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Sept. 2, 2020

#8 Brandon Walker- Intuition v. Feelings, Authenticity, and Good Decision Making

This week we have Brandon Walker joining us.  Brandon is an entrepreneur that helped grow and train a sales team for the fast growing tech company Untapped. He recently founded Beanie and Blazer, a lifestyle engineering company that focuses on peak performance and finding your life's purpose. 

We talk about good decision making (the difference between intuition and feelings), authenticity, and taking risks to follow your dreams.

You can learn more about his new company at http://www.beanieandblazer.com or follow him on Instagram @bwalk_12

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1 (4s): Hello, everybody. You're listening to chatting with Candice I'm your host, Candace hor back before we get started on this week's episode, if you have the time, please rate and review the episode, share it with a buddy, but help us out tremendously. That's it. That's my only plug. So this week we have designate nor I'm so excited to have her on. As a guest. I actually connected with her over the phone for my own personal reading and was blown away and neat is a doctor and acupuncture. She's a clairvoyant spiritual teacher. She was actually listed as the top 15 intuitives globally by Gwyneth Paltrow's company. Goop. Her company has been featured in the New York times. 1 (45s): Vogue, Elle Forbes, Buzzfeed, you name it, Degen eats company. Nirvana also offers an online course to help you kind of sharpen your intuitive skills. She is just such a beautiful soul, and I'm so excited to have her on pick her brain and kind of just see what information she has to share with us. We get a little bit mystical. We get very spiritual and a tiny bit scientific. I hope you enjoy the conversation. 0 (1m 16s): I'm a spiritual teacher 2 (1m 18s): And I'm clairvoyant. And like, I always say the path chose me. I didn't choose it. I actually like resisted it for a really long time and was like dead set on being a dentist and following like, I'm an immigrant. And I just wanted to like, make my mom happy and like follow like that American dream. But it wasn't working out for me. I was totally miserable. And I was like, like I was being like my true self on the weekends and exploring and doing all the witchy stuff and giving my friends readings. And then like during the week I was like dental assisting and getting straight A's and doing all this stuff that was like making me miserable. And so the readings I'd always been giving friends readings, but it turned into a business like to me it felt overnight, but it was a gradual thing that accumulated because I wasn't charging my friends. 2 (2m 9s): Like I thought I was making s**t up. Like I totally was like, I have a wild imagination. I close my eyes and I see s**t. And I'll tell you what I'm seeing, but I wouldn't take any, I would take it all with a grain of salt, but then they like, come back and they're like you said, this would happen. And it did. And did it like minds blown. And so then my friends started referring other friends who referred other friends. And before I knew it, people were like paying me. I wasn't, I didn't have like a set fee. I wasn't trying. And I was also waitressing at the time. And so there was a week where I made more in readings cause they were both cash based. So it made more in readings than waitressing. And I was like, Oh my God, if I didn't try and I'm doing this well, dentistry, like I would much rather do this for a living. 2 (2m 53s): Like I cry every session. I'm like so happy. And I heard your podcast on the slow state. Like that is my state. Like it 1 (3m 0s): Brings out the best in me and it brings out the best in humanity. And so I went with it and instead of going to dental school, I went to acupuncture school and like just expanded on my natural gifts and talents and coupled it with like other healing modalities. And so now I teach people how to tap into their intuitive gifts. And it's my favorite. I love it. No, you are such an interesting person. So I found you when you were doing one of those Q and A's for goop and we did a reading and I was just like blown away. There was things that you just knew that there was no way that anyone else would have known. Like you kind of like Googled it and I'm like, wow, this check is like the real deal. And I just love your social media. 1 (3m 41s): Like it's very positive. And you're like constantly trying to help people grow and improve. And like I'm all about growth and improvement and curiosity. Like those are all things that I think everyone should be focusing on. So I think your message is like really, really powerful. And I was so excited for this conversation. I was like a whole list of topics. And like, there were, there's no way already even like scratch the surface on so many of these things, but I just love like the whole spiritual world. I think I got into it a little bit later as well. Like it was just kind of like ignoring certain signs for a while. So I feel like I didn't really have a mentor or like a group to really like share these thoughts. So when I find somebody that's also curious in this role and I'm like, Oh, tell me everything. 1 (4m 25s): Cause I'm just wanting to unpack it all. So one thing that you brought up was intuition. So I was reading like a little bit of the science behind it because I find for some people that maybe aren't really into spirituality yet, or maybe a little bit intimidated, it's always good to kind of start with the science. So it was from Forbes and the article was essentially saying that women have a little bit of a leg up when it comes to intuition. And this is because of the Corpus callosum, which is like, you know, like the wirey section that connects the left and right hemisphere. So because that's thicker, there's essentially more neuro connection there. So we can quickly go from logic to gut feeling like really, really fast, whereas men, it might take a little bit longer and they're more compartmentalized. 1 (5m 10s): So I would say like, there's the science, it's very real. It exists. How would you teach someone to start? I guess like E recognize their intuition. Like when it's their little gut is saying, like pay attention to this and then how do you kind of work that muscle to make it stronger? I love all of these questions and I love that you did science research. And so science also says that the more we meditate, the thicker, the Corpus callosum gets. And so you can actually build on it and hone your intuition. And so I use guided imagery. So the spirit speaks to us. Energy speaks to us more in like symbols and visuals than words. 1 (5m 53s): Like words are more of an asset of the mind and like they're manmade, but symbols 2 (5m 58s): Have existed since the beginning of time. And so like, there's this hypnotic like data state where it's, you're out of your analytical mind and you're not like problem solving from there, but you're more surrendered and able to see all the answers and see all the solutions. Like I have like a protocol that helps guide people into building that visualization muscle. And so at first we're like creating visuals on command, like close your eyes and imagine a green chair, close your eyes. Imagine I'm a blue desk, you know, and a yellow, rubber ducky. And like the faster you can get those visuals in complete detail on command, the easier it gets to receive messages in the form of visuals. 