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Breath work, Overcoming Addiction, and Psychedelics with Robbie Bent #63

Chatting with Candice
Robbie Bent
Episode Run Time: 1:12:48

Robbie Bent is the CEO and co-founder of Othership, a physical space, platform, mobile app and community. Othership combines transformational breath work and physical spaces built around sauna and ice bath classes to improve individual and collective well being.

00:00:35 Introducing Robbie
00:02:49 Improve your oxygen levels
00:07:00 Psychedelic effects from holotropic breathing00:13:14 “Why don’t psychedelics work on me?”
00:19:17 Robbie’s battle with addiction
00:24:10 Ice baths for addiction and emotional resilience
00:29:47 We’ve normalized a culture of stress
00:33:46 Goals, success, and hypocrisy
00:40:00 Let go and surrender to the Universe
00:52:00 Othership Breathing App and Habit Change
00:58:51 Less talk, more play in therapy
01:09:07 Where to find Robbie

You're Probably Breathing the Wrong Way
About 90% of people have improper breathing habits. Unhealthy diets and stressful lifestyles have negatively impacted the way we breathe. The good news is that correct breath work can make dramatic improvements in all areas of life. In just 10 minutes, you can induce a state of relaxation or awareness through various breathing techniques.

The Science Behind Holotropic Breathing
Holotropic breathing requires you to increase your breathing pace over time. This changes the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body and brain. The prefrontal cortex becomes less active. Meanwhile, the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions, is stimulated. Holotropic breathing triggers a reboot of the brain where a person’s sense of self, time, and memory changes. Without the cognitive control of the prefrontal cortex, the body is able to process the emotions that are typically repressed. Holotropic breathing can be challenging at first, but it just takes practice to get the hang of it. The Othership app makes breath work easier by allowing users to sync their breathing pace to music.

Ice baths, meditation, and psychedelics for addiction
Robbie was able to overcome his addiction through a combination of alternative therapies. Meditation and psychedelic medicine allowed him to realize his deeper insecurities and issues. The ice bath was a healthy substitute to alcohol which provided the stimulation Robbie craved.

Cold plunges are known to benefit the body's physical condition but it can also benefit your emotional health. By intentionally sitting in discomfort, you train yourself to be resilient. You rely on your breath to calm yourself down. When a situation calls for fight or flight, you can have a controlled response instead or a knee jerk reaction.

Links and Resources:
Othership Breathing App https://www.othership.us/app
Othership Website https://www.othership.us/learn
Othership YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7byKBAjDvgS9qHpWNknrYQ
Robbie Bent’s Twitter https://twitter.com/robbiebent1?lang=en

Robbie Bent, founder of Othership breathing app, shares how he overcame his addiction through meditation, psychedelic medicine, breath work, and ice baths. He also explains the science behind holotropic breathing and gives tips for how to get started with proper breathwork.