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#40 Dr Hardt- Biocybernaut, Brain Training, and Mysticism

Chatting with Candice
Dr. James Hardt
Episode Run Time: 02:09:24

Dr. James V. Hardt is a research scientist, psychologist, author, and founder of Biocybernaut Institute. Known for inventing the world's first Micro-Computer-based brain wave analyzer and biofeedback system, Dr. Hardt offers unique brain training programs at Biocybernaut. Dr. Hardt has traveled across the globe to pursue his research to study advanced Yogis and Zen Masters with his technology. He has worked with personalities like Tony Robbins and high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness. In this episode, I talk to Dr. Hardt about his work in consciousness, the mystical side of brain wave training, sex magic, biological determinism, and the Ego.

[00:03:12] Introducing Dr. James Hardt and Biocybernaut
[00:09:45] Maintaining the effects of brainwave training
[00:13:52] Revealing the mystical side of brainwave training
[00:00:00] Changing your identity to change your reality
[00:36:00] Spiritual awakening, forgiveness, and identity
[00:52:44] The practical and mystical applications of brainwave training
[01:09:05] Brainwaves, manifestation, and The Secret
[01:15:19] Merging, transcendence, and sex magic
[01:18:35] Neuroplasticity, biological determinism, and meditative prayer
[01:30:10] The enduring effects of Biocybernaut (beyond the training)
[01:38:14] Psychedelics, brain training, and The Ego as an obstacle to growth
[01:46:24] Is Ego death possible?
[01:52:31] Russell Brand, the Ego Eradicator, and breathwork
[01:58:33] Why do we have an Ego, and how can we diminish it?
[01:59:25] Reducing suffering, expanding awareness, and ushering in a Golden Age

Biocybernaut is the result of over 40 years of research in biofeedback. Dr. Hardt shares his personal experiences with biofeedback and the incredible documented results that Biocybernaut training can deliver for improved health and wellness. Biocybernaut training provides effective means to remove emotional trauma baggage that can limit an individual's progress. The training improves central nervous system function and thus holds the potential to improve all the aspects of someone's life.

In Buddhism, there are over 150 levels of consciousness. Similarly, improvements that people make in Biocybernaut training span a broad spectrum. Depending on the type and extent of brain wave training, progress can be tremendous.

"There are doorways to the infinite, or the divine, that are littered, quite literally in the hallways of Biocybernaut." - Dr. Hardt

Dr. Hardt always spoke openly with clients about empirical results, including the expected boost in IQ and creativity. He revealed the more mystical side of its development, in part because prevailing opinion had begun to change, and shift towards being more accepting of technology could alter consciousness.

According to Dr. Hardt, identity and reality are synonymous. Thus, when you change your brainwaves, you change your personality, identity, and your experience of reality.

Links and Resources
The Biocybernaut Institute Website https://www.biocybernaut.com/
The Art of Smart Thinking by Dr. James Hardt https://www.amazon.com/Art-Smart-Thinking-James-Hardt/dp/0979573009