they'll prescribe it to anyone. It's pretty bad actually. But that's the, that's where we're at. So I didn't, so now I'm just taking some test boosters. 1 (21m 34s): My free is was actually a bit lower. So f so there's total tests and free tests. Total is what your body produces. Free is what your body utilizes. So I know guys that have 900 total but they have an extremely low free and they're not utilizing it and they have symptoms of low T. So my free used to be 25 at and top top is 27. So I was utilizing all of it and two weeks ago it was like 20. So I started taking a D H E A supplement and then I started taking Figo Greives and Tongue Cat Ali to increase total numbers and free up more, free up more Testosterone so you can get it actually into the bloodstream cuz that's really what you're utilizing is your free test, not your total but But theoretically you want both. 1 (22m 17s): So I was really close but I didn't 0 (22m 20s): Yeah I think if you can hold off it's like try ex like exhaust all other efforts first and then yeah and then take out the big guns. 1 (22m 30s): I know but come on Candace, I wanna max out. 0 (22m 32s): Oh my you have plenty of time. You're so young. You're so young. Your levels sound great I think be a good example. You can move Batman on your own. I believe in you. 1 (22m 45s): I'm just saying besides Robert Pattinson every Batman was probably do taking something. 0 (22m 50s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think he probably even was for that. He got pretty big for what he typically is. I was surprised. Yeah 1 (22m 56s): He's a scr, he's a pretty scrawny dude for sure. Yeah but he did get a little bit bigger but like Christian Bale, oh my god, that guy 0 (23m 3s): A beast. He was the best Batman 1 (23m 5s): By far 0 (23m 6s): The best Batman. I don't know how you go from that to Robert Pattinson. That was a terrible Batman by the way. Did you like the movie? 1 (23m 14s): I didn't and and I heard a lot of people did like it and tracks. So my favorite, yeah so my favorite villain for Batman is the Ridler because he is like an enigma smart, he sets puzzles and that's kind of, you know, that's kind of like what I'm into, I'm believe it or not, as big as the meathead that I look, I'm actually like a hardcore nerd. So the Red War's my favorite but it is like this guy and and that guy was cast in some weird like movies prior so I kind of already had like a thing about him. So yeah, I wasn't a big fan of it. I did like the bat though. That was pretty badass. 0 (23m 43s): No, I thought the same thing. I was like the the Ridler wasn't cast right? No one was cast. I mean Zoe Kravitz I think she can do no wrong. She was good. I love her so much. I think she was good. Stunning. But she's the only reason I watched it. 1 (23m 56s): She was a beast. Oh 0 (23m 57s): Yeah, catsuit 1 (23m 59s): The Penguin Colin Farrow. That was the best, that might have been the best casting of all time. Like if you like the penguin, that character was perfect. The Ridler was terrible and Batman was not as good. I I think I've seen worse Ben Affleck but, but the Ridler was terrible. Batman was whatever but man the penguin was spot on. 0 (24m 25s): It was so funny cuz no one believed that that was actually Colin Ferrell like they did such a good job at transforming. 1 (24m 31s): No I thought he was so amazing. It was, it was. It was amazing. So hat hats off to whoever casted Colin 0 (24m 35s): Ferrell. Yeah you did something right? You got two. Two characters. You did well. 1 (24m 39s): Yeah. Have my coffee mug right here. Here. Shout out if you guys don't believe me, let's go. 0 (24m 45s): You shouldn't make that some of your merch. How bad do you wanna be Batman? I 1 (24m 48s): Know Bat you wanna be Batman? 0 (24m 50s): I'd buy, I'd buy a hoodie for sure. 1 (24m 53s): Well, well if I make one I'll send it to you. 0 (24m 54s): So do you have a Longevity protocol at all? Like how, like what are, it sounds like you're doing your labs which is step one and that's awesome. Yeah, I do mine probably like twice a year cause I have like some thyroid stuff that I have to stay on top of as well. So I'm doing that and I'm actually on a wait list for a Longevity clinic which is super, super long. So hopefully I'm ready for when my name gets called cuz that sounds fascinating to me. But I know movement is a huge factor that a lot of people underutilize or maybe they tackle it from the wrong angle. So it's whether you're a man or a woman lifting heavy things is very important for bone density. And then things like functional movement, being able to get off of the ground without using your hands and like what Peter a Tia calls is like back casting. 0 (25m 42s): So look at yourself at 90 years old and like what do you want to be able to do? Do you wanna be able to go on the floor with your kids, go for walks independently, that kind of stuff. So like what are you doing and what's your advice on being able to like have a health span and a Lifespan, not just age out. 1 (25m 59s): No, for sure. Yeah and Peter t is, he's amazing. One of my best friends, Dom Dino is best friends with him. Did you watch the Chris Hemsworth limi list on Disney Plus? 0 (26m 7s): It's on my, on my wishlist. Yeah I definitely wanna watch it. That's 1 (26m 10s): Pretty good. That's pretty good. Yeah he also says that hangs, depending on how long you can hold your grip strength can determine like how old your like biological years are. So it is pretty interesting. Yeah, so everything that he says, so we gotta break it down. Right. So movement and then like biohacking stuff and then like supplements. So as far as like movement, yes obviously you need a workout to build, you know, skeletal muscle, you need that. Why is that important? Because if, as you f as you get older people die when they fall and it sounds dumb for a young person cuz like young people fall all the time. It's like whatever. Like why would I die if I fell? But as you get older and more brittle, if you break your hip, you can't move anymore, your blood doesn't circulate and now you have a whole host of problems. 1 (26m 58s): It's kinda like a car. If one thing goes wrong, then if you don't get that fixed the next thing goes wrong and before you know it the car blows up. So it is important as you get older to workout, you should always be working out and not to be like a bodybuilder. You just wanna put on some, some type of muscle. Right? So that, that would be one. I think cardio is is extremely important. I do fasta cardio every morning I have a walking pad right here in my condo that I literally wake up, I take my eaas and I I put on like white lotus or whatever I'm watching at the time and I go walk on the pad. 0 (27m 30s): I saw that. I was gonna ask you about that. That looks so cool. 1 (27m 33s): Yeah, I walk on it every single morning. Yeah it's amazing. It's like $600 best investment I've ever bought in my entire life. 0 (27m 40s): I'm writing that down. 1 (27m 42s): It's important because one, I don't have to drive to the gym. I wake up, I drink my drink, I put it on I second, I have my flat screen TV right in front of me so I can watch TV and I just walk on the thing and then I'm saving time, I'm being more efficient, I'm not making that commute. And then the reason why I even bought it is cause I went to the gym one time and I was running late for something and I'm typically not running late cause I'm very proactive in all aspects of life. I was running late and I went to the gym and all the treadmills were filled and I was so mad at because I wasted my time driving five minutes to the gym, then all the treadmills were filled. I couldn't wait around because I was like, well if I do even 30 minutes of cardio, I would need to be, I need to get on like right now and you know, what am I gonna say? 1 (28m 24s): Hey bro, how many more minutes you got? So I turned back around, wasted all that time and I never got the cardio. I said fuck it. Since then I went online, I found one and bam I bought it. And since then it's been game changer. Like all those commutes in the in, I go to the gym afterwards too. So technically that'd be two drives to the gym. If you calculate that over a year, you're probably spending what, couple weeks just driving to the gym. 0 (28m 47s): So with your cardio, does it matter if you're doing like, like you said, like walking or does it have to be like really intense running or sprints? Is there a difference long term 1 (28m 57s): For Longevity? 0 (28m 59s): Yeah, 1 (28m 60s): I, I don't know actually the d the details on that, I think they're both good. Fast cardio is is good for losing weight. It's very good. Well even for women too, you just have to drink eaas. 0 (29m 16s): What's that? 1 (29m 17s): So it's essential amino acids but it's all the, it's so it's like BCAs but you're getting all the essential amino acids. The reason why you want that is so your, your muscles don't break down while you're in a fasted state. So when I say fasted, I don't mean like your fasting wife for two days. I mean like literally you ate dinner, you went to sleep, you woke up and then you started walking, right? So it's more of like intermittent fasting. 