2 (6m 44s): So first I work on like, you know, strengthening being that visualization muscles, it's the clairvoyant muscle. So clairvoyance we're all born intuitive. Intuition comes in different ways. Clairvoyance is clarity envision. It's when you can see clearly what's before you. And so you're seeing the world as it is not as you are, you're not like projecting your past onto the world. And like, you know, somebody might cut you off in traffic and, you know, projecting your past. You might be like, Oh, that's an a*****e. Or like you're so self involved or whatever, but like really you don't know that person and you don't know why they did that. And it could have been a mistake. And so like when you're clairvoyant, you're totally neutral and you're just seeing it as it is. 2 (7m 26s): And it's like, I was just cut off. That's all I know. You know, like I'm in a green car, you're in a red car. Like, that's it. It's not like good or bad. It's not charged. Yeah. So we start with building the clairvoyant muscle. Most people more identify as being clear sentience so that they'll feel their intuition and that, that feeling. And that's how I was feeling. And so that's when you're picking up intuitive information from like that second chakra that like gut center, which is powerful, but can kind of be confusing. Like sometimes intuition can be confused as like, is that my intuition? Or is that anxiety or is that fear? Is that, you know what I want to believe? And so if you elevate that, like I'll have students like almost like zip their energy all the way up to the pineal gland, they're six chakra behind their eyes so that they can see what intuition is saying to them. 2 (8m 21s): And so trying to like decipher the feelings. So yeah, it starts with guided imagery. And then also it's nice, especially in the beginning to like, just write everything down. So if you don't know if it was your intuition or something else, just write it down. And in a few days, you'll know because it'll come to me, it'll like materialize, you know? 1 (8m 40s): No, that's a really, really good point. Cause I was going to ask, how do you know the difference between like maybe yourself, like over analyzing a situation and then like actual 2 (8m 48s): Cues that are meant to be meaningful. And again, like anyone who's like skeptical about this, like the secret service, the, they all actually train their officers and agents on how to like utilize this. So it's a very real thing. I think that there's a lot of practical application that you could have for this. Like whether you're like, you know, a CEO or in your making deals or contracts, or just being like safe in general, right? Like if you're walking to your car and just like noticing certain things and paying attention to what your body is saying, I think it's so important. It's like your personal navigation system, you know, it really can be your own guiding light, for sure. So with like the whole, cause they say you have a second brain in like your digestive tracks, like you have like a ton of neurotransmitters that are down there. 2 (9m 34s): Like it's like, I think it makes more serotonin than your brain if I remember correctly. So do you think that like diet can affect the intuition? Totally. So exactly. Absolutely. And what I've noticed is even if your diet is off and you start to do this work, like you start craving different foods and you start like cleaning up your diet and getting to like a more alkaline state. So if you have like a ton of inflammation, if you're eating a ton of sugar or drinking a bunch or just eating a bunch of processed foods, your body, so your body, I believe we're spiritual beings having a human experience. And not that we're humans having a spiritual experience. 2 (10m 16s): And so our body is that vessel for spirit to reside in. And that's all it is like it's temporary, right? Where I feel like spirit is eternal. But if this temporary vessel is ducky and not working optimally, then yeah. Then signals are going to get caused. You are going to get confused. It is just as like much as that can produce brain fog. It can definitely interrupt with clarity and vision. Absolutely. And what I've noticed is like, like I said, so everything reinforces everything. So some people might start with getting into like health and fitness and then, you know, like athletes, you know, like they might not think that they want to be spiritual, but then they eventually do get there because they've trained their body to be like such a clear conduit that like the intuition just comes so easily then. 2 (11m 6s): Or if you start into the metaphysical stuff, because you have a lot of healing to do and your body's not doing great. The more you get into it, the more you actually like want to eat better and sleep better and take better care of yourself. No, that makes total sense. The other topic I wanted to talk about was I got a lot of this from your Instagram 1 (11m 27s): And I was like, Oh, I'm so glad you posted this. Cause you're like, Oh wow. 2 (11m 30s): Do you guys want to hear about? And I was like, I want to hear about all of those things. So it was the idea of like spiritual contracts. So what I found fascinating, cause I find like we always kind of like relate things to ourselves and our experiences and that's how we connect to like topics and curiosity in general. So one of my girlfriends did a reading with you and you were talking about a contract with a baby and I was like, that's such a cool way to look at it. Like I've never heard about a spiritual contract or like having a contract with like, you know, baby and a baby's like in the future for her. So I guess like, can you explain what a spiritual contract is? 2 (12m 10s): And then I'm going to have like so many follow ups to that. Totally. Okay. So spiritual contracts are like, we have a spiritual contract right now. Like this wouldn't exist if we didn't. Right. So there's going to go into like freewill and destiny, but like let me keep it simple. Basically. Like we have like lessons to master every lifetime and every relationship has its own spiritual contract and each relationship can serve to be a spiritual teacher. Should you allow it to, and if you don't allow it to, it's like when you're dating the same person over and over and over again, cause you're not mastering the lesson, you know? And so if you allow it to, if you do master the lesson, then the contract has the potential to uplift all parties involved. 2 (12m 58s): It helps you self-actualize manifest materialize. And some of these contracts are a little bit predestined. Like sometimes when I'm in between lives will be like, I'm going to see you guys lifetime and coordinate that because you know, you have incomplete karma, you have unfinished business. So you've got to link up next lifetime for the self actualization other times they can be. So I've seen, so with baby beings sometimes before you're even born, you already know who your babies are going to be. You know, other times, because of your life experiences, it might like open up the potential or the portal and in fight this baby being in or like invite this contract, I've seen it happen where you go through something traumatizing at 12. 2 (13m 46s): And for whatever reason that like creates a contract with your unborn child of like, Oh, okay, the way I'm really going to heal this trauma up is by raising this kid and with, because teaching is mastery. So by being your parent, I'm going to master the healing and the growth that I couldn't quite master on my own with that thing that happened at 12. So sometimes like they'll be made that way. I've also seen them with babies specifically be made out of like relationships. So, you know, maybe both people never want to kids, whatever. And then they meet and suddenly, you know, they want kids, but will those kids are a result of these two worlds colliding, like this contract created those contracts and all the spiritual contracts. 2 (14m 34s): Again, they do have, this is like destiny versus freewill. Like they do have the ability to up level all parties involved. So if your love is amazing, may only grow with time. And sometimes these baby beings help that love grow and help you become your best self as you're helping this child grow and become its best self. But again, if you don't uphold, if you're, you're not adding freewill to that, if you're not taking the opportunity to grow and rise to the occasion, then it's going to feel that's when life starts to feel like autopilot and Brown haunt day and like inspiring. Yeah. 1 (15m 10s): Kind of how I see it too. So like I had this really great conversation with this numerologist and we talked about like fate and freewill, he kind of explained it like a bowling alley lane. So like there are countless combinations of how you throw the ball and like being on your path is like, the closest is like kind of like hitting a strike. Right. But there are all of these other options and then sometimes you can throw the ball really crazy. It ends up in someone else's lane, but like, ideally there's still, there's still a limitation to like the possibilities of like what can happen. And then when you kind of like are in line with everything, that's when everything is like flowing and just feeling right. 