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#54 Andrew Gabelic- Numerology

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Teledipity founder Andrew Gabelic is back on the podcast! On this episode, I ask him about what 2022’s going to look like and if it’s going to be any better than the year that we’ve had. We talk about his forecast for the upcoming new year and we go deeper into life, enlightenment, and how we deal with positivity, trauma, and time and space through intuition and Numerology.
00:00:00 00:01:22 Welcoming Andrew
00:03:34 New Nine-Year Cycle
00:11:35 Horoscopes and Forecasts
00:25:05 Mistakes
00:32:19 The Positive Mind
00:36:59 Trauma
00:42:58 Enlightenment
00:53:26 Dimensions
00:57:10 Residual Karma
01:04:56 Time and Space
01:09:51 Animals and the Environment
01:16:02 The Metaverse
01:19:40 Where to Find Andrew

2022 Forecast
In terms of Numerology, it’s a Six Year and a Nine Cycle for the planet and a Six Year vibration can act in different ways depending on the other numbers that are on top of it whether it’s on a person’s or a planet’s chart. For reference, the last Six Year was 2013 and when Andrew tries to figure out what the next year’s going to be for the planet, he looks back at other years with the same vibration. What he saw in 2013 was a lot of seeds. It wasn’t a difficult year for the planet, there wasn’t a lot of conflict or major chaotic global events. What he did see was that a lot of the storylines that later became big for the planet, the seeds were already planted in 2013 such as Bitcoin, geopolitics, and pop culture.
Do We Make Mistakes?
Based on his intuition, when we end up on a certain path in life after making a less ideal decision, there are serendipities and things that fall into place perfectly to the point that maybe it was meant to happen. When a person has free will, the universe will always organize around you. No matter what you do, the order will always be there because there is feedback and a need to go through a certain experience because of the choice a person makes. In Numerology, there is a theme for the year and if you think about your life according to that theme, the universe will organize around the choice you make but still give that theme back. The order will always be present because a person can’t escape that bubble of perfection where you will be given what you need to evolve regardless of what choice you make.
Are Babies Born with Debts to Pay?
Without invalidating the pain that humans go through, Andrew would never dare negate those experiences, but there is a possibility that the pain humans go through is not measured in the same ways from the spiritual perspective. He compares it to walking out after a rollercoaster ride or a horror movie. When you’re back in the spiritual plane, it’s easier to understand pain in a way that humans can’t. It’s not so much that horrible things happen in the world but maybe there’s something that we don’t understand in the spiritual side of things that humans are not going to be able to explain right away. Secondly, difficult experiences are not earned, but there’s a chance that we just don’t immediately understand the purpose of these experiences from the actual perspective of the explanation that makes sense. One on hand, there’s a purpose to everything but on the other, it’s best to edit yourself out of the situation and be as empathetic and understanding when communicating that to others.
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