0 (29m 40s): Well yeah so, so e even intermittent fasting for a lot of women actually has a reverse effect. So unless you are very aware of where you are in your cycle and then you're properly aligning it with that, that segment, like you can't do it all of the time. It would have to be when you are like least susceptible to stress. But most women, because we're our bodies are designed to give birth, like that's our number one priority. It's like if, if you have too much cortisol or if your body thinks that there's too much of an outside risk going on, you actually start storing a lot more fast. So if you're fa doing intermittent fasting or like fasted cardio, some women do well on it but a lot of women do not. So it's like if you wanna play around with it, I think that's great but just like keep a diary or a journal and like know how you feel and like whether or not you're, you're losing muscle mass or fat and how that's stacking up. 0 (30m 33s): Because for me I was like one of those women that was having a very adverse response. Like not the idea of why I wanted to do to do it. 1 (30m 40s): How long were you fasting cuz like how many women eat dinner, wake up and then don't eat for like two hours? 0 (30m 46s): Oh I, yeah I would do that. I'd have like black coffee and then go to the gym. Yeah, 1 (30m 49s): But like how many women that aren't even like focused on intermittent fasting? Like they'll just wake up Oh and not eat breakfast for like an hour. 0 (30m 55s): Oh a lot And it's, that's probably terrible for 'em and that's probably why they have brain fog and a little bit of extra weight around like their arms and their belly and their thighs. Yeah cause that's all where you store your fat for breastfeeding and carrying a baby. Yeah, so 1 (31m 8s): I, so I dunno about women. Yeah but if you wanna lose weight, like the best thing that I've seen in a fasted state is I take a fat burner called Raul Sign, which is like a very, it's a very buffered version of JohE. It's not a good feeling. Like it's a very weird feeling. JohE just you feel like ugh. But Raul sign is a more like cleaner version of that. But taking like Raul sign, the second you wake up taking Rauls sign, drinking EAs and doing vasic cardio, like you will stay jacked and shred down so fast. It's ridiculous. 0 (31m 45s): Just ready to go. 1 (31m 46s): So yeah. Also another thing too is even if you eat like a high carbohydrate meal after you eat, and obviously this is like super inconvenient, but walking 15 to 20 minutes after you eat anything will drop the spike up to 50%. Right? So if you eat like a bunch of sugar and you sit down versus you eat a bunch of sugar and go walk, you can like blunt that. 0 (32m 7s): Oh wow. 1 (32m 8s): Yeah. Also on cheat days and also blood sugar's a for Longevity blood sugar controlling your blood sugar's very important. I take a supplement called Dihydro Burberine, so it's burberine but it's considered super burberine because it absorbs is absorbs way more and it just utilized better. your body actually takes dihydro burberine because it's more absorbable and then converts it into regular burberine. But burberine basically blocks your blood glucose levels from spiking. So if the reason why when you eat tons of sugar and carbs, when you eat that your blood glucose goes to the roof, the roof, your insulin goes to the roof and you store all that. Well by taking super burberine, you block all of that. So on your next cheat day, if you don't wanna store the fat and you don't wanna feel like, you know, you don't wanna feel, oh man I can't believe I ate that bag of chips or whatever. 1 (32m 53s): You take dihydro buran, I think there's only one company that sells it on Amazon, it's a green label, dihydro burberine or super burberine. You take it 20 to 30 minutes prior to eating like high carbohydrates or high sugar and you take that right before 20 minutes before and then you can eat whatever you want and you'll blunt that effect from storing. So it'll be just normal that that's a, that's a big hack that I've, I've found 0 (33m 15s): Is that similar to metformin? Because I know there's a lot of studies or there were that were calling Metformin the fountain of youth pill and then they were also saying the benefits of keeping your blood sugar and glucose levels in check for Longevity purposes. 1 (33m 31s): Yeah, so there's actually been studies, believe it or not, that they say that dihydro burberine and outperforms metformin. 0 (33m 36s): Oh wow. 1 (33m 37s): Yeah. But it's the same concept. Yeah. 0 (33m 39s): Okay. Interesting. So are there any side effects with, how do you say it di 1 (33m 45s): It's dihydro. Burberine, yeah, just super, 0 (33m 47s): Yeah, super dihydro. Okay, so no side effects that you know of? No, 1 (33m 52s): Not that I know of, no. 0 (33m 53s): Okay. Yeah, that's interesting. 1 (33m 54s): It's, it actually outperformed metformin in the studies and it has the same like, like you would take metformin and dihydro burberine for the same purpose. 0 (34m 3s): Okay. Yeah, that's interesting. So I take metformin and I didn't know any of this. I got, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, so it helps with, with that and I started taking it early twenties. But one of the awful things, and I kind of like tend to not take it as much as I should during the summertime is it makes you really sensitive to light so you can sunburn really easy. And I noticed like my skin was just not, it didn't have the pigment that it normally did, just like natural baseline. So I kinda like cycle on and off of that. So I, I'd be interested to try that to see if I could go, 1 (34m 36s): I got in the sun, I'm, I'm petrified of skin cancer and in aging so I, the last time I went out in the sun was, you know, thank God I'm like half Italian so I'm not completely pale. 0 (34m 48s): So we got weights, cardio, we have that, that supplement. Is there anything else that is part of your Longevity protocol? 1 (34m 57s): Yeah, so there is one supplement Strous that I take now. There used to be a supplement, I think it was called T T2 on Amazon. It was like four $500 supplement. Whoa. And they were saying like all these, all the scientific breakthrough of like basically blunting the shortage of your telomeres, right? So I'm sure you know about telomeres, like you're, you're born with all these like amazing telomeres and as you get older they shorten and shorten and shorten and then eventually you die. Right? So if you can scientists believe that if you can halt or blunt the, you know, the telomere shrinking then theoretically on, you know, in theory you would live longer, right? 1 (35m 40s): Because you're not aging, you're, you're blunting or hindering the aging process. There was one study that kind of showed that as strous hindered telomere shortening. So there used to be a supplement and people would pay four or $500 on Amazon to get it. And I, I guess they kind of lost some of the hype, but the active ingredient was as strous and it costs like $20. So I take that just for, you know, just for shits and giggles just to make sure. Another one is that I take is ubiquitous, which is, I've heard of that coq enzyme, tes final version, right? 1 (36m 20s): So like when you take coq enzyme 10 it, your body has to convert it into ubiquitous, but as you get older your body, it's very hard for your body to convert co coq enzyme 10 into ubiquitous. So I just like to take the final form and then there was this story, PJ Bra, he who's a, he's a, I don't know if he's still bodybuilding, but he is ex bodybuilder and he had a guy that worked out that he worked out with that needed a heart transplant and like his heart was completely screwed and the doctor was like, well we have heart's on the way but you know, hopefully you live this long. Like we don't know if you'll last until you get your heart. So he just like mega dosed ubiquitous, which is like super expensive because a bottle of ubiquitous is like 50 50 bucks and it's like a serving size is one capsule. 1 (37m 6s): And he was take, which is like a hundred milligrams, he was taking 900 milligrams a day. Cuz at that point it's like who gives a shit about the money? Like I just, I just don't wanna die. Yeah. So he did that for three months and his heart regenerated and was taken off the list and he never got a heart transplant and 0 (37m 23s): Whoa. 1 (37m 24s): Yeah, so I take that, I take a maintenance dose of 400 milligrams, which is four times the amount that is like the serving size, but it's like about half the size that he took just to make sure that my heart is perfect. And ever since I heard that story, like it resonated with me. So I take ubiquitous, I take it from now, now supplements. Yeah. 0 (37m 45s): Okay. Yeah, I wrote that one down. Yeah, 1 (37m 47s): It's super expensive but it's worth it. 0 (37m 48s): Yeah. As are most supplements, I think it's important to note that there's a lot of garbage out there. So you wanna make sure that you're going with like a trusted brand that has third party testing and it's not like a bunch of tea leaves in there because that does happen. 