1 (15m 51s): And you're like, almost like these moments of like serendipity 2 (15m 54s): Kind of started happening. Yeah. 1 (15m 57s): So with the spiritual contracts, like it's kind of, it's more of like a question personally. So when we had our son, we had like a really traumatic birth, like really traumatic birth. He essentially was born like with an app guard zero. So he had to like immediately get rushed to a crash cart. And I still hadn't like delivered the placenta. So I'm still there. And my husband's kind of like just trying to like be very calm and like, you know, just make sure I'm okay before. Cause he there's nothing that he can do. Right. So when they finally start rushing him to NICU, I was like, well go follow the baby. Like go have all the baby. So I stayed, had to stay there, deliver the placenta and he followed the crash cart down to NICU. 1 (16m 38s): So the way that he saw, like what, the moments that happen next, or he explained that he almost saw consciousness coming in and out in and out in and out. And it was kind of like he was deciding if he was going to stay or not. And I'm like getting goosebumps, even talking about it right now. It was very traumatic, very scary, but very beautiful in the same way. And I obviously didn't get to experience that moment, but when he tells it, it's just like, I'm like there and I can see it and I can feel it. And I've always wondered, like if that has to do with like said spiritual contract, if it's like, how does consciousness play into that? Is it something like where you can kind of like decide to leave like your body and like this isn't for me, maybe I'll do another go or I'm going to stay in command. 1 (17m 24s): There's like a reason to be here. 2 (17m 26s): So obviously this baby, your son had a contract with both you and your husband and that's why you even got pregnant and everything to stay or go thing. I feel like we're always on the verge of that. You know, like if you want to get existential about it, I feel like we kind of do get to decide every single day whether or not we want to stay or go babies are first born. They're way more spirit than human. Like their mind like cognitive functioning hasn't kicked in or anything and also speaks volumes to like how spiritual your husband is or like how well, how great his clairvoyant muscle is. You know? 2 (18m 6s): So what I'm hearing for this case in particular, I think your son is really smart. And I think that that was super traumatizing, but so going back to like destiny, to me, it feels like he was like, I could either do this now or I could do this later. Like I'm destined to have some sort of like trauma because that's also where we gain personal growth and strengths and understand where we begin in the world or what region the world begins. So I think he's just really evolved and really smart and was like, I don't want to go through what I actually like have cognition around it. Like I know I'm not going to remember this, but my body will, but I'll have the muscle memory and my spirit will. 2 (18m 49s): And so let me master this lesson now, get it out of the way so that like life can be that much more joyous. Does that make sense? Cause like, like adolescents, I feel like most of, you know, as the hormones kick in, most kids are kind of like getting into self destructive behaviors sometimes like before that, sometimes after that, but to me, what I'm hearing is that your son was like, I don't know that I want to mess with all the ups and downs of life. So I'm just gonna like knock it out of the park right now and prove to myself that I do have free will here and I do want to be here. And, and I think he also was asking both his parents to choose him like consciously. 2 (19m 33s): Oh wow. That's so powerful. Yeah. So do you know who at your Casey is? My father-in-law's obsessed with him. Like he just, like, he knows everything about him. He's been to the museum. Like he is just so infatuated with him. So I believe that he, his theory is that consciousness enters like during like the birthing process, which to me is like so fascinating. So I feel like that's kind of what we were, I guess my husband like saw happening. Right. It's like, okay. He entered and now it's like, stare go stay or go. So to me, like that was just like, it's just so fascinating. It's just the idea of being able to like decide to stay or leave. 2 (20m 13s): Right. I feel like he's just a super old soul and I feel like you and your husband are too. I think most parents know that your child is going to teach you just as much as you teach them, you both vibrate so high. So to me it feels like, like he was already like creating like a little committee, like we're all in this together. It goes to show you that there's like, there's positive to come out of like these traumatic situations. Like there's always like a learning experience to be had all A's. Yeah. Trauma like forces us to surrender, you know, and rise to the occasion. That kind of, it can, I mean, there's actually like studies on this natural disasters and stuff like that. 2 (21m 0s): Like tend to bring out the best in people. We tend to feel more connected. We tend to like help our neighbors out a little bit more and become more altruistic. Like it brings out altruism. So yeah, it definitely affects us on a microcosmic way. 1 (21m 16s): So I wanted to talk about past lives and obviously this is going to like turn some people off and then some people are gonna be like super into it. But to everyone who's like not into it. There's like an entire country that everyone believes that, you know what I mean? So it's interesting either way, some people have the idea with past lives. Like the reason that we don't remember it is because that lesson was for that life. And then we have like kind of a new lesson and this is what's supposed to be focused on. So do you think that it's something a lot of people should spend energy into trying to like uncover and like rediscover if you will, or should we be kind of like focused on the present? 2 (21m 56s): The past lives that tend to be the most impactful and influential are the ones where something wasn't resolved there is still lingering karma from that past life. And example that I have of is, it sounds like so silly, but I have this client, she's like a professional boxer she's so bad. Like she's like everything. And so she does like, and she has like a horrible backstory or like a really traumatic one. And so she does like a lot of public speaking and inspirational speaking and she has a hard time swallowing pills, like, or she came to me and like, it seems again, like so silly, but she's like, I can't do, I can't do pills cause I wanted to get her on herbs and supplements. 2 (22m 36s): And she was like, I can't like, I gag. I choke. Like, I feel like I'm going to die. I cry. Like, and this is like, she's pure muscle. It's like so funny to hear her saying this. And so that has been like a reoccurring theme in her life and it feels like so unrelated to past lives. So irrational fears tend to be rooted in the past. Like if you can't make sense of it, like I had another client that was afraid of bridges and couldn't make sense of it. Like she's never had anything bad, go down on a bridge. Doesn't make sense. It's not rational, but afraid of it. And it tied into past life karma. So the boxer, we go into her past life because you know, we're working on this like pill swallowing thing from every other angle and it's just not resolving. 2 (23m 22s): And so I'm like, this must be a past life. We go into the past life and she was like an advocate and totally progressive at a time where she was female and you know, women were silenced. And so she was like beaten, tortured, abused, like choke strangled, but like she was majorly silenced in that lifetime. And so this, that lingering karma came through that throat chakra of I can't swallow pills. So we clear up that past life karma and kind of like the lesson of it was, it is okay for you to live out loud, this lifetime it's okay for you to be in female form and speaking your truth this lifetime. 