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#52 Rav Aurora- Journalism, Love, and Everything in Between

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In North Carolina where Candice lives, the mask mandate has been on-and-off and Rav explains how masks have always been more of a social signal or visual display that a person is on the side of science. Rav sees how health authorities want to mitigate the risk of COVID as much as possible by over-correcting and implementing measures to have the least amount of cases, but this leaves out economic, social, lifestyle factors, and even the state of young kids during their developmental years.
How a Professor of Critical Race Theory Turned Rav Down
Rav wrote an article about cancel culture because of an incident where he asked a Professor on Twitter if he could join their class on critical race theory despite it being a topic he’s tired of hearing. He was told that his views were not welcome in the class or in their “thinktank”. He sees it as intolerance coming from the Left which has become even more rampant in universities.
Rav has been called “alt-right”, which is commonly known as a euphemism for “White Supremacist”. The racial wokeness happening now is like a pandemic especially in the wake of George Floyd where we saw a religious awakening in racial bias and prejudice in institutions. As he’s written more and more about race, he explains the hollowness and superficiality of race and the barriers that come with it and how this transpired in his personal and romantic life.
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