1 (38m 4s): Yeah. The best brands that I've found was Thorn. Thorn is one of the top brands for sports supplements, guerrilla Mind. And then now, now nutrition is pretty good, but Thorn is like by far if you can find a pure, like if you're looking for a supplement and it's made by Thorn, that's the best one. They sponsored the ufc. UFC has USADA testing, there's no like shenanigans, like you test everything like peptides, everything. And Thorn is the, is the one that sponsors the ufc. So all the UFC fighters take Thorn. Well they're given Thorn, they probably are sponsored and take other stuff too, but that's the one that the UFC trusts and the UFC's testing protocol is like by far outweighs every single other sports organization. 1 (38m 47s): Like it's not even close, but you, it's very hard to cheat in the ufc. Like we're taking steroids and peptides. So Thorn is a very, very reputable brand. It's probably the best one I know of, but I mean there's, there's a ton of 'em, but just to keep it simple, thorn or now nutrition. 0 (39m 2s): Yeah, that's good to know. So circling back to the telomeres. So I was, what book was it? It might have been one of these books I was reading on epigenetics, but it was saying one of the biggest effects on telomeres was stress and specifically any kind of trauma. And this can even happen in utero. So let's say you had a family member that was, you know, going through one of the Nazi camps, like that would show up potentially three generations later and you would actually have telomeres that were shorter at birth because of this. And like you were saying, it's one of the one things that they can accurately test and know like your age, like as far as like your health span goes. 0 (39m 42s): So when it comes to stress reduction, do you have a protocol around that or how do you mitigate your levels of stress? 1 (39m 49s): Yeah, so back to hormones, like hormones play a huge role. And I'll give you an example. I knew a guy, he, he got recruited off of MySpace when he was 18 to do gay porn. He didn't know it was gay porn, he thought it was regular porn, but you know, they threw a bunch of money in his face and he's like, whatever, do it. So that was like all he does and I still, I I'm pretty sure he still does it. He just wouldn't tell anyone. And this guy was a beautiful man with Jack Giant tries giant traps, perfect jawline, just a great looking dude. And he was just like, Hey, just, you know, make sure you're like, never bring that up like around girls or anything. 1 (40m 29s): I was like, yeah, of course bro, like why would I tell your business to other women? But then, you know, then it gets a, there's another slippery slope of that. But we, we talked about that last time. So this guy was doing steroids, he had a skinny body type, so he was ectomorph, he had a skinny body type and he was scr like just a scrawny dude. He started doing Testosterone at 18, got jacked, but because he had a skinny body type, he was able to stay shredded. But, but the test would fill out his muscles. So this guy was just a beast. He was 6 2, 6 2 and a half or maybe six three, I remember I was hanging out with him and he decided for whatever reason to stop, he would do that periodically. He's like, I'm done with this shit, I'm done taking tests, I'm just gonna go natural. 1 (41m 11s): And his body would shrink, he'd go down, he'd probably lose 30 pounds at least of muscle minimal, 30 pounds of muscle. Wow. Yeah. And, but what really screwed him up was his mindset. Like he was like depressed, drastically depressed. And you see that a lot with like hormones like downregulation of hormones and low, low t and you know, all these other hormones that you need. So I'm a firm believer in like stress is a direct correlation with like optimal hormones. I do believe that. Now obviously there's other factors and genetic factors, trauma and all that stuff, right? But I do think that number one, you should be getting your blood work done, testing that, and I've been saying that forever. 1 (41m 53s): But after you test then it's like, okay, what do we, what do we do? And I, I do cold therapy and I do hot therapy. So every night I do the sauna, I workout and then I do the sauna and I crank it to the point where it's like that uncomfortable feeling, which is called diamorphine. So diamorphine is the same feeling that alcoholics get when they try to quit drinking and you're, and you literally are dying. It's the same feeling that you get in the sun. It's called diamorphine and it's that very uncomfortable, disgusting feeling where you want to get out but you're just pushing through it just like relentless juggernauts Spartan like no, I gotta do this. And it just is disgusting, nasty diamorphine feeling that generates heat shock proteins, which helps your body repair, increases growth hormone, et cetera, and will increase your Lifespan as well. 1 (42m 37s): Cold therapy, there's been so, so many studies on cold shock therapies and stuff and and cold shock, cold shock proteins. So I do a cold therapy and then I also do heat. I think heat's probably better for Longevity. Cold is probably better for I would say action and performance. I don't think anything trumps the cold. And then also, but, but for Longevity I would go heat. That's, that's one of the biggest things. And then meditative practice as well. I don't like to sit still. It's very hard for me to meditate and you know, you, you think especially as an alpha male that you'll lose your edge and you don't lose your edge, but you don't get as much stuff done. 1 (43m 22s): But there's a caveat, you get the right stuff done. So a lot of people like busy work, but you're not actually being efficient. And when you meditate you start to realize what actually is important and you cut out and you start to slowly, cuz it's a process, you start to cut out a lot of the bullshit and the distractions. And I like to say, whenever my friends start giving me some bullshit, distraction stuff that doesn't matter for our end result, I'm like, bro, don't get lost in the sauce. Let's go stay on track. And so that, so, you know, he throws it back to me here and there. But I, I think meditation is a, is a good thing. It doesn't matter. You could do tm, you could do traditional, I think hot yoga, anything that you're like pushing your body to that limit and you know, and if you can, you know, create dimorphic, which is not a good feeling, but that's what will, will keep you going for sure. 1 (44m 10s): And, and help the Longevity, right? You wanna get like right to the point where you're gonna die when you're young and then you're like, oh, I'm just kidding, but your body doesn't know that. And now you have all that for immune. Like, I haven't got sick in like two years. Oh wow. Yeah. Like I, I barely get sick and if I ever start to feel like a little like, like a little sniffle, I I'll chew on like three clothes of raw garlic is absolutely disgusting and I'll jump, jump in the sun and the next day I feel feel like a million dollars. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Disgusting. You have to, you chew it and like the garlic releases this, like this chemical and it just like stings your mouth so you gotta swallow it. 1 (44m 54s): So I have like sw I would be chewing it, I'm like, oh shit, swallow it real quick. It's absolutely disgusting. I don't recommend anyone do do it unless they don't wanna get sick when they're feeling sick. But the second I get a little tiny hint of like a little sniffles, like, oh nope, garlic and sauna. Oh 0 (45m 8s): Yeah, every single time there's this really, so I'm also very bad at meditating. It's something I avoid like the plague. I just, I'm, I need to move. I get very anxious if I'm sitting still, which I means I need to meditate more. Like if I'm being honest with myself. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, that's like my red flag. But there's this app called other ship and they actually have a location, I think it, it's open in New York City, but it's a, it incorporates a lot of mu music and movement and it's still a lot of breath work. So you're getting the benefits of that meditative experience. But for someone like me who's like a little bit more fidgety, I think it's a really good app for people to check 1 (45m 46s): Out. You know, what I just realized is I think a really good idea would, would to do some type of meditation practice with gr like groups of people, right? If you think about this, you think about the gym. People love going to the gym because it's a group activity. You know, guys like it cuz you see some hot girls, girls like it because they see their friends and vice versa. But the, the point is, it's a giant group activity. You look forward to communicating with people, right? Versus you take away the gym and now let's say you live in an apartment complex and you're now, you can only work out in a gym in your apartment complex that nobody goes to. I would probably say 75% of people would not push as hard as they do when they go to a gym with other human beings around them, right? 