2 (24m 6s): And it's actually like a continuation of that karma from last lifetime. Like you had work to do, you had work to do then and you couldn't and now, so now you're doing it. And we clear up that past life karma so that she could swallow pills. Well, what happened was she got like booked for all these other speaking engagements, like from out of nowhere. And she had like an easier time on stage and was like more delightful on stage. And like her past her story involves family members and there's all this trauma. And like she started owning her own story. Like she was protecting, you know, her abusers and she started like owning it and being like, this is my story. And like getting more vulnerable on these stages and kind of, you know, calling out her family members, not to attack them by any means, but to like inspire the audience and without any sort of apprehension, like no unapologetically in a way that she had it created impact before. 2 (24m 60s): And so that's one version of how past life karma can work. Like if it's coming up in this lifetime, chances are it's incomplete and you might not know that it's past life karma until you, you know, do like, yeah, but if you're not remembering it, chances are it's not coming up and repeating patterns, chances are, it is complete and maybe there's not a purpose to visit it. What I will say is, have you heard of Akashic records? So Akashic records are basically like records of all your memories from every single lifetime. And so they deal with past life karma and you can download yourself with a Kaushik records to remind yourself so that it's more of like a near memory, not a distant memory of something that worked for you. 2 (25m 50s): So for me, when I was studying herbs, I just couldn't get it together. Like I would learn an herb and it was just gone the next day. It was like I had a need yet. And so I went into a past life. I had like killed a whole bunch of people. Like in a past life, I was a farmer and I was responsible for like my community. And like I was feeding all these people. And then there was this horrible drought and I hadn't figured out your location. And so, you know, my crops went dead and I just never forgave myself because there was like a huge famine where I was, and I never forgave myself for that. And so now fast forward, you know, like me in grad school, learning herbs, and I wouldn't allow myself to ingest that material cause I was afraid of hurting people with the herbs. 2 (26m 39s): Like I don't want you guys to become dependent on me as your dealer because, and so I cleared the karma, but not only did I clear the karma, I downloaded myself with a Kaushik record of before the drought and when I was actually like helping and healing and saving and like feeding and nourishing and just like that, like I was able to remember herbs and think of them as friends and allies and not like this foreign thing that I'm terrible at, you know? Oh, wow. For all the skeptics. I actually didn't believe in like everything that I believe in, I chose to believe in first because it just made life easier. So like I chose to believe in past lives because otherwise I could not make sense of like the pain and suffering that I was witnessing as like this, there has to be something bigger at play. 2 (27m 27s): Otherwise like I'm killing myself now. Like this isn't, this doesn't make sense otherwise, like I couldn't make sense of the world otherwise. And so I chose to believe it, but I was a skeptic and it was a choice I wasn't in full conviction. And then I started reading past lives and still I was skeptical. I'm telling you, but then I had client after client come in and be like, I found myself, this was who my, like, you know, now with Google, like you told me the year was, you know, 1452 or whatever. And that the location was this and that I was a professor and I found myself, this was my name, blah, blah, blah. And like, it's crazy. So my clients have actually helped me believe in past lives because kind of like what you said at the beginning, like there's no way, why should I know those specific details? 2 (28m 13s): You know? And like those specific details, like I'm not a geography by any means. And the way these like unique individuals have found that their past lives is phenomenal. And so yeah, the proof is in the pudding, like there's so much empirical evidence 1 (28m 33s): Just like remain curious and kind of like explore it a little bit. Then like, you'll find some stuff that you're like, this is like a little URI and just keep digging and keep digging. 2 (28m 43s): And there's like, no other reason for it. You know? Like it can't be explained in any other way. Yeah. 1 (28m 48s): And I feel like there's been like a lot of things where like the science has just kind of like been catching up, right. Like we used to say like telepathy was like, not real and woo. And now like it's very much real. You can go on Google there's there's videos. People are playing video games together in other rooms. Right. So it's just because like, there's not like hard data. Like I don't think that that's like a great argument to say that it's nonexistent because sometimes like the science is just catching up. And then I also think that like, you know, maybe we aren't supposed to have like hard evidence of certain things because some of it just, you need to have faith. You know what I mean? Like that's a message that's like throughout every religion is that like, faith is such an important factor. 1 (29m 29s): So if you have to have like, you know, black and white concrete, like here's like the data, then it takes like the magic away a little bit. 2 (29m 36s): Yeah. Life is non binary. Like I think it's like a human desire to like, have things be in order and predictable and safe. And, but that's just not life, you know? And so getting a little bit more fluid with life and like learning to live in the gray and live with the unknown that's when those synchronicities come through. And when life feels like you said a lot, a lot more magical, it's so much more fun that way. 1 (30m 4s): Speaking of science. So I'm super into crystals. It happened probably like a couple years ago. I like started dipping my toe in and then I started like meditating with different crystals. And I personally noticed a difference. Like if I use them, like for certain purposes, my husband's still not on board. He's like, they look pretty, but I'm not convinced. And I have like tried to find like some kind of evidence, whether it's like kinesiology or just like something to like provide someone who's more science minded. I was curious if you knew anything in that arena regarding like crystals. 2 (30m 40s): Sure. I don't know that I can link you to an article, but what science does show is that crisp stills have electromagnetic fields. We have electromagnetic fields, like in spirit, we call it our aura in science, it's called an electromagnetic field. And so our electromagnetic field does adjust to things that are in our vicinity. And so the average person, your electromagnetic field is about four feet in diameter. So like these crystals are like within a foot of me. And if they're energetic properties, like this is selenite. So it's like cleansing. If their energetic properties are like right here. And if all we are is like energy and motion. So do you know a little bit about quantum physics and string theory? 