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Radical Confidence with @Women of Impact Lisa Bilyeu #64

Chatting with Candice
Lisa Bilyeu
Episode Run Time: 01:06:46

Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and the author of Radical Confidence: 10 No-BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life. She is also the host of Women of Impact, a show featuring women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success.

00:01:32 Introducing Lisa Bilyeu
00:03:25 How to master radical confidence
00:07:23 Lisa’s very first public speaking event 
00:13:03 How to deal with your worst fear in real-time
00:18:13 What you wear can boost your self-confidence
00:21:41 How to be confident and be unapologetic about it
00:23:46 Why Lisa decided not to have children
00:29:36 Why people avoid asking the hard questions
00:37:14 Exposing the myth of 'Happy Wife, Happy Life'
00:40:10 How to question your beliefs and expand your possibilities
00:43:40 Understanding that life is a series of tradeoffs
00:46:12 Choices mean loss: Why it’s okay to mourn everyday choices
00:48:30 The dance between masculine and feminine energy
00:58:35 The one trait that makes women unique
01:00:50 Valid reasons why you shouldn’t chase perfection
01:03:05 Self-talk and the words that gain the most impact
01:05:40 Parting thoughts 

How to Master Radical Confidence 
Everyone wants to be self-confident. We all want that charismatic feeling that makes it easy to gain energy and motivation to take action. Unfortunately, most of us are really low on confidence. And it’s even sadder when you realize that most people trying to build confidence are doing it all wrong. The good news is that building a sense of confidence isn't as elusive as it seems. But first, you need to understand that although self-confidence can represent different things to different people, at its core, self-confidence simply means having faith in yourself. It’s built on the wins that feed your passion and make you feel happy and proud of who you are. Even if you’re at your lowest point in life, feeling great is possible. You just have to be aware of the little wins that are not that obvious.

What You Wear Can Boost Your Self Confidence 
You’ve probably heard of the idea that wearing the clothes you love can significantly increase your confidence level. Well, it’s true. Your clothes play a big role in how you feel and how you interact with other people. For example, numerous studies have already proved that people can tell a lot about a person’s personality, income, and status by just looking at their shoes. If you’re struggling to improve your confidence levels, being trendy and fashionable won’t just influence your confidence levels but also improves how others perceive you. So the next time you feel unsure of yourself, instead of rocking comfy pants and an oversized sweatshirt, find something in your closet that makes you feel like a boss.

How to Question Your Beliefs and Expand Your Possibilities
Do you ever question why you believe the things you believe in? Have you ever thought about questioning what you were taught as a child? The sad reality is that, for most of us, our limitations stem from beliefs and thoughts we believe to be true. Think about it: everything you do, whether deliberate or not, you do it because you believe it will lead to a certain result. On the other hand, everything you avoid doing is because you expect it will result in a dreaded result.
If you want to live a more fulfilling life, you need to know why you believe in those beliefs and whether they’re truly important. And if you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, know this, your beliefs are just that – beliefs. They are not facts, and the more you hold onto them, the more you risk living a life dissociated from reality.

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Book: Radical Confidence by Lisa Bilyeu


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Lisa Bilyeu, the author of Radical Confidence, shares exactly how she took herself from a super supportive stay-at-home wife to an ultra-successful serial entrepreneur. She also reveals simple strategies that you can use to become the hero of your own life and take massive bold action to achieve your potential.