1 (46m 27s): When you think of meditation practices, meditation you do by yourself. It's you versus you. And there's not that group activity. It's not the Pilates or the music's playing everyone's high fiving, right? They do that with yoga, right? How many people are more successful at doing yoga than meditation? So I think if someone's really struggling and they really want to take it serious, I'm sure you could find some, some group medi meditative practices. And I think you'll have a higher probability of success if you're not, if you're not the most self-disciplined person. 0 (46m 58s): Yeah. Other ship has a couple locations and they do those group classes, so it'll be like a giant sauna and a bunch of people in there and they have the lights going perfect, the music bump in, they have lines of cold plunges that people can get in. So it is for people that want that sense of community. The founder actually created the concept during covid and he had like a sauna and a cold plunge and people were just coming to his garage and he's like, wait, I think we have something here. Because community is a huge factor and if you wanna tie it all together, they do believe that, that there's this one island in Japan and it's known for like the most a hundred year olds at any given time. And they think it's because of that sense of purpose and that sense of community. 0 (47m 39s): And that just shows how important it is to have those social bonds and to make sure that you're investing in that too. Because I know so many young men specifically that they feel like personal time is a waste of time and that they constantly need to be hustling. But you have to look after yourself too, because if you are not full, like if your cup's not full, your projects aren't gonna come through to fruition either. So I think it's really important to always have nuance and connection into be watering those plants as well. I'm not just solely mission focused. 1 (48m 10s): So important. Yeah. I'm in the process of buying a warehouse and that's kind of like my goal is to create this massive like warehouse community, like the Rob deer deck fantasy factory, but for all biohacking, right? So I'll have my podcast studio there, I'll have my cold plunge, my meditation room, my boxing, my boxing room, my jujitsu, my wrestling room. I'll have my weightlifting, I'll have a pool, I'll have everything. It would just be a complete biohacking, my hyperbaric chamber. You know, just all the crazy stuff. The century deprivation tank. The float tank, all these different things. And that's kinda like my goal, right? Of course. You know, acquiring wealth is good, you know, you drive nice cars, you buy nice houses, whatever. 1 (48m 50s): But like that's like if you talk about like forget about money, just like my passion, what I want it would be like, yeah, well kind of what we're looking into. A couple million dollar so of a warehouse and then just make it like a huge biohacking facility and then, you know, who knows? Maybe turn into a business for like high, high level entrepreneurs and high level people like a club. But as of now, just hobby, hobbies Yeah, 0 (49m 12s): Yeah. No, that sounds way better than like Soho House. I'd sign up for that way before that. You kidding me? Like an overcrowded like hotel room full of just people that are snobs. I'd rather do that. So you could, there's definitely something there. 1 (49m 25s): Yeah. It's just a lot of overhead and so instead of doing it for a profit, I want to do it for me. So I'm like, if I lose money, it's not really losing money. It's like I'm doing it for, for me and my friends, I, I feel once you turn it into a business, now you're looking at it in a different lens. Right. Maybe it would be like selective people where it you pay, I don't know. You pay like $50,000 a year and it's only the elite people can afford it and only the elite people are accepted. You have to go through a application pro process. Cause I don't want any average Joe laying in my float tank naked. 0 (50m 2s): No, I get it. There's like a certain level of terms that I'm also not comfortable with. So I get that. No, 1 (50m 7s): Joe Rogan had a flow tank in Brennan Shaw jerked off in it. Like I don't want that. 0 (50m 12s): No way. No way. Get better friends. Yeah, don't do that. Yeah. You know what's interesting? So we, I think I've never done a hyperbaric chamber. We used to have them in North Carolina and then it's recently been made illegal to have them unless they're in the hospital. So there's this whole conspiracy theory going on, which is that the insurance companies kind of helped make this happen because you can go, you used to be able to go to like a little cryo center and then for like, you know, 25, 50 bucks, go in and get the benefits that you needed and come out. Now you have to go through insurance and it's way more costly. It's way more inconvenient. 0 (50m 53s): And they're saying it's because of a fire hazard. I'm like, that doesn't make any sense to me. I didn't know if you heard that hap of that 1 (51m 0s): Happening. So hyperbaric chambers, the only thing scientifically proven to actually reverse aging even like metformin and all this stuff, it's the only thing that's been proven to actually reverse it. We've been able to halt aging, we've been able to stop certain things kinda in theory, but we've never been able to actually reverse it. And hyperbaric chamber is the only thing as of now that has done that. So that that that, that kind of sucks that, that would make that illegal. 0 (51m 26s): Yeah, I know. I'm gonna have to like try to sneak into some of these places that still have it. Cuz now they're like, well what do we do with these machines? You know what I mean? Like, we bought this for our business and now you tell us we can't have it. Which makes, again, it makes no sense that it's more of a fire hazard than anything else that they have in those studios. 1 (51m 41s): For sure. I mean the true warriors like yourself, you know, you're gonna just, you just go to South Carolina where you go to Virginia, you know, you just, you just get outta there. Right. Just like stem Cells. I, I plan on going to Panama and getting different types of STEM Cells that are not legal in the states to do for whatever reason. But, you know, and I'm, I'm actually really excited about that too. Stem cell research. So, 0 (52m 1s): So what were you looking at the stem Cells for? Like for your joints or? 1 (52m 5s): No, just overall like vitality. So it's literally like an IV and it's umbilical cord stem Cells, which is not legal in the states. Oh, interesting. So I think they, they can do placenta stem Cells and they're, they're able to do different ones now, but the umbilical cord ones as of now are tend to be like the most potent. And you literally do it as like an iv. It's, yeah, so Panama in, I think Tijuana, there's a place in Tijuana that is ran by a doctor out of Texas. 0 (52m 34s): Oh, interesting. It, it is kind of, I was, I was watching this video and they were saying that the hospitals sell the placenta and you know, anyone listening fact check me all day. This is just something that I read. So I don't know or saw this, so I don't know if it's 1 (52m 47s): Not medical advice. No, 0 (52m 49s): None of this is advice. This is just two people talking. But that hospitals can sell the placenta and the cord for like upwards of $50,000. Which, I mean I kind of believe, I banked mine because I'm like, I don't know where science is gonna be in 5, 10, 20 years. So I banked mine Mine's in Arizona on, in a freezer right now from my children. But it is interesting that like right across the border you can have something that isn't hurting anyone. Like it's already out of the body. There's no other use for it and if it doesn't do any harm, I don't know, that kind of stuff always makes me wonder how much of this is for insurance purposes and kind of keeping people a little bit sicker than they need to be versus trying to create a different way of looking at health instead of like paying for when you get sick. 0 (53m 35s): It's like how do I pay to stay healthy? Do you know what I 1 (53m 37s): Mean? No, I, and I agree with you, but come on Candace, that would be a bad business model 0 (53m 43s): Would it though? Because some of those Longevity studios are outrageous with how much the annual fees are. 1 (53m 50s): Yeah, the problem is like you can't tap into insurance and the average Joe is not gonna be able to afford that. It's kinda like it is Now if you have a problem, you know, if you really have a problem and you have money, you can go to Germany, you can go to Dubai, you can go to all these countries and get it fixed. I, I remember hearing something similar in Dubai, if you have a tumor cell, there's hundreds of different types of chemo that you can do here. There's, they only do one or two in Dubai. They take your tumor, they take a piece out and they test it on hundreds of different chemos and to see which one reacts and kills the tumor. Whichever one reacts to that tumor, that's the one that they use instead of guessing. 