2 (31m 23s): Everything's just like constantly moving. So I might look solid, but I'm actually not like, cause you know, it's moving and we're constantly like exchanging with our environment. And so resonance, there's like vibrational resonance with the properties of the crystal. It's picking up on me, I'm picking up on it and we're starting to vibrate the same. And so I'm taking on the healing properties of the crystal. I don't know if that's like sciency enough, but I'm all about empirical data. So just trial and error and what you could do with your husband, which might be fun, is just have them like lay down and close his eyes and then pick a crystal like the Rose quartz and like put it on his heart and like ask him to describe what he's feeling, what colors he's seeing, what's he smelling stuff like that. 2 (32m 10s): And then, you know, get rid of the gross chords and then bring in the black tourmaline and see how he responds to that. But like the response will be different and his eyes will be closed and he won't know the energetic properties of each crystal. And I bet you anything he'll describe them as they are 1 (32m 26s): So fun. Yeah. That sounds like a really good like date night exercise, especially right now we have like limited options, right. Disorder, some crystals, right. Blindfold your partner. It'll be a great him because he is. 2 (32m 40s): I mean, if he saw your son's consciousness, like leaving and entering, I totally think he'll pick up on what the messages of the crystals are. 1 (32m 48s): It's so cool. Just like kind of seeing him like develop spiritually. Cause he's like a completely different person. Like when then when we first met and he's kind of like the catalyst of like my spiritual journey. So it was just like awesome to have a partner that's like onboard. And just as like curious, even though like we still have like differing opinions and like obviously crystals, for example. But like overall we both like are just like finding this journey together and it's like so awesome. 2 (33m 15s): I think it's so evolved that you even have different opinions though. Like, like going back to like life is non binary. Like you can totally still be in love with each other and not agree on s**t, you know? Oh my gosh. If only more people read it in such a better place 1 (33m 33s): Next to impossible to agree on everything. So if you like, that's like the parameter of your relationship, it's doomed from the beginning. Like any kind of relationship, you just have to like exercise like true tolerance. And that's like understanding that there's difference of opinions and we all have different realities and those shaped like who we are. So just because my reality is different than yours, like doesn't mean we can't get along 2 (33m 58s): Love and value each other and like, appreciate that you do have a different reality. Like how boring would it be? If so doll, you know, 1 (34m 8s): The other topic that I wanted to get into was spiritual sex. So like first, like what is that? And then I'll have so many more questions. 2 (34m 19s): Sure. Okay. So I think we all know about like anatomical sex or like ma like, you know, when you're just going through the motions and you're thinking of like your, to do list or whatever, like maybe you're thinking of like, do I look good? Like all the thoughts, so spiritual sex, spiritual, anything is experiential. So the way I teach intuition is I always say, this is experiencial knowledge. It's not analytical knowledge. So non spiritual sex would be like, we're going to hit these positions. It's going to last this long. And you know, are there, it might be like goal oriented. 2 (34m 59s): Like we're both going to climax, whatever it might be. That's more like analytical sex, anatomical sex. I don't know what I would call that. But spiritual sex is more spiritual is just being powerfully present. Like when you are present, you're present like the miracle of life. Like it's like our lungs are just keeping us alive right now. Like we're not thinking about it. And they just are, and our blood is flowing through us. Like it's just mind blowing how amazing life is. And so when you are powerfully present and in sex, you have the potential to be like super unified with your partner and spiritual sex is like two are becoming one physically, literally, but also spiritually, like your shoppers can align your energy centers may align. 2 (35m 45s): Usually it happens when people are like breathing and seeing, and it's, it's kind of like the podcast on flow state. Like, you know how like when time and space stops and it's like, how long were we in there for like what just happened? And like, you're not like when you think about the sex, you're not thinking about like how good either one of you looked or what sounds were made or what you were talking about. Like, it's more of like a black hole that you just entered together and you like created the portal together. Like you can't, you can't go there and masturbation, like, you can definitely go there solo. But like, there is just when two come together and these two worlds collide, you're able to create something that was never created before, you know, in a way that you can't do solo. 2 (36m 32s): And so it's complete alignment. It's being powerfully present. It's being like focused on just connection, connection, connection, alignment, breathing more than like your body getting pleasure. But it's more of like recognizing the parts of you that aren't rooted to body and like letting your body be an extension of that, you know, where it's like, you hear about people who have prolonged orgasms, like that can happen in spiritual sex because you're not focused on, like, if you're focused on the orgasm, then you're actually in your mind, not in your body and not in your spirit, you know, but if you're not focused and you're just like, like I know people who have climax just they're kissing, you know, it's so beautiful. 2 (37m 15s): And so that, that goes to speak to of alignment and how present they were and like how open and receptive. So yeah. Did that answer it? That was like I said, no, 1 (37m 27s): It definitely did it. So there's definitely, I can see the difference between like that. And then I guess like the regular sex that people just kind of have, like when you have the time squeeze it in, like, you know, in, in between your, to do list. Right. 2 (37m 40s): And whatever. So for me, it's 1 (37m 42s): Sounds like meditation would be like a really good practice to like get used to being present and not like constantly thinking about the future. What would be some other exercises that you could do to like to get there? Cause I feel especially as women, right? It's like, am I performing enough at my pretty enough? Am I, is my stomach sucked in? Like, how do you get out of that 2 (38m 6s): To be able to even like start, yeah. 1 (38m 7s): To think about like entering this, you know, 2 (38m 9s): Black hole of spiritual sex. So yeah, because it is really vulnerable. Right. And that's where all the magic is. So have you heard of eye gazing? Is that like the technique where you just like sit and stare at each other? It's so profound and I don't know if you've ever done it, but like, if it's so profound, like I've never done it, not sobbed, you know, you can do it with perfect strangers. So all you're is you set a timer for four minutes, for 10 minutes, for as long as you think you can handle and you just stare, like, that's all you're doing. You're not staring, you're not touching. And in fact it's encouraged not to touch and not to talk, but just like, hold that eye contact. 2 (38m 52s): And usually that ends up being quite a spiritual experience and so connecting and you feel so seen and vulnerable and like, almost like, I always want to hide. I'm like so intense, but also you see the other person. And so it could be somebody that, you know, like I've done this with a bunch of strains, like in workshops with like strangers. And so it's like the person sitting across from me might not look anything like me and my no natural biases and prejudices might, you know, write them off as being like totally different or, you know, just like not visually pleasing to me, whatever. And then by the end of the four minutes, it's like, Oh my God, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I love you so much. Like you're just so blown away with like compassion and unity. 2 (39m 38s): So I gazing, you could look it up. There's different practices, I guess using would be nice to do with a partner doing things that are not sexual, honestly like building intimacy, building that transparency and that vulnerability we'll just make sex. An extension of that. You know, like if the focus is on sex, then it's probably not spiritual. But like if the focus is on connection, unity, synchronicity, then it turns into spiritual sex. So another way to do it is to like focus on breathing and seeing. So like we're inhaling together at sailing together. You can even imagine like my exhale goes into your inhale. 