0 (54m 28s): Mm. 1 (54m 30s): So, and this is only for wealthy people, right? So it's gonna be the same, you know, it's gonna be the same dichotomy as if you're rich and you're wealthy, you're gonna be able to move around. And plus if you're rich and you're wealthy nine times outta 10, you're, you're pretty crafty. You're not gonna just sit around, you're gonna go after it and get shit done. But majority of people, not even just Americans, majority of people in America, they're not gonna be able to do that. Nor are they even capable of knowing the information and you know, they're just trying to pay their bills and they got kids at home and their wife's screaming at 'em and then their husband's not doing this and then, you know, their is a dickhead. Like they don't have time to do anything. You know, a lot of these 99% of people that have nine to five jobs. 1 (55m 12s): So again, it would be great, but it's kind of, it would be in the same boat, right? Because these people are not gonna be able to afford tho that type of treatment anyway. So it's like what do they do? Well, 0 (55m 23s): I guess, yeah, it comes back to just being proactive and in taking care of your mind and your body before anything goes wrong. Because I mean, when it does, the system is not made to be easier to help you. I mean, again, as someone who has chronic autoimmune issues, I get enraged with the insurance and hospital system. Like it is so obviously a money grab and I actually just fired my endocrinologist because of how they were treating me with my appointments and my medication. I'm like, you c like absolutely do not care how my thyroid is. You don't care what my levels are. They were trying to have me come in without having an up-to-date panel. And I was like, what is, what am I coming in for if you don't have my labs? I don't understand, like, if you don't have my labs, how are you going to help me or, or tell me if I, my medication needs adjustment. 0 (56m 9s): Like you, are you gonna look at me and tell me if I've got like markers in my thyroid right now, like active markers and I didn't know you were that skilled. I didn't know that, you know, we were X-men and they were like, well that's, that's not why. And I was like, you guys are are fired. I'm finding someone else. This is absurd. 1 (56m 25s): You're out. You're outta the circle, you're out. Do I tell my friends anytime my friend, my friends say something dumb shit. I go, you're out. You're outta the circle. 0 (56m 35s): How do they work their way back in? 1 (56m 37s): No, you're done. You're done for life. Mm, short We have a, we hard hardcore rolls over here. 0 (56m 42s): Oh, there's no room for grace? 1 (56m 44s): Nope. You're done. No, no, no, no. Okay. So I just actually just had this conversation with my buddy cuz he's like calling me. He's, he's a kickboxer but he's like, Hey you know Justin, I need help with this girl or whatever. So, you know, so anyways, he's a mess. Like everything that girls don't want, he does. So I'm trying to tell him like what to do and then, you know, he is not, you know, he's a kickboxer so let's just say he had to retire cuz of brain damage. So, you know, I'm trying to work with him, you know, he is a good, he's a good guy but I was trying to tell him all these things and he's like, oh well cuz this girl he was with and then they broke up or whatever and then she's kind of like dogging him or whatever, but it's just because he's just not a high value male. 1 (57m 32s): And I told him that. I was like, listen bro, you know I love you but you're not a high value male. Like I wouldn't date you if I was a girl. Like why would you expect any girl to date you? We don't bring anything to the table. And he's like, well people can change. And I said, yeah. He's like, I think it's messed up that people can't change their opinion. He's like, so this girl's gonna think this way. And I said, number one, she's gonna think of whatever way she thinks of you for at least a year. And the only way she changes her mind is if you don't talk to her. And if you are undeniably a different person, like you completely do a life altering shift and it's a year later so you need time, no communication and then you need a completely different life. 1 (58m 16s): So she's like, oh my God, like who are you? And then you're like, boom, you turned your life around. Kind of like in limitless. See everything comes back to limitless. Here's a loser. It was a loser author. And then he took the pill and he starts learning Italian and then he gets back with his girlfriend. She's like, wow, you were a loser. Now you're now they're, they're this amazing man. But I told him that, he's like, well I think it's kind of messed up that people judge you and then, and then they like, they don't understand that people can change. I said, bro, you realize that changing anything is hard. I was like, have you ever had a bad habit? And he is like, yeah. And I said, okay, you've had a bad habit. Great. Have you consciously tried to fix that bad habit? 1 (58m 57s): Yeah. Did you relapse and messed up? And even when you're consciously trying to fix those bad habits, you still made them. Yeah, I was like, exactly. So my point is changing. Actually changing is hard as fuck. It is hard. You're not gonna change. Most people at the age of 30 will be the a will will be that way forever. You have to go over the top to try to change your natural behavior or however you were programmed up until the age of when your brain was developed. So I was like, yeah, there's a reason why people judge you on your past behaviors because typically you don't change. So it's actually a good thing because that's a survival mechanism to know not to get with a loser. 1 (59m 37s): And I told him that and he is just like, he's like, well can you hire me? I was like, I don't hire friends bro. I don't give friends money and I don't hire them. 0 (59m 48s): That's so wise. Yeah. Most of the times, most of the time when I've done that, I've later regretted it because it creates like a really weird situation. 1 (59m 56s): I'd rather give you money than, than won you money. 0 (59m 59s): Oh well yeah I al I don't believe in loaning cuz I just, I go into it assuming I'm not gonna get paid back. And then that way there's like no bad blood between anybody. Exactly. They pay me back then that's great. But like I never give what I, I don't expect to not ever receive back. Exactly. So when it comes to, cuz you hear that term High, Value Men a lot and you hear that when with women as well, like high value women. So what is your Definition of a High? Value. Male. 1 (1h 0m 24s): So there, there's a lot on how to identify a high value male, right? It's like your personality, who you are as as a person. And then we can get into like looks and what you bring to the table, right? I think it was on the dating naps, they did a study that like 5% of the guys get 85% of the women. Yeah. Yep. And that's not a coincidence. That's because women like High, Value Men period. Right? So we can go into the different parameters of what you identify as a man or High, Value Men. So off the bat we have to, we have to address surface level thinking, right? If I see Candace at a club and you are looking for a guy or you're open for a guy and you see me, you're not gonna know how awesome Justin is that he can play the piano and he can sing and he can dance and he can do this and he can do that. 1 (1h 1m 14s): And he, oh my god, he is so romantic and do you know he knows a lot about engines? No, you don't know shit. The only thing you know is hot or not. That's it. 0 (1h 1m 23s): Remember that website? 1 (1h 1m 25s): Yeah, yeah. Free Facebook. Yep. That's the only thing you know, it's hot or not. So all these people, like all personality and all this stuff, yes that part comes later, but cut the shit. If the guy is not sexually hot to the woman, the woman is not going to go up to them. Now I'm not saying it's impossible to get that woman cuz she might not like you in the beginning, but you can kind of smooth her over later. You can grow on her. You know, I've, I've been in situations where a girl was like kind of into me but not super into me. And then I grew on her and now she's like obsessed with me. But typically when you don't, when you meet someone, their first impression they see you. 1 (1h 2m 4s): It's based off of physical attraction, right? So now that we've said that besides height, which you're kind of just born with, so I feel bad for the short guys that can't do anything about it. But besides height girls, like guys with broad shoulders, they like guys that work out, they like guys that have full head of hair, they like bone structure, they like certain things like that, right? For looks wise then it's besides the looks, it's what you have. So like what kind of car do you have? And it's not so much that they're a gold digger, it's the fact that they feel that you can secure their life. So if they have a kid or they're pregnant for 12 months or nine months, sorry, can't do math, they're pregnant for nine months, then they know that you'll be able to provide for them, right? 1 (1h 2m 44s): That's why girls like guys with money, not necessarily that every girl's a gold digger, but it means that this guy is a warrior and he's motivated to bring food back to the tribe and provide for the women and children. So, and nowadays we don't have to hunt for food and bring it back to the tribe. Now we just make money and buy food. So it's the same concept, just a, it's a different material but it's the same core principles. So that's number one. So you need to get your finances up, you need to make as much money as as possible and put yourself in the highest probability of success. You need to work out, you need to eat healthy, you need to be sharp, you need to learn how to talk to people. You know, no girl wants to date a guy that's just a blank slate. 1 (1h 3m 26s): No girl wants to date a guy that's a stiff pickle, right? You wanna date someone that is witty and goes back and forth with you, right? It is very hard. Some people are natural talkers and some people are terrible at talking. And those guys, I, I recommend that you just have a guy on standby that texts for you and never call her cuz you're gonna say something and mess it up like three word answers. So ob these are all the obvious things that we know after that I would say once you get past the superficial part of it, right? Because the superficial part is important for women and, and guys, well guys, it's a hundred percent superficial. She's high. It doesn't matter what career she has, how smart she is, doesn't matter. She's hot, I wanna bang her. That's, that's just how it works with women. 1 (1h 4m 6s): Women look for all these things upfront. Even the superficial stuff that they look at, it's still like, okay, what kind of job does he have? What kind of education did he have? Is he intelligent? Is he this where guys are just like, oh my gosh, he's so high, I wanna have sex with her, do nothing else matters. I don't care where she came from. So that's the difference between guys and girls. Once you get past the superficial stage, then you want to, assuming you attract the opposite sex, now you want to become a good partner and you wanna keep them right. Well, getting a high value woman is, it's not easy, but keeping a high value woman is even harder. So, and it's not just providing with money, obviously finances make a difference and not having finances will ruin your relationship. 1 (1h 4m 48s): But that's not all. It's also being trustworthy, having good communication skills, being able to say no. You'd be surprised how many fuckers can't say no. They just can't say no, I, I learned this a long time ago. My dad told me this and he learned this from this very wise guy and this very rich guy. He says, just say no. If you can't do it, just say no. Don't straight up, no. Because if you have a hard time saying no, then you're gonna back out and you're gonna feel inclined. And then people are gonna wonder why isn't Candace here or why did you cancel? And then all these things get messed up. Just say no. And the reason why that's relative to this is it's about communication. 1 (1h 5m 28s): You have to communicate with your partner, you have to communicate with the opposite sex. It's all about communication, especially when you're in a relationship or you're dating or whatever. It's all about good communication. So I would say high value mail is the superficial stuff for sure. Intelligence, all that, which I, I still think intelligence is superficial. And then your communication skills, how much you actually care about the person being able to provide for that person. And then I would say reasoning with a, with a, with a woman is, is very important too. I know a lot of guys, they go into these rages and they're just like, ah. And then they leave. Yeah. It's also reasoning, it's pull. It's push and pull, right? It's like, okay, listen, you don't like this. 1 (1h 6m 9s): I don't see why you don't like this, but it doesn't matter what Justin feels. If Candace doesn't like it, then I'm going to change it because Candace doesn't like it, period. I might think what you're saying to me is dumb. I might think that's the stupidest thing in the world. Why would you care if I talk to a a girl like that? Well it's disrespectful. Well, I don't feel like it's disrespectful. I'm not fucking her. I'm not going after her, I'm not pursuing her. We're just hanging out. Well I feel disrespected. And that's when you go, okay, well core values, that's disrespectful for my core values, it's not. But if I want to hold this boat together, I need to compromise myself. And, and we all need to come to the same playing field and then change. 1 (1h 6m 49s): And then the biggest thing of a high value mail is when you say you're gonna do something, fucking do it. And don't go backwards. Don't do it for two weeks, don't do it for a month and then do the same bullshit. Cuz that's not a high value mail. That's a guy that talks with no action and that's a guy that I don't trust. So I would say those are some of the top things. 0 (1h 7m 12s): No, I agree with a lot of that. I think, I hate that. What I see in the younger generation is this emphasis on being financially established at a really young age because it is the time that you're building. So for me, when I was younger and I was looking for a partner and like one of the things honestly that I found the most attractive and sexy about my now husband, we were like just in the beginning of dating, like super early stages. And I got to his house and knocked and no one answered. So I just like let myself in and walked back to his bedroom. He had like, you know, three or four roommates at the time and he's sitting on the bed reading a book, like, not like some stupid book. 0 (1h 7m 54s): Like he was reading a quantum physics book and I was like, I'm in love. Like, and he like, he is such a reader, such an intellect. Like that's what makes him happy, is constantly learning and growing. And he was broke as shit. Like I said, he had four roommates, he had a broken, like old Nissan. So I mean he was starting a business like, you know, and it was on, its on, its in in, in its infancy. He had like a college bar. So like he was doing something that was probably like more than most guys his age. He was like 25 at the time. But yeah, it was like I saw the potential and I saw the drive and I saw like his curiosities. And for me it was like, that is so attractive. 0 (1h 8m 36s): Not someone who's just interested in, you know, sleeping around and getting hammered drunk and just wants to like land themselves at a office cubicle with like, no, no vision for the future. Like he wanted to do these like big impossible things. And to me, the idea of being able to build with somebody just seemed magical. Like I didn't, I didn't need him to have it already. But what I see a lot now is like, you have to have this, you know, Ferrari and you have to be making at least a hundred k before I even consider it. I'm like, what are you taught? That's a, that's a lot for a young person. Like does the, does he have the potential to do that and do you wanna build it with him? To me, I think that's important too. 1 (1h 9m 16s): Yeah, well you're a good woman, you know. 0 (1h 9m 18s): Well thank you. And I hope that maybe more women will maybe see it that way because then I feel like you kind of, you like fortify the relationship too in a way that you couldn't do it before. So if, like imagine you meet someone right out of college, you guys are both 22 and you're trying to bootstrap your dreams together and guess what? You fucking do it and you become worth, you know, multimillions millions and millions of dollars. You never have to guess if that person's in it for the right reasons or not. You're like, no, you were there when we were eating ramens. Like you are my rider diverses this young pretty little thing that comes because you have these shiny things and that's great. Like, I get it, guys like wanna hook up and we're in this hookup culture. 