2 (40m 19s): Your exhale goes into my inhale and like creating like this microcosmic loop between the two of you or I teach this one energy technique called running energy. So you can imagine from your palms, your shooting energy into your partners, like head and then from their head, they're like, you know, filtering the energy and then shooting it right back to you from their palms. And so from Paul, your Palm to his head, his palms to hit your head. And so it's making that like infinity sign between the two of you and see if you can just feel it and see if you can like, feel the energy buzzing through you. But you could also like, again, breathe and seeing, but you could also just like, kind of like play around with like just really light, gentle touch on the skin. 2 (41m 5s): And like, how does this feel? Like, and like really dissecting movements, like dissecting things that we usually rush through, you know? So like, how does this feel? Do you like that? Like this level of pressure, that level of pressure do you like it when I pet you faster, slower, like really dissecting like little things that we wouldn't normally think about just to like increase that this is where your mind can come in because our minds are overdeveloped. So you might as well use to like, 1 (41m 34s): Build the connection and build that understanding of your partner and like, okay. So like heavier pressure feels like this to you. It feels like that to me. So when I'm feeling like this, that means you're feeling like that. And like now we're on the same page, so it's not like I'm giving, you're receiving, but we're unified in this action that looks like I'm the giver and you're the receiver. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. Cause I feel like a lot of them, they hang up and the vulnerability they come in with, like not having communication and like not wanting to say like, this feels good. That feels good. Or you know, a little bit to the left or the right. And then also like hyper-focusing on the climax. I also think like, that can cause like a lot of anxiety and like frustration and it's like, well, it's going to take me 45 minutes and we only have 10. 1 (42m 23s): So like, let's try to speed this up. And I think it's just trying to like commit to like that sacred space between the two of you and like saying, okay, it doesn't matter. It's just the two of us. And if we don't get there, we don't get there. Like enjoy the process. Kind of just like life, right? Like enjoy the ride. It's not about like the end goal. And it's like so much easier said than done because like everyone wants to climax. Right. Like that is a great feeling. But I think I tell this to so many people and I try to remind myself of it all the time. Right. It's like, that's great. It's a bonus and treat it like a bonus. And then like focus on like the actual, like sensuality of the process and like, how are we to right now? 1 (43m 3s): Or are we one, are we too, are we one, like, I would just keep checking in feeling like, do I feel like we're one or do I feel like they totally don't get me? I don't get them. Like, why would you kiss me like that? You know, like actually dissect it, talk about it and like get to a common place of understanding so that the two do become one. So the kissing I think is so interesting because to me that, yeah, it's like almost like a fingerprint. Like if you've kissed multiple people, like it's like such a unique experience, like depending on the person. And there's some people when you, cause it's like, like fireworks, like there is like that unity and it's just like a very enjoyable experience. 1 (43m 43s): And then there's other people where it's just like, you cannot get past that kiss and maybe you really liked the person. So would you like, what, how would you interpret that? Like, is that like too much in your analytical head and you can't like just kind of like get into sync with each other or like what's happening. I think if you're not getting into sync with each other in generally speaking, somebody disconnected, if you're not insane. And I mean, I see like that happens in all relationships. Like if, you know, if I'm going through something at work, I'm going to feel disconnected with myself. So it's going to be impossible for me to connect with my partner and our sex is gonna be s**t that week, you know, you know what I'm saying? 1 (44m 24s): And so generally like, depending on if it's like a first kiss or like he's been together for years, but if like something's a little bit off, chances are 2 (44m 32s): One of the partners is feeling disconnected from source, from themselves, from whatever. And so if they're feeling disconnected, there's no way they can connect with you. So you're like, Tom's might be rubbing up on each other, but like, they're not actually like connected to that sensation. And so they're not getting the feedback like, so if you're pulling away from them and they're like leaning in, they're not paying attention to your body, like they're not getting that feedback, but they're not paying attention to your body because they're not paying attention to their own body. Like they're not connected. So generally speaking, it is a reflection of disconnection somewhere. If it's your partner, I think you can totally like work that out and be like, Hey, where are you? 2 (45m 13s): Like, you know, like what's going on. That was like kind of different or whatever. But if it is like more of a first kiss, that might be a sign that maybe we, we don't connect. Maybe we're not that in alignment, you know? 1 (45m 28s): So have you ever done those? Like can't remember like the terminology, I want to say it's like, some people refer to it as like sex magic or sex meditation where you both have like, there's like a, you know, the diagram and there's like symbols and each symbol is supposed to represent something different to you. And like, as you're going through the sexual experience, like you work on one symbol, then the next, then the next, till you get back to the top, which is like the end goal of like what you're trying to like manifest. And like, if it's a couple of kids, it could be like a house, for example, or like a bonus or a baby or whatever it is that you're trying to like, have show up into your life. I don't know if that's something you've ever like played around with, with anybody. 2 (46m 8s): So I played around with that solo I've I've not heard of the symbols. I actually want to look that up. I love that. But the deal, well, no, I've also tried that with partners. I'm like, let me give some people some credit. Yeah. So the deal with sex magic is when you are climaxing, your pure spirit you're so surrendered, like every single muscle in your body is blasted. Like nothing is constricted. You're just like open. You're your most expanded state. You're not thinking of anything. You're like euphoric, you know, French, they call orgasms lip, petite molds, like the little debts. Cause it is like death. Like it's like the afterlife you're just like blissed out. 2 (46m 49s): And so it's just such an open, receptive, expanded state to be in that if you are manifesting something, when in that state, like it's basically like heaven on earth, heaven's like such a high vibing state to be in. So that's when, like, definitely think of the car and associates or the baby or the house with like these phenomenal feelings and what this joy and this pleasure. And so that it's not like goal setting and things that might get you in your mind and might bring in some self judgment of all. I'll never get the house or, Oh my God, I only make this much or whatever might come through with like goal. 2 (47m 30s): It's 1 (47m 30s): Just like the surrendered state of like, Oh my God, the house is so dreamy. I'm like, you know, and so like, it kinda like works with the law of attraction where you're a rewiring yourself to believe that materializing, that thing is like pleasurable and easy and fun. And so it makes it that much easier to materialize it and then be you're heightening your consciousness and your vibration to the state where your desire exists. So it's that much more likely to come in for that light to attract like, no, I mean, I'm like a total believer. We've done it a few times and like without fail, like that thing ends up like showing up like whatever our goal was. 1 (48m 14s): Like, it's not like you have to strategize or worry about how it would come in. Nope. Nope. It just, and I think that's a lot of it too is like, not trying, like when you were talking about your path and you weren't trying, and all of a sudden you made more with your readings and you did with your waitressing. I think like that's when we start to see like those successes show up is when you're not like forcing it. Right. It's just like, you're allowing it to kind of come in and like trying to relinquish some of that control. So I think it's like, like you said, like rewiring your mind around it and like putting it into like a good happy space instead of like stressing of like, how am I going to get this thing? I think it goes a lot too with like people that are trying to conceive. Right. It's the people that are like looking at the calendar and looking at the clock and it just taking them years because they aren't practicing like that surrender. 