0 (1h 9m 59s): So that's maybe like attractive to them. But when you're looking for a life partner, you want some substance. I don't care what Andrew Tate says, he's like, oh, I would date a robot. No you wouldn't. Like, no you wouldn't, you would be bored to death because beauty fades and it gets really boring if you have a revolving door of young things. So I mean look at George Clooney, right? He's a, the godfather of this example. Even he the best settled down 1 (1h 10m 22s): A family of, you know what I mean? Yeah. He's the best. Mary's an Italian model at 55 and starts a family and at the same time creates a billion dollar tequila brand. Right? He he he did it better than anybody. Yeah, no, it's, it's true. I was, I tell people all the time that like some of my friends, they're, they don't want a girlfriend anytime soon. I'm like, yeah, you, it's all about, obviously it's all about looks. You're just hooking up, you're just having sex and that's it, right? But when you're looking for a life partner, you know, intelligence matters. You need to find these unicorns in the rough and that's why I'm extremely picky and a lot of my friends are extremely picky because having sex with a random girl and and finding a girl to sleep with is super easy. 1 (1h 11m 3s): There's a million hot girls, like I live in Florida, there's hot girls galore. It's every, you go outside, I see 10 hot girls walk past me every day, right on top of everyone that I know already, which I, I know everyone in the city as it as it is. But when you're finding a life partner, it's not just about looks, it's about intelligence, it's about everything there. There's so many different things that, that go into the picture. So yeah, with the reading thing, I, so it's, it's funny cuz I, I read every night and then I would, I would read and girls would come and be like, oh what you're reading. Oh that's, that's interesting. And I've never heard a girl say like, reading is unattractive. But I will tell you there's a lot of ugly dudes that read that no one cares about. 1 (1h 11m 43s): So my point is, is you gotta have it all. You can't like the reason why you, I know some guys like goddammit, I read every time no one looks at me. The reason why your, your husband was attracted, the reason why your husband was attracted to or you were attracted to your husband because he was reading. It was reading, but it wasn't just reading, it was because he was reading. So I don't wanna misconstrue cuz there's a lot of bullshit out there where girls like, oh, oh man, I just want a nice guy that reads and loves this shit. Yeah, they do, but he also has to be hot, so don't forget about it. Okay girls, they need to change that quote where like, I just want a guy that reads and is is into his feelings, you know, cares. 1 (1h 12m 30s): They need to change that and they want to, they need to say, I just want a hot attractive guy that reads. That's so, it's not just reading, you're not gonna get girls if you just go to Barnesville and start reading, right? But if you're a hot dude and you start reading now you're like killing the game. So, but my point is, is it's not just ones, it's it's not one thing. You just do one thing, you start reading, you get hot chicks, you start working out, you get hot chicks, right? I know tons of rich dudes that get no chicks. So you have to have it all, you have to have it stack and you, and you have to have these things and you have to be intelligent, but you also have to work out, you also have to look good, take pride in your appearance. So guys, I I just wanna make it very clear that it's not the reading that's hot, it's the re the person that's reading, which makes it hot because they're reading. 0 (1h 13m 17s): Yeah, it's both. It's both though. Because if you with men and you know, this is again, maybe just from like a woman's perspective, yeah, but you could be a 10 and have a ton of money, all of the things. But if you are like a dance, I, yeah, yeah. I can't, you know what I mean? Hundred percent. And you could have two identical dudes. And if one at least, again, this is my personal taste take. If one is like reading it or more of an intellect and I'm like, oh, that one's interesting to me, that one's not. So it's a hundred percent balancing out all of the categories 1 (1h 13m 51s): For sure. But these are all like common things that every woman likes. Like no girl's gonna be like, you know what, I really don't want a guy that's smart. You know, it's just like, I really want a guy that's not that educated. Like it's, it's like also like, I really want a short guy. I'm really looking for that five, six dude. Yeah, 0 (1h 14m 5s): Some people like those short kings, 1 (1h 14m 7s): Those people need to be interviewed by, interviewed by an agency. They're, they're on the spectrum of trust them. 0 (1h 14m 17s): Oh my goodness. No, I think, yeah, it's, it's important to me to be well-rounded and yeah, I'm think most attraction is objective. And I know that's really controversial to say, but 1 (1h 14m 28s): I'll prove it to you right now. Candace, I'll prove you right now. How many times have you been to Barnes Nobles and you saw a guy and didn't think anything about him, you just kept walking 0 (1h 14m 36s): Most of the time. But I think, I don't know why it is, it's like most men, maybe they were taught not to put effort into how they look like, like that was too feminine. But it's not, it's, it just, it shows me that you take a minute that you're not like someone who rushes through things, that you're detail oriented, you take pride in yourself, you probably are healthy, like it says a lot more than something superficial. But like you mentioned like how many dudes do a skincare routine? I mean you're right, I had to get my husband on it. It took me yeah, five years to get him to even just like, you know, consistently use a moisturizer. But now he can't go without it. He's like, okay, this is my, I I it's important for me to take care of my skin. 0 (1h 15m 18s): But yeah, I think like men need to kind of get more comfortable with the idea of how of your aesthetic, right? And that again, it's not vein it, it projects something so much deeper than, oh I have a nice jacket. 1 (1h 15m 31s): How you do one thing is how you do everything. Absolutely. Anytime I go to a girl's house, anytime I used to go to a girl's house and I would see messy bathroom, dirty car, dirty girl, I'm out and chip fingernails like, no, I'm out. And how you do one thing is how you do everything. So, you know, I, I'm like super anal with that. I, I look at everything. I don't know if every guy does that, but I do. 0 (1h 15m 57s): No, I think a lot of people do when we hire, one of the first things we do is like check out their car. Like my husband would like go out to pretend to let dogs out and he'd poke his head in to see how clean it was. Because again, that's like your interstate, like you are gonna be internally chaotic if your environment is and that is just a no-go. 1 (1h 16m 15s): Yep. And that's my point though. But my point is, how many guys have you seen at Barnes and Nobles and you're like, eh, and you kept walking, right? The point is, you gotta be well-rounded. And so there's a lot of guys listening to this right now at Barnes and Nobles and a girl just walk past him and didn't even think twice, doesn't even know he exists, doesn't know that his name's Todd doesn't know that he's from Nebraska, doesn't know anything. She just walked by. She's on, she's going on with her day. And so I wanna make it clear that it's not just the reading, it's everything. But once you're a high value mail and you stack the reading, you for me, you know, I read, but I also play instruments and I sing and it's like, these are stackers, right? But you have to have the core principles and health is one of the main things. 0 (1h 16m 58s): Okay, so is that where you would have someone kind of be their jump off point is taking care of their health, like start there and then build off of that? 1 (1h 17m 5s): That's the fir that's the only thing you can do right now. You can't get rich right now. You can't learn how to play piano right now. You can't learn how to speak Portuguese right now. You can't even build 20 pounds of muscle right now. But you can change your diet right now. Yep. You can cut out all the bullshit right now. You can do sauna right now. You can do cold plunge right now. You can go run outside right now and that we'll get the momentum going. So anytime I see someone that's in the funk, I always look at their diet and their exercise routine. Cuz that's something that you can start right now. And then it's like momentum. Like Tony Robbins says, progress equals happiness. It doesn't matter if you're the c e O of Microsoft or you work at seven 11, anytime you're moving up in whatever you do in progress, you look a little bigger, you got a little skinnier, you, you're learning a couple more words of Spanish, you know, you got a better card. 1 (1h 17m 55s): And now I have a bmw, I used to have a Mustang, now I have a w maybe next year I'll have a McLaren. Any, it doesn't matter what it is. Progress equals happiness. And that's why, you know, we have so much stuff that's built, that's what humans are made to do is build and build and build. It's because of progress. We build on that, we build on that and then we die. 0 (1h 18m 16s): You progress until you stop. And then when you stop, absolutely. When you're not I'll never stop. Not growing. You're dying. 