1 (48m 60s): You're not receptive. They're like forcing, forcing, forcing, and like getting pregnant is all about like receiving yeah. Fertility can be a really charged emotional topic and it really people feel like the universe has something against them. They're doomed, they're cursed. Like I'm doing everything I'm taking like my prenatals and I'm seeing it like, but it's like, you're doing every thing. Like, but people have been having babies since the beginning of time. Since before fertility medicine came along, like you're doing too much, maybe just enjoy sex. 1 (49m 41s): I don't know. I totally agree. We were told like we were going to have to do like IVF and all of that. And we kind of got to a place where we accepted like, okay, we, if we don't have a baby, like, then it wasn't meant to be. And then we can look at adoption that whole thing, but we're we never lifted a calendar. We never did the shots or the drugs. We just like accepted either. Or, and I was still like, you know, making sure I was healthy and like exercising and I was meditating and doing all of these things and then like, boom, baby. And our doctor was like, how did this happen? And we're like, it was our mindset. 1 (50m 21s): Like I'm convinced, like if we weren't in a place of like surrender and engaged in difference. So it's like, it's not indifference in the sense that you're going to like sit on the couch and expect your dream job to fall in your lap or, you know, to get pregnant or whatever. It's like, you're doing enough, but not like overdoing. It's like a balance essentially. 2 (50m 42s): Yes. I love that story. I love it so much. And I've seen that, like, for me, I've seen, yeah, most people won't go there. Most people won't face that fear of like, well, what if we never conceive? And so it's that inability to like face the fear that like keeps them in the loop, but the fertility cases and fertility specifically, but I see this with manifestation all the time. Like the second they accept the fear and like, well, it might just not be in the cards for us. It always comes in that. And it's like so amazing. 1 (51m 15s): Yeah. That's happened with a lot of things in our life. It's like, if we, like, we, I think it's want to, right. Like, I think want, it puts you in a case of not having and like scarcity, essentially. I think those things go hand in hand. So if you're like, I want to Antoine, then the universe is like, okay, you don't have, so you're going to continue to not have. So it's like almost again, indifference. And then also like feeling like you already have it in some cases, like just being very content and happy and grateful for where you are. And then these things start to show up. So it's like also doing the work, but getting your mind in like the right frequency. 2 (51m 52s): Absolutely. So I love the idea of feeling like you already have it because a, that means that your self worth is up at that level. Like I deserve a baby, like why wouldn't, you know, like I am worthy of this, I deserve this. And also why do I want it? Because it would, you know, help me feel more connected, more fulfilled. It would bring more joy into my life. And then you start to like, notice I have so much joy in my life. I am fulfill it. I am, I do already have a baby. Like I might not have like a little physical one, but like I have what that thing is that I'm calling in and that helps you trust the process more. But it helps with that law of attraction thing, like vibrate at it. 2 (52m 33s): And until it does come in, 1 (52m 39s): So I wanted to talk about like death and dying. And I feel like you can't talk about that without talking about birth. Cause like, I feel like they're two different sides of the same coin. So when it first comes to birth, like where is that like consciousness like coming from and is that like kind of essentially like where you return until like you learn all of your lessons and like be all of your karmic goals and then like essentially return to source if that's what you believe. 2 (53m 11s): Yeah. So there's a lot of different philosophies on this. I think that most kind of agree. So when you die, there's a process like intimate and Buddhism, they call them, Bardos like, like you're here for 40 days and then therefore like 80 days and then near for 120, and then you're in the afterlife. And then you're like with sores and all of this magical stuff happens. And then you decide on your reincarnation. And then again, the process of, well, who are the parents, let's create some spiritual contracts, like, and there's like a few different phases and then you're in, you know, the belly and then you, you know, you'd go through the birth canal. 2 (53m 52s): And so there tends to be, I think Mo like there is an overlap in the philosophy that there's like different little subsections to death and subsections to birth and in the process. But generally speaking. Yeah, I do think that you go back to source in between lives. And I do think that in that moment you're everything and nothing like you're everywhere and nowhere. And so it's kind of like how they depicted on TV with like the, you know, you see your life flashing before your eyes, but it's not just when you're what source, it's not just that lifetime. It's kind of like a fanning out of like all your lives and kind of like, okay, so what do I still need to work on? 2 (54m 36s): Why am I incarnating? Like, you know, what are my contracts with self? Like, how do I like this life journey? Like earth school is an invitation for, you know, self actualization and for becoming your highest self and brightest self. And so it's kind of like where, what parts of me have I not actualized? Like what, what part of like my, my life mission, have I not actualized? That's what I'm going to do next lifetime. Okay. So that's what I'm going to do next lifetime. Who do I need to meet up with in order to make that happen? Which one of my soul contracts is going to help me be my best self? Like who am I going to pick his parents? Who am I going to, you know, align with to like help bring this mission to life. 2 (55m 20s): Yeah. So there's usually like a few different phases of like leaving the past, being in the unknown, entering the new. 1 (55m 30s): So do you, is there ever like the final reincarnation, is that like a belief, like, like it's your final time to, it can be, have the human experience and then you just kind of go back to like pure consciousness and that's like where you reside essentially. 2 (55m 46s): I think that's what would be referred to as Nirvana, you know, is when you left the Samsara the wheel of suffering. Like you don't have to keep incarnating to master the lessons. You've mastered them all. Yeah. I believe in that. I love life. I love it. I'm good if I never come back, like I wouldn't float around in the cosmos, but another, if you believe in spirit guides another option. So not everyone can be a spirit guide. Like it's like a high honor and like a recognition of your human evolution. So like once you evolve to a certain level, you can choose to not incarnate and to instead as a way of enhancing your spiritual growth and continuing the lessons going, like you can choose to be somebody's spirit guide. 2 (56m 41s): And again, teaching is mastery. So you're helping like your little humans out and as you're helping them grow and evolve, you're growing and evolving until you reach Nirvana. So that's like a different path to not incarnating. But I, I do think that you can reach a point where you stop coming back for sure. 1 (56m 58s): And then would you say that, so for people that believe in like, like spirits or NGOs or intelligent like beings, if you would, would you say like some of those people like get stuck? Like maybe like they're not like accepting that transition 2 (57m 14s): That's usually goes yeah. So go. So there's a little difference between spirits and grows. So spirits do fully transitioned. And so that's where they feel like pure light. They're like really benevolent. Like I love it when spirits visit me, like, it's just so joyous it's so, and that's why I never want to come back. It's just so euphoric. And then ghosts are usually people that are they've died, but they're fighting the afterlife. Like they're fighting that transition. And so they're still identifying as their human form. They're still identifying with their ego they're unwell. 2 (57m 54s): Like, look, it's the surrender again. It's like climaxing all over again to like relinquish control and like surrender and fully transitioned. And so that's where those are a little bit more palpable than spirits sometimes. And they can like haunt. Like they don't have as much power and control as we do in human slash like, they're not scary, but usually they hang around because they feel unheard. They feel unseen, they feel undervalued. And so I've like done quite a few ghost clearings of people's homes. And usually they just like have a message. And once they get the message through, they're open to transitioning and they feel a lot better once they transition. But they don't know that from like their state of conscious business, they feel like they're going to lose it all if they transition or they're like sacrificing a lot or something. 2 (58m 42s): And that's why they're like, so hell bent on like staying in, you know? Yeah. That's so interesting. Yeah. It's fascinating. I have like a quick though story if you want it. Yeah. So I had a client who got out of an abusive relationship first time and she's a serial monogamous first time living on her own in this like little one bedroom. And she, and it wasn't like as glamorous as like the places that she's used to living with, like these d****e bags. And so she like moves into her like little one bedroom and it's like so humbling. Like I was like, so proud of her for like leaving the abusive relationship, but place is haunted. 2 (59m 22s): So she cannot sleep like every night, there's like a creepy old lady that's like haunting her. And she's like, Oh, like I find like what is going on? So we connect with the woman and the woman, this is, it is sad. It's sad is that the woman had died to domestic violence. And so they were destined to know each other. So the woman's message was like, at this rate, you're going to get yourself killed. Like, please let that be the final one. And like, because the client's serial monogamous and like, you know, like we all kind of come from backgrounds of trauma. So she had her own stuff that had her choosing people that really undervalued, like disrespected her. 2 (1h 0m 8s): And so the woman is telling her this message as she's like dating three different guys that are kind of like repeating pattern. And so she was just like, I will not leave until you promise me that you're going to stop this pattern. You have to promise me that you're going to choose better partners. Like, and so the client makes the promise. She's like sobbing and she's like, I know, I know. I know. And so that's what the ghost wanted. Like, she just didn't want to die in vain. Like she just didn't want her dads to be like unrecorded. And like, like she, she was like, I did, I went through that. So if you hear me out, I will gladly leave. But if you don't hear me out, I'm gonna hire you. 1 (1h 0m 50s): I mean, I've definitely had like, experiences with like ghost and like spirits. Very rarely. I just like, don't have like the skill to really like hear them, unless, I mean, there's been like maybe a couple occurrences that way, way, way, way, way back in the past when I was like more maybe like in tuned with that, but I just had like a couple bad experiences. So I just essentially closed that door. And like, I need to practice that skill a little bit more before I open it up. But I think it's so fascinating when like you meet someone who can like, actually like communicate, cause it's like, you must just like experience the world on like such a different level. And then when you see certain like, issues that people think are so massive and the end of the world, you're probably like up here and you're like, it's real yeah. 1 (1h 1m 37s): Perspective wise. And you're just like, this isn't, this isn't where you should be focusing your time and energy. So it's gotta be like a very different, a very unique human experience for you that you're someone like of your level is having. 2 (1h 1m 50s): Yeah. I mean, I love it again. Like I forced myself to believe this before I actually believed it because I couldn't make sense of the world otherwise, but now, I mean, I was super depressed and like really confused by why life is what it is and now it all makes so much sense and I'm so happy and yeah, it's a lot more fun with this filter and yeah, it's like a adding a different dimension to life, like to see things that most people don't. Yeah. It's fun on like a, an ending note. Like, what would you say is like a good stepping stone for some people to kind of like have that lens shift. 2 (1h 2m 31s): So to like go from a place where all you are seeing is the negative, like the negativity and all of the wrong and the constant, like identifying as a victim. Right. Instead of maybe like, again, like taking lessons out. So what it's like a good stepping stone from someone who's in that negative loop to like start to see things in a better, more appreciative way. Great question. Gratitude journal. Like seven minutes will retrain your brain. It actually has the potential to change your biochemistry. And I'm all about herbs supplements when needed even Western medication can be like a spiritual act, especially if you're, you know, you've got a chemical imbalance, but totally like if you just write every it's like, actually write it down, don't type it out, but write it down for that neurofeedback and the neuroplasticity. 2 (1h 3m 23s): But like, if you're keeping a gratitude journal of seven minutes, minimum summit, 10 minutes a day for like 21 plus days, you will start to like, see things differently. You will start to feel differently. You will start to notice all the blessings in life instead of like noticing all the concerns in life, you know, it shifts things for sure. It's so beautiful. No, I love that. And that's like a very easy thing that anyone can do. Like anyone can do it. Yeah. Just write it all out. And like, even if you're just writing the same thing, even if you really feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, like then, right. Like I've got my dog so I could write about him for seven minutes. So like, maybe I'm not like, I love my dog. 2 (1h 4m 5s): I love my mom. I love my bed. I love the clouds. Like, you know, I'm grateful for this, this and that. Like, even if it's just one thing, then like draw it out, like get the endorphins going and just start practicing. Yeah. That, well, thank you so much for joining me. I loved our conversation. Do you want to tell our listeners where they can find more of you? Yeah, absolutely. Nirvana. My last name is Nora and you, you are. And so Nirvana and you, you are <inaudible> dot com or my Instagram handle is Nirvana. And I have a little online course where you can hone your intuition through it. And it's really fun. 2 (1h 4m 46s): It's like the best it's like gifting yourself, yourself. It's like the best. I love it. And I can personally attest to your readings. They're fabulous. So if you guys are curious, definitely go check out her website. All right. Well thank you again. I really appreciate it. That's it for this week's episode. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have the time please rate and review and you can always hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest episodes. I hope to have you back. 0 (1h 5m 16s): <inaudible>.