1 (1h 18m 22s): Now the only time I'm stopping is when I'm dying. Yeah. Because that's the whole point. That's what makes I, I truly believe that people were just motivated to continuously build and to continuously increase something of their life. The lifespans would drastically, drastically increase. How many people have you heard that once they retire, two weeks later they die. Or two mo two years later they die. My grandma was perfect health, perfect health. Her my grandfather died, her sole purpose for the last 30 years of her life before she died cuz she was retired, was to take care of my grandfather. Grandfather died. She didn't wanna live anymore. She literally said, I don't wanna live anymore, I wanna be with my husband. She literally told me that. 1 (1h 19m 1s): She's like, I wanna be with my husband. Guess what? She was in perfect health everything. Six months later she died. 0 (1h 19m 7s): Oh, that's so heartbreaking. 1 (1h 19m 9s): Yep. So she didn't have a purpose and the body dies if you don't ha if you're not fighting for something, you're, you're, you're dying for something. And I, 0 (1h 19m 20s): No, I think, I mean, yeah, you, you absolutely nailed that. I think that's why anytime I hear someone say they can't wait to retire and do nothing, I'm like, that is your death, death sentence. Yeah. Don't know what you're saying. You want, that is the worst thing you could possibly do. Oh yeah. That's 1 (1h 19m 36s): So sad. It's it's pretty bad. Yeah. I mean it was part of life. Like obviously I didn't want my grandma to die, but in hindsight I'm like, well, you know, she was like miserable. 0 (1h 19m 46s): Yeah, I can't imagine. 1 (1h 19m 47s): And, and I'm not hanging out with her every day. I have my own life. So it's kind of like selfish for me to be upset for something that she wanted even though I don't get to see her. So it's like one of those things. 0 (1h 19m 58s): So do you have like a Gratitude Practice that you do? 1 (1h 20m 2s): I I have to admit that that's one thing that I do lack, 0 (1h 20m 8s): I'm gonna, so I think it's really important, especially if you're someone that's like super driven, like you are, that's constantly trying to grow and get like the get bigger, better, faster, stronger, all of those things. I think that's amazing because I do agree. I think if you're not growing or dying, so I think it's important in some facet of your life that you're constantly expanding. But I think that it can be like intoxicating and then also a little bit like you kind of become in like this bubble where you're in a state of wanting instead of stopping and breathing, right? So I'm gonna challenge you to, I'm, yeah, I'm challenging you that every night before you go to bed, try it for like a week to list three different things every night that you're truly grateful for. 0 (1h 20m 55s): Get creative and like spend a minute at least on each one and feel it and appreciate it and then move on. And I'd be curious, like if you feel Yeah, 1 (1h 21m 4s): Yeah, yeah. I mean that's definitely something I've lacked. I always felt like I'd lose my edge, right? No, it's kinda, it's kinda like when you get something you're like, oh, I won. And then you kind of lose that hunger. It's like a, it's kinda like a fighter that's like comes from poverty and is like fighting in dirty gyms. And then he comes up and now he wins his first match, makes some money, but he's not the champion and then he becomes the champ and then three years later he's the champion. Now he gets lazy and he kind of gets a little fat and now he has the mansion and the cars and he has, you know, and, and he can do whatever he wants. I always felt like, you know, if if I'm like, if I did some type of practice like that, I would be, I would, I would've basically telling myself that I made it and, and I'm scared to like lose that edge, but, but I do know the importance of it, so I'm gonna try it. 1 (1h 21m 47s): I'll let you know. 0 (1h 21m 48s): Yeah, I'm, I'm super curious because that is a common misconception. I don't think it'll take an edge away at all. I feel like even from like a spiritual level or if you wanna like make it more scientific and talk about quantum level and you talk about entanglement, it's like when you open up that space or that vibration of Gratitude, it's like, okay, now I can have more like you appreciate so you can have more. So you're actually like creating more room to like get bigger, better, faster, stronger, all of those things. So I feel like it'll actually add to your edge instead of taking it away. Because for me, you can do the same thing with different energies. And if one is coming out of a place of scarcity or lack, then that's like what you're gonna ultimately have and constantly feel where if the other ones is coming from like giving abundance and service, then you're gonna be in a position of like always receiving. 0 (1h 22m 33s): Does that make sense? 1 (1h 22m 34s): No, I 100% agree with you and it's a perfect time because at nighttime I do the sauna. That's 0 (1h 22m 41s): A great to do it. 1 (1h 22m 42s): And yeah. And the sauna. Yeah. Except for my accountability. And I might have someone sit next to me, they're gonna think I'm a weirdo doing warrior chance, but, but yeah, I'm in the sauna. So, so I always do that at nighttime. So yeah, I think that would be a perfect place to do it. 0 (1h 22m 58s): Awesome. Yeah. 1 (1h 22m 58s): Or, or right after. I'll be in like a good state of mind. 0 (1h 23m 1s): Yeah. I'm gonna check back in with you. 1 (1h 23m 3s): Honestly, I have Gratitude, once I get outta that sauna, well the diamorphine, I'm just like, oh, cold air. I just, sometimes, sometimes I'll be in there for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break going for another 30 minutes at 200 degrees. I'm cranking it and like I'm on the verge of death every night. And sometimes I'll just sit out by the pool and it's nice. Cool. It's not even that cool of Ericas, I'm here in Florida, but it's cool compared to 200 degrees and or not 200 degrees, sorry, a hundred degrees and No, no, actually no 200 degrees. Sorry. And I go outside and I'm like, whew. Oh man, this is an amazing feeling. So I don't, I don't have ne necessarily Gratitude of specific things, but I'm a, but I'm happy, I'm in a gti I'm in a Gratitude state of feeling that I'm out of the sauna and not dying anymore. 1 (1h 23m 48s): The 0 (1h 23m 49s): Cool air, we could write that down. Cool 1 (1h 23m 50s): Air. Yeah, yeah. Oh cool Air man. 0 (1h 23m 53s): Yeah, you can get super specific. 1 (1h 23m 55s): There's a couple good feelings in the world and there's, there's a lot of good feelings in the world. And top two one is when you're on a long car car ride and you have to pee really bad and you, and you take a piss finally. And two is when you get outta a burning hot sauna and you sit outside and the wind's blowing. 0 (1h 24m 10s): That's my favorite in the hot yoga class when they crack the door and you feel that quick br breeze and relief. Oh my gosh, it's euphoric. 1 (1h 24m 17s): Yeah, it's amazing. I just sit there and it's like quiet and you sometimes you hear people, you know, like they're watching TV so you hear some stuff, they'll have their doors open and I live in the city so you'll hear like, you know, cars go by, but Tampa's a relatively, you know, quieter city. It's, it's, it's a pretty, pretty solid city in that aspect. So yeah, it's, it's one of my favorite things to do and it's an amazing feeling. But I, I will implement a Gratitude Practice and I'll get back to you. 0 (1h 24m 40s): Yay. I love to hear that. Well I have to go breastfeed a baby, so otherwise I would totally keep going cause I have pages that I wanted to get in to, into with you, but I'll definitely have you back, we'll 1 (1h 24m 52s): Do a part two, we'll do a part 0 (1h 24m 54s): Two. Absolutely. I would love to. 1 (1h 24m 55s): And I have a part two with you on my show as well. 0 (1h 24m 57s): Perfect. Before we sign off, do you wanna tell the listeners where they can find you, support you, follow you, all of that good stuff? 1 (1h 25m 4s): Yeah, so I have a weekly podcast called The Justin. Caviar Show. You can go on Apple Spotify, all, all the different podcasting platforms. The, Justin, Caviar, Show. And then I'm probably most relevant on Instagram, so just type in Justin Caviar on Instagram. And if you have any questions about, you know, hormonal health or any way to optimize your performance and just send me a message. I look at all my dms, even the request at once from people that I don't follow and, and yeah, that's the way to reach me. So Justin Caviar on all platforms, and then The, Justin, Caviar 0 (1h 25m 36s): Show. Awesome. Well thank you again and I cannot wait to have you back on. 1 (1h 25m 40s): Absolutely. I'll talk to you soon.